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Jexodus has high hopes of bringing Jews, particularly millennials, out of the Democratic Party



The Democratic Party has never been more antisemitic than it is today. It isn’t just people like Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who are making the party less hospitable to Jews. It’s the general sentiment of the party that has taken for granted their advantage over Republicans when it comes to securing the Jewish vote.

A new organization hopes to convince as many Jews as possible that the party they’ve supported in the past is no longer the party that has their best interests in mind. “Jexodus” is spreading quickly with buzz surrounding the group of Jewish millennials growing. Their spokesperson, Elizabeth Pipko, went on Fox News earlier to discuss their plans.

My Take

It’s important for American Jews still loyal our allies in Israel to understand the direction the Democratic Party has been heading for over a decade. They were once a party that appreciated and understood the importance of the Jewish people here and abroad, but now their allegiances have shifted to the BDS movement, pro-Islamic groups, and antisemitism. It is a growing problem with the goal of many in the party being to normalize antisemitism.

The biggest challenge Jexodus will have is reaching the people who don’t actually support Israel very much. This is particularly challenging for millennials who have been immersed in the lies of the BDS movement and the radicalization that occurs in colleges across America. They view America as evil and Israel as an unwitting pawn. To many Jews in America who have never experienced a life of persecution and fear that has historically followed the Jewish people, the calls by the United Nations and other antisemitic organizations cannot all be wrong.

The reality is the antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiment that pervades the world will be hard to overcome. Jexodus has an opportunity to make a difference and bring light to the shadows cast upon Jews by the new Democratic Party.

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