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Joe Biden is doing far worse than Jeb! Bush was at this point



Joe Biden is doing far worse than Jeb Bush was at this point

The year was 2015. Hillary was presumed the nominee for the Democrats. Jeb! Bush was presumed the frontrunner in the GOP primary. The low energy candidate had money, media buzz, the myth of electability, and name recognition stemming from his last name not his own accomplishments. All of this pointed, we were told, to swift victory. He was even leading in the meaningless polls. He was the darling of Fox News, the Karl Rove level conservative outlet and the anointed one per the GOP establishment.

The only problem for Bush was: nobody wanted him to be president. But that’s not the worst thing in the world. The goal of a campaign is to convince people to want you. This issue was compounded by the lofty expectations and delusions of grandeur on behalf of the GOP establishment and its cronies. Even without Donald Trump, Jeb! would have gotten shlonged. There were not enough people who would be fooled a third straight time to choose a piss poor candidate out of fear that a genuine conservative, or at least someone campaigning as one, would not be electable.

Joe Biden appears more formidable. He hides behind a thin veil of likability with regards to name recognition. He has great teeth, and his gaffes make him seem down to earth at times ie Dunkin Donuts. He is the candidate that people would want to have a beer with. So how is he worse off than low energy Jeb!? Bush was ignorant to the realities of the situation on the ground, much like Hitler after he adopted his bunker mentality. As a result he was way more confident and conducted himself as though he could hunker down with his base, of thirty percent (my predicted base for him at this time four years ago), and ward off the Conservative challengers hoping they would fail under media blitzkrieg.

This sounds exactly like what Mitt Romney had planned. Bad campaigners think alike. Though I don’t judge Biden to be a good campaigner, Joe Biden is not hiding in the echo bunker of the Democrat Party establishment. It’s clear that his seemingly moderate persona is not going to fly in the “new” Democrat Party. That is why he is leaping so far to the left. He is not setting the tone; that would probably be Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden realizes he is not in control of the movement. Now it is only a matter of time before the movement realizes how little leverage he wields. Joe Biden has yet to announce, though he has the third best moneyline of the Democrat candidates. He’s calculating how to regain a semblance of control in the intersectionality left, so he’s at very least consulting Stacey Abrams and ridiculously pandering.

But as I said in the moneyline analysis where I referred to the mid-tier candidates as vultures, Joe Biden is their primary target. And the left has sensed weakness. In the age of believe all women, Anita Hill is sure to haunt Biden. Biden is already trying to walk back his previous baggage, while denying the responsibility he had.

There were a bunch of white guys … hearing this testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee. So when Anita Hill came to testify, she faced a committee that didn’t fully understand what the hell it was all about. And to this day I regret I couldn’t come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved given the courage she showed by reaching out to us.

There’s sure to be more of these incidents. But for now, the left is not buying his words.

Safe to say he’s not that popular, and he knows it. But that is the trivial badge he bares. The more serious baggage seems to be Hunter Biden financially benefiting from Joe Biden’s dealings with China and other foreign countries. This is a topic that needs further exploration.

Personally, it’s hard to name the first state Joe Biden will grab a W from without overt rigging from the DNC. Bernie Sanders will likely take Iowa again. Maybe with a split vote, he takes New Hampshire away from Warren, Sanders, or someone else from that region. Kamala Harris, in my view, takes South Carolina, but maybe Biden wins. Nevada? Close to California, could be Harris, otherwise Biden is strong there. Other than Delaware which is not a deciding factor, it hard to call him a favorite to win any of the crucial first states to give his campaign momentum moving forward. Four years ago, Jeb! Bush would have been a clear favorite in New Hampshire and a shaky favorite in Iowa.

It’s ironic because Joe Biden is far more likable and accomplished than Hillary Clinton ever was. Yet he doesn’t command the party base like she did. He doesn’t have a stranglehold on superdelegates or the ability to suicide detractors, but comes with a sleazy amount of corruption that will undoubtedly get unpacked in a general election. The thin veil of likability is fragile, the scandals real or politically correct will pile high.

The vultures circle overhead. Jeb! Bush in his establishment bunker stood more formidably at this stage of the primary than Joe Biden hiding behind his thin veil of likability.

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Eric Swalwell’s attempt to troll the NRA results in embarrassing display of futility



Eric Swalwells attempt to troll the NRA results in embarrassing display of futility

Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell wanted to make a statement. He’s against guns and wanted to leave his mark on the nation’s largest gun owners’ rights advocates, the National Rifle Association (NRA). So, he went to the the NRA’s headquarters in Fairfax, VA, to hold a massive rally condemning the organization’s defense of the 2nd Amendment.

The results were embarrassing and conservatives took notice.

As most progressive news outlets pretended it didn’t happen despite the Congressman’s appeal to their desires of confiscating semi-automatic rifles and putting an end to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), conservative media sources honed in on the unpopular candidate and the tiny crowd he was able to draw.

But they weren’t the only ones who took notice. The NRA itself pounced on the opportunity to ridicule one of their most vocal yet powerless critics:

The American people are waking up to two facts. First, the rhetoric of the left against gun ownership is antithetical to preventing gun violence because in the vast majority of cases, it is known criminals and not formerly law abiding citizens who are committing violence with firearms. Second, the instant reaction of the gun control advocates pushing for new gun laws following any highly publicized shooting almost never confronts the actual issue involved. Time and time again, new laws are proposed that would not have had an effect on the crimes committed had they been in effect before.

Crazy and evil people will do crazy and evil things. Punishing over a hundred million law abiding gun owners for the sins of the few is not a solution. The left knows this, but it’s a popular rallying cry so they stick to their story.

