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Leftists pounce on Tucker Carlson. Conservatives should, too.



Update: Carlson responded.

Original Story:

Social media is exploding after Fox News host Tucker Carlson had some of his old soundbites pulled from the ever-present historical clouds of the internet that revealed him making disgusting comments about underage girls, defending Warren Jeffs, and making generally misogynistic comments on radio shows from 2006 to 2011. He was hired by Fox News in 2009.

The clips, compiled by progressive propaganda machine Media Matters, are extremely damaging to a television personality who has built his reputation on being a straight talker.

My Take

Leftists are pouncing. They should be. These weren’t inaccurately characterized statements pulled out of context for the most part. These clips are indefensible and conservatives should be shaking their collective heads in unison.

Perhaps each one in a vacuum can be disregarded as careless, but the body of work Media Matters compiled demonstrates a trend that shouldn’t be dismissed by those of us who believe in conservatism, family values, and holding people accountable for their actions. If anything, we should be the loudest in condemning Carlson over his remarks even though he’s good at exposing leftist hypocrisies.

We lose credibility when we attack the left based on one set of rules but hide the rule book when someone fighting by our side strays. This isn’t one of those cases where someone was being a little too loose with their words at a time when such things were okay. The shock jock era wasn’t okay during the shock jock era, at least by my reckoning. If that’s what is required to get enough popularity in order to land a real gig, then it’s a path no conservative should follow.

Tucker Carlson should resign. He took it too far. I know it was in the past, but his willingness to say those things should disqualify him from being an influencer as part of a major news outlet. I know this opinion will be unpopular, but it’s how I feel.

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