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Guns and Crime

Gun Confiscation SWATing: Shooting down due process



A new video from the Firearms Policy Coalition highlights the dangers to Liberty and due process posed by so-called ‘Red Flag’ Laws.

Gun confiscation SWATing, Extreme risk protective orders or so-call ‘Red Flag’ Laws are all the rage of the Liberty grabber Left and RINO’s these days. It’s bad enough that these unnecessary and unconstitutional violations of everyone’s due process rights are being ‘Rahmed’ through on a state level. But both the US House and Senate have their own versions. The latter co-sponsored by Senator Marco ‘RINO’ Rubio (R-FL) with the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on March 26.

In a case of trying to solve a rare but emotionally charged problem, these will only serve to create an even bigger problem destroying several civil and human rights in the process. We’ve already established that this type of legislation is unnecessary since Involuntary Civil Commitment laws that protect due process rights are already on the books. Thus we have woefully unconstitutional gun confiscation coupled with and evisceration of due process rights. It’s enough to have any tyrant glow with pride.

The video presented here while being about a short-term victory for Liberty and individual human rights raises some critically important issues with Gun confiscation SWATing. The video is about the rejection of a bill to expand the destruction of due process protections and government overreach in the ‘People’s Republic of California’. Specifically CA AB 61 Sponsored by: Asm. Phil Ting (D-19) to expand these outrages against Liberty.

Expanding who can call for a Gun confiscation SWATing

One ‘feature’ of this bill was to open up who can call for a Gun confiscation SWATing to co-workers, or other people in a school [2:30 min mark]. Of course, this expansion is exactly why these gun confiscation orders bereft of due process are so dangerous. Once the Liberty grabber Left has their foot in the door initiating this kind of gun confiscation. It’s just a matter of their opening up of who can call for these outrages to just about anyone. Simultaneously having someone’s property confiscated while ruining their life with this permanent mark on their record.

A representative from the California Civil Liberties advocacy group speaking in opposition to this bill made the point that while these are similar to easily obtained temporary restraining orders, these become a permanent mark on someone’s criminal record even if it is lifted.

Testimony from a representative from the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California [6:52 min mark] pointed out that while they are in favour of gun control, they oppose these measures that do not protect due process rights. The testimony was that this expansion of the people who can call for this kind of gun confiscation is very problematic. That the subject [or victims if you will] of these confiscations will not have been accused of a crime and won’t even know this one-sided ‘judicial’ process is taking place until the SWAT team breaks down their door a 4:00 AM.

The representative from the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California was also concerned as to how this ‘process’ would take place. Side note: it resulted in the death of an innocent man in Maryland.

She also pointed out that the ‘subject’ of the gun confiscation order might not even own a gun. This would bring on a whole new set of complications. What are the law enforcement officers supposed to do when even the most extensive search fails to turn up any firearms?

Still further on, she noted that the Law allowed someone to initiate one of these gun confiscation search orders on some they encountered 6 months before. Pointing out that the supposed urgency of the situation, allowing a 6 month window of opportunity is inconsistent with the alleged urgency of the issue.

Violating the Constitutional principle of Due Process

The host then reiterated the unconstitutional issue with these Gun confiscation SWATing orders. That not only is this about the taking of someone’s property and means of self-defence, but they also violate due process. That this isn’t just about the 2nd amendment.

He also pointed out that many of the Liberty grabber set consider anyone who owns a gun to be ‘dangerous’. Much like the idea of ‘hate speech’ the criteria for who should be subjected to a Gun confiscation SWATing is severely undefined while those who can call for this is being expanded to just about anyone.

The danger of ‘Settling a score’ with someone with a gun confiscation SWATing

There is the danger that someone could use these SWATing orders to ‘settle a score’ with someone – even if they don’t own a gun. In fact, it could be worse for the person in that situation since law enforcement would be incentivized to become more intense in searching for something that doesn’t exist. What is there to stop someone from using the threat of bringing one of these down on someone as a form of extortion?

Criminals are now being treated better than the innocent

A representative from another civil rights organisation, the Gun Owners of California brought up the point that criminals are now being treated better than the innocent. That those accused of a crime have better procedures that those who have done nothing wrong. In addition, he pointed out that it’s not the worst case scenario that someone would just lose their guns for 21 days [and have a permanent black mark on their record]. But having been deprived of the means of self-defense, they or their family members could be killed or severely injured as a result of one of these orders

Ignoring measures that work

Further on in the video when the measure has been voted down, the author invokes the protection of the children without considering measures that would actually accomplish the task such as getting rid of so-called ‘gun free’ zones, having some teachers armed and the hiring ex-military personnel to guard schools.

