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The Trump Effect



The Trump Effect

I’ve been contemplating this divide we have witnessed since the emergence of Donald J. Trump. There is the obvious division between Progressive Leftists and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, Socialists and Constitutional Libertarians. There is a natural, symbiotic relationship. Part and parcel of a two-party system that, quite frankly, I don’t think our Forefathers envisioned.

The more disturbing division, for me, as a Christian, a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ, is that within the ranks of Conservative professing to be Believers. What is difficult for me to accept is that there is a group of Christians condemning “Evangelicals” who voted for Trump. “How could you!” they exclaim. To them I say, “How dare you condemn me for following through with what I was convicted to do?” I can understand a non-Believer doing such a thing. But a fellow Believer? Not hardly what I would expect. They almost act as if they had some special gift of understanding and that any other action was sheer demonic folly.

But, with the news from Robert Mueller’s 2 year investigation this weekend, I feel somewhat vindicated for my vote. I’ve explained the reasoning behind my vote before. Given that the vote is mine and I am afforded the authority by the U.S. Constitution to cast my vote as I wish, I don’t feel obligated to do so again. Nor should anyone. I won’t condemn anyone for not casting their vote. After all, look what we had to choose from. It was a difficult process for me to conclude an action for which I felt I could stand before God and give an accounting that would not draw shame. Even amidst all the attempted shaming by my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I still stand by my decision.

As has been astutely observed by some, at least one thing we should learn from Donald J. Trump becoming President: that anyone can become POTUS. Uniquely, this was exactly what the Forefathers intended. At least that is this writer’s opinion. What has messed it up is the two-party system. One base keeps lurching leftward while, in order to expand its base, the Right must continue sliding a little more to the left to absorb those abandoned by the other.

I also blame the two-party system for the debacle that was the Mueller investigation. Both Parties have unique establishments that serve only to garner power. Each establishment is actually a wing of the same mechanism, a global mechanism. Donald J. Trump was the unexpected dark horse contender that forced the Republican Party to acknowledge his ascension. The Democrats could not accept such a move. The Republicans accepted him because they had to. The Democrats would not and could not lower themselves to believe an outsider could succeed.

This is where Believers should come together and understand something. The ones who voted for Trump did so because they believed it was necessary to prevent Clinton, a globalist, from taking office. The truth is, if every Evangelical had stayed home, Trump would have still been elected. But some of us decided to use the authority we were given to prevent what we believed to be the worst case scenario. At the time a vote is cast, we cannot know what God intends. Our actions have consequences in the moment. If anyone claiming to be a Christian understands anything God says about governments and nations, he/she would know that He raises up whom He will. The nations bend to His will without our permission, without our intervention. The person we have as President is exactly who God knew would be in that position. That person is there to serve God’s plan, in His timing and for His glory. Whether I voted for Trump or not is not what is important; rather, whether or not I executed the authority given to me by the Constitution. My advice to those Christians condemning others for voting for Trump is to stop. I understand if you don’t like Trump. I don’t like his actions. I don’t condone his life decisions. But I’m also not going to be the first to start casting stones.

When you get right down to it, casting stones is exactly what the opposition did. The Democrats started as soon as they realized then-candidate Trump was a real threat. They’ve pushed lies onto the American public from the beginning. CNN and MSNBC have been complicit. Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post …all complicit. Their hack journalists, guests, hosts and op-eds have all pushed a continuous, vitriolic flow of propaganda. Not simply suggesting that Trump and his campaign were likely colluding with Russian agents, but presenting a foregone conclusion that the Special Counsel was a mere formality. The result of Mueller’s investigation this last weekend not only exonerated Trump of collusion with Russians, but, however regrettably, determined he will not be charged with obstruction of justice.

Democratic overlords in D.C. (District of Corruption) moved the goalposts early, when it seemed evident that collusion might not be Mueller’s finding. Thus, obstruction of justice was the additional call and Mueller obliged. The real question is, “How can one obstruct justice when the investigation is relevant only to a hoax?” Yep. The FBI contracted Christopher Steel (via Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS) to produce a dossier on Trump. The dossier, by way of the late Sen. McCain made its way to the media. The media then began to propagate the information without verifying anything of its source. Then, the FBI began investigations based on hearsay from the media citing the dossier the FBI had supplied. The first warrants were issued based on this circular reference. This is where the lies began.

