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Pennsylvania lawmakers consider abandoning the 2nd Amendment



Pennsylvania lawmakers consider abandoning the 2nd Amendment

“…shall not be infringed.”

For decades, the question of what constitutes infringement on the rights of people to keep and bear arms has been asked. One of the things that’s clearly considered infringement by a vast majority of conservatives is gun registration, the practice of filing paperwork with the government so they can keep tabs on who has what. Leftists argue that it’s not really infringing since it’s only adding information for government use rather than preventing a citizen from keeping and bearing.

This is a very clear abandonment of the 2nd Amendment because it represents the government getting directly involved in the “keeping” aspect of gun ownership. This is truly infringing upon our rights, from a conservative perspective. Will it be considered infringement by the various state legislatures?

The question of whether gun registration may be considered an infringement of the 2nd Amendment may play out soon in Pennsylvania:

It’s the type of move we’d expect to see from more left-leaning states than Pennsylvania, but here’s the thing. The hyper-leftist surge has been creeping authoritarianism and socialism into the background for years, but today we’re seeing the surge happening out in the open rather than behind the scenes. One of our missions as a publication is to expose these attacks on our rights early on before they build up steam. Unfortunately, if people wait until they get to Fox News or other big outlets, it’s too late. This is why NOQ Report is a necessary and needs support.

The only reason for gun registration is as a build-up to confiscation. If they believe illegal guns will be registered, they’re crazy. If they believe criminals with guns are going to start registering, they’re fools. This will hurt lawful gun owners only.

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