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State Department investigation in Clinton email scandal reports 23 violations so far



State Department investigation in Clinton email scandal reports 23 violations so far

Every time someone outside the FBI takes a look at Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for her and her staff when she was Secretary of State, they see a situation that was dangerous to the security of the United States. The latest to come to this conclusion is the State Department itself, which has found 23 violations and seven infractions that were allegedly committed.

And that’s just the beginning. The investigation is likely going to continue until the beginning of September.

This information comes through a letter sent to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) who leads the security review, according to Fox News.

“To this point, the Department has assessed culpability to 15 individuals, some of whom were culpable in multiple security incidents,” Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the State Department’s Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Legislative Affairs, wrote to Grassley. “DS has issued 23 violations and 7 infractions incidents. … This number will likely change as the review progresses.”

Current and former staffers who committed violations or multiple infractions will have them noted in their permanent record. This record is used for many purposes, including determinations on current and future security clearances. The letter did not indicate if criminal charges were possible for anyone, nor did it reveal any names of those being scrutinized.


The FBI successfully protected Hillary Clinton and her staff throughout the 2016 election. Though one can argue former FBI Director James Comey helped her lose the election by announcing a continuation into the investigation weeks before election day, the body of actions taken by the FBI demonstrate she was being shielded from prosecution and any investigation that went too deep into her potentially criminal activities.

Thy wanted her to win. They had no intentions of derailing that possibility by doing their jobs.

Now that the State Department is on the case, there may actually be some closure for over the whole scandal. It’s unlikely her detractors will see any real form of justice served as a result, but those involved are less likely now to get out of this unscathed.


“omg.” – Huma Abedin upon finding out someone was trying to hack the private servers

Final Thoughts

We may never see Hillary Clinton in jail. We may never see anyone truly punished for putting America’s security interests at risk. But at the very least it appears we’ll get confirmation of wrongdoing, which is better than nothing.

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Moderate vs progressive: Democrats on both sides tell the other they can’t beat Trump



Moderate vs progressive Democrats on both sides tell the other they cant beat Trump

Moderate Democrats are busy in the media delivering a message to progressives. Meanwhile, progressives are sending a message to moderates in the same manner. You can occasionally see both types of messages from different authors on the same left-wing publications from one day to the next. The funny part is, they’re both trying to deliver the same message.

Your candidate can’t win.

Moderates are pointing to polls. They’re pointing to logic. They believe Trump is polarizing enough that if the Democrats put up a “moderate” candidate like Joe Biden (though his moderate reputation doesn’t seem to match his radical views lately), they give themselves the best chance of winning the general election by appealing to the middle.

Progressives are pointing to recent history. They say they fell for that sales pitch in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was forced onto them and look how that turned out. Fool me once, they say…

Both have valid points. Biden is currently polling higher than anyone else against Trump, but polls are for suckers (see 2016) and are essentially meaningless at this early stage (see 2015 frontrunners Scott Walker and Jeb Bush). On the flip side, progressives believe their champions have more passion to inspire the middle and possibly even some Republicans who aren’t happy with Trump.

A lot of this internal strife has been prompted by the rise of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Mired in laughable obscurity in the polls following her Native American DNA test debacle and extending through most polls until the last month, the radical progressive has been throwing out socialist policy proposals like candy to the masses. And it’s working. She has now overtaken Senator Bernie Sanders in many polls to be slightly ahead of three of the five current favorites.

A former Clinton pollster is taking Warren seriously and believes she can’t beat the President:

The rise of Elizabeth Warren spells bad news for the Democratic Party

To be victorious in 2020, the Democratic Party must focus on pushing moderate economic policies that do not involve radical wealth taxes, on fixing the health care system without adopting extreme “Medicare for All” policies, and on compromises on immigration. To be sure, I believe in the Democratic primary process and that competing ideas and challenging the status quo is what we should do in a democracy. However, looking ahead to 2020, if the main goal of the party is to beat Trump, we must advocate for center of left policies that result in steady progress for the country, while still appealing to crucial moderates and independents.

The echoes from the other wing of the party are trying to paint Biden as worse than a moderate. They’re not even sure he’s really a Democrats, at least not one by today’s standards.

Beware Joe Biden’s “national unity” campaign: Win or lose, it’s a bad idea

Biden is willing to perform a little pseudo-wokeness on command — and to ditch supposedly cherished and considered principles to make the millennial snowflakes shut up — but he doesn’t pretend any of that matters. Liberals and progressives will have to make their peace with Biden (or not) if he becomes the nominee, which is par for the course in Democratic politics. But any talk about “pushing Biden to the left” or insisting on a progressive platform at next year’s convention is idiotic. That’s all dust in the wind in the general election, when his only pitch will be that he’s a normal adult who can beat Donald Trump.

These are both very different tunes than the ones being whistled during the 2016 Democratic nomination race. While Sanders’s fans were still very passionate, they weren’t really bashing Clinton. It was hard to remain “woke” and still attack the first major female contender for the White House for the sake of an old white guy. The two sides were generally nice to each other, especially compared to what we’ve seen in the press lately. They left the bickering to the Republicans, whether it was Chris Christie hitting Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio hitting Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz hitting John Kasich, or Donald Trump hitting everyone.

Again, look how that turned out. Democrats saw the bickering. They saw that in the end, it worked. Never-Trumpers notwithstanding, the GOP put the bickering aside when the dust settled and rallied behind the MAGA call.

Democrats are hoping for same thing for themselves, which is why the daggers are out now. They’re going to attack each other. Their fans are going to attack each other. Media personalities are going to attack each other. And whoever comes out of it with the nomination will call them all together for a group hug before taking on the President.

Maybe they’re both right. Maybe the progressives are right that a moderate can’t inspire enough people. Maybe the moderates are right that the progressives won’t get the middle. Either way, Trump looks poised to win.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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