Not only is the MSM guilty of propagating the lies, amplifying the deception to persuade a multitude of Americans that their President had colluded with Russians to steal the election, but our very own law enforcement agencies, at the direction of some very high brass, initiated the entire scandal. So who directed all of this? Who was at the top calling the shots?

I call for another investigation. One in which the origin of the Steel Dossier is discovered; who initiated it; who paid for it; how it managed to get into the late McCain’s hands. How did the FBI manage to finagle the initial warrants without evidence other than hearsay from the media?

As for the divisions among us, we are Americans first. We either defend the U.S. Constitution as it is or we don’t. We either understand that all citizens are afforded equal opportunity (not outcome) or we insist that some ethnicities are inherently subservient to others. We either condemn ethnic supremacy or we condone it. We either defend our Nation as a sovereign entity or we don’t. We resolve to maintain secure borders, north and south, or we are overrun by illegal migrants bent on the destruction of America. If you opt for the latter, then you are not with us in defending the Constitution, ensuring equal opportunity for all, National sovereignty, and you are not for America. We are going to have our differences, but never will it be because of ethnic supremacy, sexism or any other –ism. America has always defied globalism. If that is what the dear reader wants, frankly, there are plenty of options out there and the reader is welcome to move.

Likely, I will vote for Trump in 2020 unless I can somehow convince Nikki Haley to run against her old boss. Our problem with the debt continues. Until we get someone in there with the guts to show what real fiscal conservatism is – slashing programs and gutting administrative and bureaucratic overhead – it isn’t going to be reduced. The camel’s head, neck and shoulders are already in the tent. The only solution is to move the tent. That, my friend, is a wholly different discussion. But it cannot happen with traditional thinking. In the meantime, I suggest that if the readers are tired of being saddled with the best a Party has to offer, the good People should find candidates they believe will meet expectations. Trump has shown us that a Party can be forced to accept a candidate. We only need to be better electorates, responsible electorates, and find those individuals best suited to the task.

Two questions continue to linger in this writer’s mind: if the MSM, Democrats and anti-Trump pundits have deliberately deceived us, tearing us apart, over a Russian collusion hoax and a faked obstruction accusation, is there any truth to Trump being an ethno-supremacist (racist)? A sexist? The other question is I wonder just how much I’m really supposed to believe the media regarding climate change. All the same people are pushing this catastrophic change and we’re told that humanity ends in 12 years. The reader does realize that the “scientists” reporting this data report what those funding them want to hear, right? I’m sure you can understand my skepticism.

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The 2nd Amendment is the first target in the left’s war on liberty




The 2nd Amendment is the first target in the Lefts war on Liberty

The commonsense civil right of armed self-defense is the canary in a coal mine for the cause of liberty.

It was a little over a month ago that John Lovell from the Warrior Poet Society produced this video, but it seems longer given recent events. He expresses the thoughts of many that are becoming increasingly prescient by the day. We are witness to the fact that while those on the national socialist left like to profess support of liberty as being ‘liberal’ they are becoming ever more strident towards the concept.

While the common sense human right of self-defense is literally the tip of the spear in the defense of liberty. The people on the left who only pretend to be liberal are now branching out from this basic human right, going after other civil liberties with a vengeance. Topping their list is a concept that eviscerates several civil liberties with on fell swoop, Gun Confiscation SWATing [aka so-called ‘Red flag’ laws ]. So far they’ve done little to solve the problem and according to an article from colleague Blaine Traber: Baltimore’s homicides by firearm RISE 13% since red flag gun law went into effect. Thus, these abominations of Constitutional Liberties are not only useless for their intended purpose, they are making the situation even worse.

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris belched forth an even more egregious example in which she expanded her ire for self-preservation to what George Orwell characterized as ‘Wrongthink’. As reported in Bearing Arms, Senator Harris proposed opening up the criteria for gun confiscation to the realm of improper viewpointsThis case illustrates that the 2nd amendment is just the first target in the Left’s war on Liberty, but it certainly won’t be the last.

