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Glenn Greenwald: ‘Why would you leave in place somebody controlled by the Kremlin for two years if you really believed it?’



Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knows there was no collusion between Russia and President Trump. The entire Democratic Party in Washington DC (with the exception of loony Maxine Waters) knows Robert Mueller’s investigation and future Congressional investigations into the Trump campaign and Russia will result in nothing substantial. Nevertheless, that’s the narrative they’ve been playing for the last two years and they’re not ready to back down just yet.

The Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald joined Laura Ingraham on the Ingraham Angle last night to discuss whether or not it was worth it for the Democratic Party to keep hammering on the Russia angle. Greenwald pointed out multiple inconsistencies in the way they’ve handled the situation, including during the midterm elections when individual candidates refused to even discuss it. Public sentiment for the Mueller investigation is falling which means the appetite for a repetitive Congressional investigation is going to be low.

What does Congress believe they’ll find that Mueller’s professional team of investigators could not?

If the best all of these investigations yield is testimony from Michael Cohen that pretty much all of America has disregarded or forgotten by now, then Democrats will have to explain why they pressed such a wasteful and counterproductive series of actions.

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