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Why Christians should reconsider a young Earth model



Generally, most in the modern church have dismissed the concept of a young earth. Church leaders, Bible scholars, and scoffers have given us every possible reason to believe that the Bible is misinterpreted, that the reality is that the universe is billions of years old. Is this true?

We firmly believe in a young earth model, but we’ll allow others to give their perspective rather than to restate ours. Here, I’d like to discuss the reasons why theories such as evolution, ancient universe, and Big Bang are so prevalent. In fact, to the adversary, they’re imperative in order for him to continue his mission of spreading lies throughout the minds of God’s people.

Time is a concept that baffles all of us. There are no exceptions. Nobody can fully grasp the physical nature of time as a dimensional construct. We are aware of it and its implications on our lives, but we have a lot of challenges understanding times past other than through the lens of history. Our perception of time is considered a constant on one hand; one minute is one minute no matter how you try to slice it. However, we have all experienced the passing of time that either felt like it was going slower or faster than we perceived.

Imagine it like this; we are closer to the time of Cleopatra than Cleopatra was to the building of the pyramids.

Take this back a few decades. We can read about how the world was back during World War II, for example, but we have no way of really understanding life back then. Imagine a world with minimal television, no internet, and limited communication outside of our own circle of relationships. Even those who were alive during that time can have challenges remembering how the world really was, how time felt differently back then.

Go back hundreds of years and try to imagine life and how time affected it. Perhaps we can imagine living in a world without electronics, with limited reading materials, and one where the foundations of modern civilization were being formed. Now, go back thousands. Imagine being there as the pyramids were built. Life and time were very different for those people.

Beyond that, our ability to recon time is blurred completely. This is important to understand because when concepts are blurred, we become susceptible to the theories that now permeate our thoughts. Time is the ultimate disbelief suspender. We cannot imagine animals evolving the way that many scientists surmise when viewed through a limited time window. Yes, we have seen many changes within kinds; a quick look at the Belgian Blue cattle demonstrates that selective breeding can dramatically change animals. However, evolution is based upon extreme jumps in changes amongst creatures in or out of kinds and this can only fit into logic and science if there are inconceivable periods of time in play.

If you can, for a moment, look into the scientific evidence that points to a young earth model not only being possible but being much more likely than scientists are willing to admit when the great flood is taken into consideration, you may find that years of beliefs come into question. It’s challenging to do. After all, we’re rational creatures (at least we think we are). However, take the time to do the research and you may surprise yourself.

Attached is a video that does a pretty decent job of explaining some of the concepts. It would take more than an hour to do the full research, but this is a great starting point.

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