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Twitter is against conservatives. Here’s how conservatives must fight back.



Twitter is against conservatives Heres how conservatives must fight back

There’s an easy answer to the question of how to hold Twitter accountable for its anti-conservative policies that often purge, silence, or censor its users who are committing their version of thoughtcrimes. Just delete your account. Unfortunately, this answer is insufficient when we consider the tremendous clout Twitter holds over the media and much of the population. It’s where many Americans get their news (and #FakeNews). It’s also a cesspool of rhetoric, and while I’m personally opposed to wading into cesspools of any sort, I recognize Twitter is still an important tool in the fight against socialism.

So, we’re stuck with it.

But that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and let the “algorithm” virtually silence us. Today, I participated in a “bootcamp” for conservatives, many of whom are new to Twitter, on how to be better virtual patriots. It was a refreshing experience; it had been too long since I engaged in teaching outside of my writing on NOQ Report. But one question sort of stumped me. It’s not that I didn’t have the answers, but Twitter is a platform of brevity and the answer to the question wasn’t possible to communicate briefly.

In short, the question was how can conservatives overcome the roadblocks that Twitter imposes on us? Here are the answers:

Know your goal

It’s surprising how many people join Twitter with the goal of showing support for President Trump. I ask them who they’re “showing” their support to. They usually reply with “everyone” or “my followers,” at which point I inform them that they’re probably not reaching as many people as they think, if any at all.

Reach is everything on Twitter. It’s like a tree falling in an empty forest. If a Tweet is sent out, and nobody reads it, was it really a Tweet at all?

But there are other worthy goals for patriots. “Trolling” is often frowned upon, but it’s actually a very powerful tool if used properly on Twitter. By trolling, I’m not a fan of personal attacks on anyone. But trolling policies and politicians in the face of their claims is often enough to get supporters or potential supporters to ask questions or research it for themselves. Let me go troll someone real quick and I’ll post an example…

…stand by…

…okay… done…

You don’t have to have a single goal. You can focus on multiple things depending on how much time you put into Twitter. But you must have at least one. If you’re here to support the President, decide how you want to show your support and work towards achieving that goal. Without knowing what you want to accomplish, you’ll likely accomplish nothing.

Follow those who like your stuff

When someone follows me, there’s a chance I’ll look at their Tweets and follow them back. But if someone likes or retweets me and they’re conservatives, I’ll almost certainly follow them even if they’re not following me. Interaction with content I post is far more important than following.

This isn’t an egotistical decision. It’s based on the algorithm. I’m sure you’ve noticed just because you’re following someone doesn’t mean you’ll see their Tweets in your feed. But if you like a post, retweet it, comment on it, or a combination of the three, there’s a good chance you’ll see what they Tweet and retweet in the future.

I follow those who interact with my posts because if they follow me as well, they’ve already engaged with my content. As a result, they are already more likely to see my posts in their feed. With reach being the goal, following people who have interacted with your posts and getting them to follow you back makes the most sense.

Replies are often more powerful than standalone Tweets

When we post a standalone Tweet, it has an opportunity to be seen by our followers and the followers of those who retweet us. When we reply to someone else, it has an opportunity to be seen by the same people as a standalone Tweet PLUS those who follow the person we’re responding to. Though fewer of our followers will see a reply than a standalone, there’s a chance to reach a different audience.

As noted above, I often troll those whose views I oppose. But sometimes I’ll reply to people I agree with wholeheartedly. There’s no rule about who you reply to, though I strongly recommend being cordial. The left gets unhinged. It’s incumbent on patriots to keep our cool, take the high road, and express our indignation intelligently. Just as we laugh at unhinged progressives, so too do they laugh at unhinged conservatives. But when we’re cordial and thoughtful, their only complaints can be about substance.

Guess who wins the substance debate? Conservatives. Why? Because we have the truth on our side.

One way to “double dip” is to retweet your reply. They don’t appear in your primary timeline otherwise and by retweeting it, you give it even more opportunity to be seen by your followers.

Don’t Tweet in batches unless it’s a thread

Don’t spread your Tweets thin. Tweeting one right after another reduces the chances of your Tweets being seen because Twitter usually only serves a few of your Tweets and retweets to followers at any given moment. Thankfully, The Twitter feed moves quickly, so it doesn’t take a long “cooldown” between Tweets. 5-10 minutes is fine.

