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Watch: Unplanned movie trailer, in theaters March 29th



The issue of abortion is raging, with recent infanticidal politicians passing legislation. The Unplanned movie comes out at a very opportune time to help change the direction of the country. As I discussed in my takeaway from Steven Crowder’s most recent Change My Mind on abortion (installment 4), there is a lot of reason for optimism. Even as the Democrats move to a more extreme position on abortion, they do so leaving behind the argument about moral personhood. In abandoning this crucial premise, out of indifference and the inability to find support in medical science, they leave many people who believe in abortion unsure in their own reasoning as to why. Steven Crowder is doing amazing things getting people to rationalize their own positions, and finding that people who support abortion don’t (intrinsically) believe all of the premises that support their conclusion.

The Unplanned movie is another eye opener, in that, it presents a real story of the weight of killing human life. It’s rather Dovstoevskian. These Dovstoeskian storyline are truly powerful, as I recall Andrew Klavan, in his conversation on the Ben Shapiro Sunday Special, said reading Crime and Punishment led to him accepting Jesus into his heart. While both Crime and Punishment and the Unplanned movie bare similarities, in that they tackle the nihilistic mindset of premeditated murderers, the Unplanned movie is a true story, so if anything, it has the potential to be a more intense and relatable message than a Russian literary classic.

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