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West/Haley or Haley/West



WestHaley or HaleyWest

WH is often used as an abbreviation for White House. I use it here to represent a winning combination on the GOP ticket in 2020: West/Haley. That would be awesome and optimum, but I’m also quite amenable to Haley/West.

Now we just need to convince these two patriotic Americans to join forces and mount a primary challenge for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2020 ~ Allen West of Georgia and Nikki Haley of South Carolina! There are indications that the former Governor of the Palmetto State and Ambassador to the United Nations may already be making such plans. But the former Army Lieutenant Colonel and Congressman may need a bit more encouragement to go that route.

Let’s pause a moment and look at why it is so urgent that there be a primary challenge next year. We absolutely must go the extra lengths to ensure that the Democrats do not steal this election.

Their National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, already being signed onto by some states including Colorado, would award a state’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Only five presidents in American history have been elected while losing the popular vote, but two of them are our most recent Republican Presidents Trump and Bush.

This underhanded scheme would enable Democrats to pad their vote in large liberal urban areas. Voters in the American Heartland would be disenfranchised and their votes would be thrown away. This needs to be challenged in court sooner rather than later, in other words NOW!

The anemic Republican Party does not appear to be interested in stopping this. Nor does it seem likely that President Trump will make it a major issue in his re-election campaign. That’s why it’s crucial that we make 100% sure we have a candidate who embodies the conservative vision and who will oppose Democrat dirty tricks from the outset.

The reason we got Trump in office is that too many conservatives took things for granted in 2016. I personally thought the conservative message of Ted Cruz would reverberate throughout the country, particularly the Southern States. Such did not turn out to be the case.

The phenomenon of Donald Trump is something to look at more in-depth another time. Suffice it to say here that he really doesn’t appear to have thought he was going to win and did not expect to do so. Rather he was just bolstering his own ego and getting his name and face more air time. Then came the November 8th general election, and the rubber hit the road as the old Firestone tire commercial used to say.

Trump has never been a student of history; he speaks and tweets with the vocabulary of a 5th Grader. Not even the smart ones on that TV show with Jeff Foxworthy. His debate performances, and they were indeed performances, along with his current POTUS tweets, come across as being from a schoolyard bully.

Trump is a function of his advisors, whoever last whispered something in his ear that he liked. Right now, when he listens to John Bolton, that is something we can get by with. But Trump does not appear to like his intel briefs any more than Obama did. That should be the first thing every President does every morning, to get the classified briefing from his senior officials regarding all important events since the day before. Plus, he should be briefed immediately anytime something urgent occurs.

Allen West is an historian par excellence. His command of the facts and ability to recount the events of the attempted Islamic conquest of Europe militarily in bygone centuries is very impressive. He understands the ideological nature of the Islamic threat today better than anyone I’ve heard.

I read virtually all of Colonel West’s articles. I really can’t think of a single thing he has said that I disagree with. With me, that is incredibly rare. He is first of all an absolute patriot, a true warrior who has no fear.

Trump admires strong authoritarian leaders, while remaining blissfully ignorant of and oblivious to their hostile ideologies. Putin, Xi, Kim and Erdoğan continue to simultaneously put bugs into POTUS 45’s ear while running amok around the world. That simply would not happen with President Allen West!

Nikki Haley is also a very strong personality. Her record as Governor of South Carolina and Ambassador to the United Nations demonstrates that she is totally unshakeable in her resolve to do what needs to be done. The only nick in her armor that I have personally observed thus far is that she needs to re-examine the Muslim Rohingya issue in Myanmar, as they are not the victims they are portrayed to be, but rather instigators against the Buddhist government.

Both Allen West and Nikki Haley are quite capable and willing to call out the faux pas of President Trump. Both have a distinctly conservative message that needs to be heard and heard soon. It’s time to infuse this campaign with a true conservative agenda. We need a more articulate spokesman than our incumbent in the Oval Office.

If convinced that Donald Trump can actually win re-election and turn back the Democrat assault on our traditional American culture, I am not ruling out his being the GOP nominee. But at the very least he needs to make his case to “We the People”.

I’m tempted not to say this at all because it really should be obvious, but seeking to enhance diversity plays absolutely no role in this advocacy for a West/Haley or Haley/West ticket. It is not about race or about gender. Both candidates absolutely concur that the best person should be elected on their merits and nothing else!

The good news is that either or both can absolutely be elected on their own merits! A second term for Donald Trump would be far less problematic than putting any Democrat into the White House! But, I am not convinced at this point that Trump is a shoe-in for re-election. Especially not with Democrat lawfare and dirty tricks in the works.

Whoever is actually nominated by the GOP next year in Charlotte will face a Democrat rival who will already have been nominated in Milwaukee. There will be numerous debates probably beginning later this year 2019.

It’s not going to help if Democrats debate one another and Trump just debates himself. We need fresh voices all along the way to keep the conservative message, the true conservative message, in the forefront of public awareness.

I haven’t said much here about the overall background, record and qualifications of either Allen West or Nikki Haley. I think most readers of this article are already familiar with both of them. Plus that is something we need to hear from them once they take up the gauntlet and mount a GOP Primary challenge in 2020.

This is not to say that other conservatives should not also enter the race. But we must keep clearly in sight that the object is not quantity of alternatives, but the ability to actually win on November 3, 2020. Even those who are die-hard Trump fans should welcome an opportunity for his message to be heard juxtaposed with that of other conservative candidates.

The best thing would be for Donald Trump to step aside and declare now that he will not run again. But that ain’t gonna happen. So let’s encourage Allen West and Nikki Haley to challenge him in the primary for the good of our country.

You would not recognize these United States of America under a President Harris, President Warren, President Sanders, President O’Rourke, President Gabbard or even a President Biden!

You often shudder when President Trump sends out another bizarre tweet at 3 a.m. But you will be proud every day under President West and VP Haley, or vice versa!

Not for self, not for party, but for country!

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