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61% of New Yorkers say no to driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants



61 of New Yorkers say no to driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

A good majority of New Yorkers oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants despite being a state known for light treatment of those who come or stay in America illegally, according to a new poll by Sienna College.

My Take

It’s insane that this is a thing. I understand the need to take care of people even though they broke our laws, ignored our sovereignty, and desire to subvert our nation’s culture by forcing their own upon all of us, but letting them drive around legally when they’re not legally supposed to be here is ridiculous.

At some point, Americans are going to wake up and realize the laws that have made us so free and safe as a people have been changed to accommodate the rest of the world. When that happens, we will not longer be America.

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