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100K released in 3 months: What’s the point in arresting illegal immigrants if ICE doesn’t have a way to hold them?



100K released in 3 months Whats the point in arresting illegal immigrants if ICE doesnt have a way t

Over 100,000 illegal immigrants have been released by ICE following apprehension in the last three months alone. That’s more than 1,000 per day. Why are they doing this? Because Washington DC refuses to give them the resources or facilities they need to deal with the national emergency at the border.

And yes, this is an emergency. We can debate all day about whether or not it’s a national emergency that should be declared as such by the President or whether he should have been getting this tough on the issue long before the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, but what can’t be argued is whether or not this problem has grown to the status of being a true and tangible crisis.

It’s not manufactured as a scare tactic. It’s not the White House bending numbers, as many in mainstream media want to believe. This is real.

As the Daily Caller points out, only some of the 100,000 released illegal immigrants have been required to wear tracking devices:

There are plenty of dysfunctional programs and agencies in the United States. That can be expected since government generally doesn’t handle situations with efficiency, frugality, or common sense. But there are certain responsibilities of the government that should get special treatment. Our national defense, whether through the military or from outside threats such as illegal immigration, should be a high priority for our representatives in Washington DC to get right. The fact they’re dropping this particular ball so spectacularly is unacceptable.

We have our own problems among American citizens. We don’t need to inherit more problems by allowing the borders to be wide open as they are, then to not even empower our law enforcement agency tasked with capturing and detaining illegal immigrants only exacerbates the problem.

I’ve spoken out against the GOP’s lackadaisical approach to border security since before President Trump took office. I’ve continued to denounce their inactivity and the bad advice that prompted the President to wait until December, 2018, to finally put his foot down on the issue. Now we’re seeing the fruits of their inactivity.

With that said, it’s still the Democrats who are the main cause for consternation.

The problem isn’t that Democrats don’t acknowledge the invasion at the border that is overwhelming all current methods of security. It’s that they don’t care. This is what they want. America’s sovereignty is unimportant to them.

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