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Guns and Crime

Gun Confiscation SWATing: Shooting down due process



A new video from the Firearms Policy Coalition highlights the dangers to Liberty and due process posed by so-called ‘Red Flag’ Laws.

Gun confiscation SWATing, Extreme risk protective orders or so-call ‘Red Flag’ Laws are all the rage of the Liberty grabber Left and RINO’s these days. It’s bad enough that these unnecessary and unconstitutional violations of everyone’s due process rights are being ‘Rahmed’ through on a state level. But both the US House and Senate have their own versions. The latter co-sponsored by Senator Marco ‘RINO’ Rubio (R-FL) with the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on March 26.

In a case of trying to solve a rare but emotionally charged problem, these will only serve to create an even bigger problem destroying several civil and human rights in the process. We’ve already established that this type of legislation is unnecessary since Involuntary Civil Commitment laws that protect due process rights are already on the books. Thus we have woefully unconstitutional gun confiscation coupled with and evisceration of due process rights. It’s enough to have any tyrant glow with pride.

The video presented here while being about a short-term victory for Liberty and individual human rights raises some critically important issues with Gun confiscation SWATing. The video is about the rejection of a bill to expand the destruction of due process protections and government overreach in the ‘People’s Republic of California’. Specifically CA AB 61 Sponsored by: Asm. Phil Ting (D-19) to expand these outrages against Liberty.

Expanding who can call for a Gun confiscation SWATing

One ‘feature’ of this bill was to open up who can call for a Gun confiscation SWATing to co-workers, or other people in a school [2:30 min mark]. Of course, this expansion is exactly why these gun confiscation orders bereft of due process are so dangerous. Once the Liberty grabber Left has their foot in the door initiating this kind of gun confiscation. It’s just a matter of their opening up of who can call for these outrages to just about anyone. Simultaneously having someone’s property confiscated while ruining their life with this permanent mark on their record.

A representative from the California Civil Liberties advocacy group speaking in opposition to this bill made the point that while these are similar to easily obtained temporary restraining orders, these become a permanent mark on someone’s criminal record even if it is lifted.

Testimony from a representative from the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California [6:52 min mark] pointed out that while they are in favour of gun control, they oppose these measures that do not protect due process rights. The testimony was that this expansion of the people who can call for this kind of gun confiscation is very problematic. That the subject [or victims if you will] of these confiscations will not have been accused of a crime and won’t even know this one-sided ‘judicial’ process is taking place until the SWAT team breaks down their door a 4:00 AM.

The representative from the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California was also concerned as to how this ‘process’ would take place. Side note: it resulted in the death of an innocent man in Maryland.

She also pointed out that the ‘subject’ of the gun confiscation order might not even own a gun. This would bring on a whole new set of complications. What are the law enforcement officers supposed to do when even the most extensive search fails to turn up any firearms?

Still further on, she noted that the Law allowed someone to initiate one of these gun confiscation search orders on some they encountered 6 months before. Pointing out that the supposed urgency of the situation, allowing a 6 month window of opportunity is inconsistent with the alleged urgency of the issue.

Violating the Constitutional principle of Due Process

The host then reiterated the unconstitutional issue with these Gun confiscation SWATing orders. That not only is this about the taking of someone’s property and means of self-defence, but they also violate due process. That this isn’t just about the 2nd amendment.

He also pointed out that many of the Liberty grabber set consider anyone who owns a gun to be ‘dangerous’. Much like the idea of ‘hate speech’ the criteria for who should be subjected to a Gun confiscation SWATing is severely undefined while those who can call for this is being expanded to just about anyone.

The danger of ‘Settling a score’ with someone with a gun confiscation SWATing

There is the danger that someone could use these SWATing orders to ‘settle a score’ with someone – even if they don’t own a gun. In fact, it could be worse for the person in that situation since law enforcement would be incentivized to become more intense in searching for something that doesn’t exist. What is there to stop someone from using the threat of bringing one of these down on someone as a form of extortion?

Criminals are now being treated better than the innocent

A representative from another civil rights organisation, the Gun Owners of California brought up the point that criminals are now being treated better than the innocent. That those accused of a crime have better procedures that those who have done nothing wrong. In addition, he pointed out that it’s not the worst case scenario that someone would just lose their guns for 21 days [and have a permanent black mark on their record]. But having been deprived of the means of self-defense, they or their family members could be killed or severely injured as a result of one of these orders

Ignoring measures that work

Further on in the video when the measure has been voted down, the author invokes the protection of the children without considering measures that would actually accomplish the task such as getting rid of so-called ‘gun free’ zones, having some teachers armed and the hiring ex-military personnel to guard schools.

The Takeaway

While the Democratic majority thankfully voted down this outrage against Liberty, the issues raised are applicable to the push for these things at the Federal and state levels.

These are extremely dangerous infringements on not only the common sense human right of self-defense, but also due process and the right to privacy. They are not only extremely dangerous infringements, but unnecessary as well. We all will rue the day if we let this government overreach to solve a rare but emotional issue and deprive every one of their due process rights.

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Conspiracy Theory

What does San Francisco Mayor London Breed have to hide about Jeff Adachi’s death?



What does San Francisco Mayor London Breed have to hide about

San Francisco politicians would be in an absolute uproar if the Trump administration ordered the suspension of an unambiguous liberty for the sake of expediency. They would declare a Constitutional crisis was underway and would demand the rights of their citizens be upheld while those who violated them should be held accountable. But when the rights of a citizen are trampled on to benefit their corrupt politicians, they stand by the trampling and pretend like nothing foul is afoot.

