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Reddit’s Conservative subreddit hits 200,000 subscribers



Reddits Conservative subreddit hits 200000 subscribers

Reddit users have been generally moderate or left-leaning ever since the social news aggregator was launched. It grew exponentially in popularity after the downfall of Digg and became a hub for some of the most popular memes, fastest news, and most interesting online investigations the internet has ever seen.

Despite the rampant leftism on the site, r/Conservative, the most popular right-leaning subreddit other than r/The_Donald has reached a milestone, breaking 200,000 subscribers. Considering it’s the 6th most popular site on the internet according to Alexa, that number might seem low. It is when we consider r/politics, which is dominated by progressives, has nearly five millions subscribers.

Nevertheless, getting to 200,000 is noteworthy. Congratulations to the conservative minority on the “Front Page of the Internet.”

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