The exception to this rule is with threads. There’s no time limit. I’ve seen threads that are a dozen Tweets long posted in a matter of seconds. I’ve seen threads extend for days at a time. With a thread, you have the opportunity for multiple Tweets to be seen as people click the “Show This Thread” button.

If I retweet a lot, I’ll often wait the 5-10 minutes before posting a fresh Tweet. This isn’t necessarily a rule of mine. Just habit, I suppose.

Keep in mind, some are able to take advantage of massive followings and Tweet constantly. This is only recommended if you’re regularly getting hundreds or thousands of retweets already.

Assume bias and proceed accordingly

Arguably the most important advice I can give any patriot wanting to make an impact through Twitter is to not take it too seriously. I know many people who put so much effort into Twitter that they have little time for other acts of patriotism. Twitter is important, but it’s not important enough to take away attention from other things.

I’ve been there. Before a strange algorithmic banning and a pair of long hiatuses from the platform, I would regularly get hundreds of retweets, sometimes thousands. I wasn’t nearly as popular as many of the strong conservative accounts today, but I had my share of semi-viral posts. But Twitter took that away. I helped by not paying enough attention, allowing my account to go stagnant. I’m embarrassed that some of my posts get literally zero interaction, but I don’t worry too much.

After all, it’s just Twitter.

We know the powers that be in big tech are determined to push the 2020 elections to the Democrats. We can give up or we can fight through it. I, for one, am choosing to push forward. There’s nothing worse than a quitter.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Bill Mitchell and Yippy



Bill Mitchell and Yippy

In the days following the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Bill Mitchell, a prominent social media figure on the right, came out in support of gun control legislation. This sudden betrayal has invited a host of scrutiny, that his endorsement of gun control following Parkland did not, because it also, coincidentally, occurred ninety days after he launched a crowdfunding campaign with the intent to move to Washington DC to open a new studio for his YourVoice America show.

A thread by @TjMaga1 on Twitter shed much light on what appeared to be a bait and switch by Bill Mitchell. But the depth of this story went beyond the thread with the emergence of a business partnership with a tech company amidst the lack of consistency and transparency. This installment of Conservative Grifters investigates Bill Mitchell and his emerging business relationship with and reconciles the findings with the promises Mitchell has made about his boosted capacity to support the cause.

Thread by TjMaga1 (Images reduced)


This scam started on May 5th 2019 (just look at the dates)

Boomer said he was moving to DC! Even gave a deadline, 90 DAYS!

For days he pimped out a gofundme for the DC move.

A weeks worth of internet panhandling (from the 5th -12th)

And people were generous…

Well, 90 days have went by and…

And when people ask about it, this is what you will get from ole Boomer Bill.

He’s an ungrateful lying asshat!

Enough of handing your hard earned money over to scum like Bitchell!


Deeper Dive


Bill Mitchell currently has five open campaigns on the crowdfunding platform, some of them are years old. The amount from all the campaigns totals $42552, and the money went towards supporting his independent platform YourVoice. The platform operates a subscription model like BlazeTV.

Any Recourse?

Short answer? No. The specific GoFundMe page in question mentions nothing about moving to Washington DC to move into a studio that can bring in people for interviews and be more politically relevant. If his word is his bond, then he surely lied to his audience in both tweets and his own show. It appears this is an instance of caveat emptor.

Why Miami?

It may come off that he is living the life of Miami luxury, but, not to discredit these assumptions, Bill Mitchell is not just involved with YourVoice America. He is also deeply integrated in Republican Legion, a Qanon apparel website he regularly advertises. And he has telegraphed his involvement in a media role for, an alternative search engine.

The confusion exists due to the cryptic nature of his communications. The response to Mindy Robinson reeks of overpromising.


Yippy, Inc (OTC Pink: YIPI) a unified search company known for its clustering technology, big data consolidation and eDiscovery tools. Specializing in the development of search, data normalization, and aggregation through application service environments for consumer and enterprise markets. Yippy’s proprietary web-based product suites are deployed over cloud architecture and provide secure, redundant and maintained data services for businesses and education markets.

