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Why did SPLC fires founder Morris Dees?



Why did SPLC fires founder Morris Dees

The Southern Poverty Law Center has built a reputation of attacking anything and anyone they deem to be inappropriate. Their list of “hate groups” is often cited by mainstream news outlets, though there are conspicuous omissions from their list, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

It seems there may have been some inappropriate behavior taking place behind the scenes, possibly perpetrated by those who are supposed to be deeming others as inappropriate.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

The Times has also learned that the organization, whose leadership is predominantly white, has been wrestling with complaints of workplace mistreatment of women and people of color. It was not immediately clear whether those issues were connected to the firing of Dees, who is 82.

Also Thursday, employees sent correspondence to management demanding reforms, expressing concerns about the resignation last week of a highly respected black attorney at the organization and criticizing the organization’s work culture.

A letter signed by about two dozen employees — and sent to management and the board of directors before news broke of Dees’ firing — said they were concerned that internal “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it.”

My Take

As with nearly all organizations that claim to carry a mantle and hold a mandate to judge others, the SPLC is proving their righteousness is on the surface level only. The corruption that power has brought to their ranks was unavoidable, especially considering the biased nature of their judgments. They love to go after those who believe in traditional American values, but they’re conspicuously silent when left-leaning organizations participate in the same types of activities deemed unacceptable to the SPLC.

Just as they believed their charter was to expose the right, we believe our charter is to expose the left. The difference is that we acknowledge people – ALL people – are flawed and therefore deserve the same scrutiny as everyone else. This is why we are a crowdfunded news outlet. We are beholden to the truth that is driven by conservatism and a Biblical worldview. We rely on the financial support of our readers.

Whatever Morris Dees allegedly did, we can assume it was serious enough to warrant getting booted from an organization that grew on the back of his work. He is a hero to many leftists. His fall from grace will only be well documented if conservative outlets lead the way.

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