Such is the story of journalist Bryan Carmody. His 1st Amendment rights were disregarded so blatantly and so frivolously that it’s obvious there’s a major cover up underway that is protecting very powerful people in the progressive mecca of San Francisco. Following Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s death, a leaked police report was released by Carmody, prompting the San Francisco Police to illegally attempt to force him to reveal his source. He is protected by the Freedom of the Press from divulging his source, but strong-arm techniques reminiscent of the actions of third-world dictators doesn’t seem to be making a dent in the official stories from San Francisco politicians, most notably Mayor London Breed.

San Francisco’s mayor shows the country what a real attack on the free press looks like

Carmody claims he was restrained in handcuffs for nearly six hours as the authorities ransacked his home, seizing “laptops, phones and hard drives — including all the images and documents he had archived from his 29-year career as a reporter and cameraman,” the report adds.

Law enforcement officials have neither denied nor contradicted the freelancer’s version of events. The San Francisco Police Department has not yet returned Carmody’s equipment. The raid, which was approved by two trial court judges, also included agents from the FBI.

And all because Carmody refused to give up a confidential source, as is his right. The mayor sees it differently, though, and she is digging in.

The Mayor took the unconstitutional route from the start and hasn’t looked back.

“San Francisco Police Department is in the process of conducting an investigation into how confidential information was released within the Department. As part of this investigation, the Department went through the appropriate legal process to request a search warrant, which was approved by two judges,” her office said in a statement last week.

Even now, as the pressure mounts from news outlets across the country for the far-left political machine of San Francisco to denounce the attack on the press, one that is so much more direct and heinous than anything President Trump has done, they continue to focus on the legality of the search warrants (even though they clearly were not legal by any stretch of the imagination) and the imperative of finding out who leaked the memos, something that no average San Francisco resident could ever actually care about if they’re being honest.

Instead of defending the Constitution and the rights of their citizens, they’re redirecting.

Their unabashed willingness to continue forward despite all the bad press they’re getting can easily lead someone to one conclusion: There’s something really bad surrounding Adechi’s death that has San Francisco Democrats terrified. There’s a cover up happening right before our eyes, one that has politicians, police, and judges involved and unwavering in their willingness to discard the 1st Amendment altogether.

Whatever has London Breed and her cronies spooked about Adechi’s death, it has to be huge. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be pressing so adamantly against the Constitution of the United States in the broad daylight of public condemnation.

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Guns and Crime

Two separate illegal aliens with child sexual crime felony convictions caught crossing the border again



Two separate illegal aliens with child sexual crime felony convictions caught crossing the border ag

Thursday was another busy day for border patrol agents. It wasn’t just their standard apprehension and processing of thousands of migrants crossing the border to claim asylum. A handful of convicted criminals were caught trying to secretly cross into the United States, into two child sex offenders.

A 45-year-old Mexican national who had a prior felony conviction for “lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14” in California was captured earlier in the day. Then, a 26-year-old El Salvadoran national who had a prior felony conviction for “child molestation in the first degree” and an active felony warrant for “molestation of a minor” in Washington state was captured with another El Salvadoran national.

Both had been previously deported.


Give me one excuse for this. Anyone. Can a single Democrat pushing their doctrine of open borders explain how it’s a good idea to keep border patrol undermanned and under-resourced, block the wall at every turn, and keep laws so weak that of course child rapists want to make their way to a sanctuary city near you.

These aren’t isolated cases.

Every day, we hear of new criminal illegal aliens, previously deported, who are crossing over again to commit heinous crimes like these two child rapists. Why? Because they know leftists will protect, enable, and encourage them.

This is a sickness. No, I’m not talking about the obvious sickness of vile men who find pre-teen children to ruin their lives for the sake of their own sexual kicks. I’m talking about the people on the left who willfully turn a blind eye to the sick crimes of animals like these two.

The saddest part about the left’s embrace of criminal illegal aliens like these two child raping animals is that they will take more offense to me calling them “animals” than to the vile crimes these men committed against children.


“Democrats have controlled the House for nearly 5 months. Besides supporting infanticide, illegal immigrants, and whining about President Trump, can anyone tell me what they have accomplished?” – Ryan Fournier

Final Thoughts

Border patrol is stretched thin by the migrant crisis, which makes it difficult to apprehend these child sexual predators crossing the border. If they caught two by chance on the same night, how many child molesters are crossing unabated?

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Guns and Crime

Thomas Massie exposes the many problems with Red Flag Gun Laws



Thomas Massie exposes the many problems with Red Flag Gun Laws

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) has been a staunch proponent of the 2nd Amendment throughout his career in Washington DC. This makes him an opponent to Red Flag Gun Laws which are spreading across the states. Colorado recently passed their version, bringing the total up to 15.

As we’ve documented numerous times, Red Flag Gun Laws are a direct attack on the 2nd and 4th Amendments. Depending on the version of the law, citizens can have their firearms forcibly removed from them by law enforcement when a judge decrees they may be a threat to themselves or others based on requests by people who know the victim. It’s important to understand that these laws are not based on anyone committing a crime. They are based on a feeling that someone may commit a crime.

It’s like the movie Minority Report, only without psychics. Gun owners’ liberties can be encroached based on the government’s “future crimes division.”

In this video, Massey gets to the heart of the matter by talking to Colorado Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams and Dr. John R. Lott of Crime Prevention Research Center. This is an important video for #2A proponents across the nation.

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