Yippy’s platform is a fully customizable solution, providing highly innovative and secure solutions for a broad range of “Big Data” initiatives. The challenges and opportunities in collecting, analyzing and disseminating data in today’s business environment are vast. In response, Yippy maintains industry-leading programs in the field of data science through both internal development and strategic acquisition, and continues to evolve ahead of the industry curve. By providing flexible, scalable solutions to organize, store, disseminate, protect and manipulate “Big Data,” Yippy’s cloud-based platform allows business, academia and governmental clients to manage their information effectively and efficiently.

It seems as though the meat and potatoes of Yippy is behind the scenes in their B2B sales of their proprietary software. To the layman, however, Yippy is an alternative to Google founded in 2009 by Richard Granville who was recently featured on One America News Network claiming DuckDuckGo wasn’t really protecting user data. It is important to note that Granville also promotes Qanon and Mitchell’s associated business Republican Legion.

But Granville is not just some media pundit or “wantrepreneur” as he has extensive executive experience. According to Crunchbase, Yippy has raised $2 million since 2006 and made two acquisitions. The $2 million was raised in 2012 as debt financing. The search engine is marketed towards education. In July of 2019, Yippy received about 500000 visitors, an unsteady increase from 460000 in February of 2019. Yippy is a publicly traded penny stock registered under the ticker OTCMKTS:YIPI. Financial records reported on an annual basis (fiscal year ends May 31st) show that the company has reported a net loss in the millions from 2015 through 2018. The company’s statement of cash flows show that the company has been receiving debt to finance the net loss from operations. The balance sheet shows that the company has negative net tangible assets of $3,546,000 and retained losses of $25,888,000. In conclusion, the financial statements show obvious weakness, though not insurmountable, in the company’s financial viability.

Trump 2020

So the question now is why would a social media personality like Bill Mitchell be working for a tech company? And what does Bill Mitchell claim Yippy will contribute to Trump’s campaign prospects in 2020? With Occam’s Razor in full force the swiftest conclusion is the company is hiring Mitchell to promote the product so it can be the next Parler. There are many rumors about Parler paying influencers on the right to promote the product. In turn, not only will Mitchell be compensated but will have a chance to promote or integrate his platform. But let’s consider, first, why the narrative that Bill Mitchell is spinning about Yippy seems improbable.

Yippy has been a concept for 13 years. Its search is only web, and its interface looks outdated. There does not appear to be an app either. $2 million in venture debt and the sale of a penny stocks does not position this company to have the financial grit to challenge Google or Twitter even with a, seemingly erroneous, market capitalization of approximately $23.09 million dollars. So how about a thought exercise of what he could be suggesting. Not only do Mitchell’s claims seem outlandish, though in a idiosyncratic entrepreneurial way, but they seem to have little to do with political activism as opposed to self promotion.

Realistically speaking, Yippy is probably seeking to be a Conservative homepage, like MSN and Bill Mitchell will be in charge of producing content for the homepage that will include a search engine. It’s good business practice to exploit a core competency which in this case would be web search. But since Bill Mitchell has a (good) habit of integrating his brands together, it’s reasonable to speculate that his YourVoice platform will be integrated into the search engine. The ambition seems to be the creation of a one stop website for Trump supporters. The missing component remaining is the social media.

Full Circle


The story doesn’t seem like it will go away, partially because Bill Mitchell invites the criticism by continuing to defend himself. The alleged incident in the captured screenshot above was tweeted and deleted, thus drawing more suspicion to its validity. Part of what signifies being a Conservative Grifter is a lack of transparency about beliefs and motives. And while there is nothing wrong with seeking a profit with openness, the sudden switch from moving to DC to moving to Miami and the doubling down on the decision to not disclose a business opportunity that had been in the works prior, at the very least as a possibility of interfering with the promise of moving to DC which was obviously not in the works in the last of the ninety days. The failure to disclose an impeding lack of delivery on a promise shows a complete disregard for self-accountability. The lack of self-accountability was followed up by what all signs point to as an even greater promise of grandeur. Politics aside, this looks like the pattern of a conman, so Conservatives should be warned.

Image via Twitter.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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