The Takeaway

While the Democratic majority thankfully voted down this outrage against Liberty, the issues raised are applicable to the push for these things at the Federal and state levels.

These are extremely dangerous infringements on not only the common sense human right of self-defense, but also due process and the right to privacy. They are not only extremely dangerous infringements, but unnecessary as well. We all will rue the day if we let this government overreach to solve a rare but emotional issue and deprive every one of their due process rights.

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Culture and Religion

Houston library had Alberto Garza, a registered child sex offender, read stories to children for Drag Queen Storytime



Houston library had Alberto Garza a registered child sex offender read stories to children for Drag

Conservatives know the LGBTQ community has their say in most aspects of life in America today. Their political and cultural influence is unquestionable and public organizations jump through hoops to appease the various groups. Many libraries have even embrace “Drag Queen Storytime” as a way to teach tolerance to children by allowing transvestites to read stories to children.

Houston Public Library is one such progressive public organization that has embraced the practice. Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything to protect the children that visit the library by allowing “Tatiana Mala Nina” to read for the children. The problem arose because”Tatiana” is actually Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender.

My Take

Houston Public Library has apologized. Is that really enough? Mistakes happen, but there are certain situations and jobs in which extra special care must be taken. Our public libraries, which are often considered to be truly safe places and popular venues for children to learn, should be able to give a reasonable expectation to parents that registered child sex offenders are not given explicit access to children.

This is gross negligence. I may be in the minority on this one, but this is a terminable offense in my books. Someone’s head should roll.

Keep in mind I rarely call for anyone to be fired for a single offense, but this is literally the worst case scenario for a library administrator. When you give someone access to the children that come to the library, they cannot be convicted child sex offenders. That’s sort of a no-brainer.

Nothing will likely happen beyond the apology, but here’s hoping.

So many exceptions are made for “alternative lifestyles” for the sake of tolerance. But when this tolerance allows a convicted child sex offender to have access to small children, the exceptions have gone way to far. This is absolutely unacceptable.

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Guns and Crime

The truth about the Missouri bill mandating adults age 18-34 purchase AR-15s



The truth about the Missouri bill mandating adults age 18-34 purchase AR-15s

When news broke that a Missouri lawmaker put forth a bill that would require all adults aged 18-34 to purchase an AR-15 rifle, the reactions were exactly as one would expect. Unhinged leftists held their children tight as another Republican proposed turning every household into a death squad. Democratic lawmakers in Missouri were indignant and vowed to fight back. Some Republicans were like, “Heck ya!”

But it was all a ruse.

Representative Andrew McDaniel introduced House Bill 1108, known as the “McDaniel Militia Act,” in an effort to get lawmakers on the other side of the fence to argue against mandates. From his perspective, it’s not right to mandate United States citizens to do many of the things Democrats like to impose on us, so he reversed the situation to make them argue against the validity of forcing people to buy firearms.

It worked to some extent, though not nearly as well as one would hope. Democrats reacted more about the invocation of guns in general and the dreaded AR-15 in particular rather than focusing on the notion that people should be forced to do something against their will.

Another thing the bill has done was possibly unexpected. It demonstrated just how crazy many in the media perceive conservatives to be. Rather than see the obvious attempt to make a point, many in the media reported it as an expected action from the gun-toting right in a state that recently ousted its Democratic Senator. They researched the bill, attempted to counter it on its merits, and argued about what society would look like if such a bill were allowed to pass. Some were so riled up, they called for mobilization from around the country to stop this dastardly Republican from turning Missouri into a warzone.

Conservatives realize the chances of getting a gun law passed that restricts the 2nd Amendment are much higher than getting one passed that mandates its use by all adult citizens in a certain age group. We’re fighting to keep the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and never in history has that right been so close to being negated. This is why NOQ Report fights both the fake news media and the leftist push to take our guns. We’re crowdfunded for a reason.

We will never have a mandate to own a firearm because mandates to own anything are fought by those who would want firearms in the first place. But that doesn’t make this ruse any less enjoyable.

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Guns and Crime

MS-13 stabs 16-year-old over 100 times, burns his body for trying to leave gang



MS-13 stabs 16-year-old over 100 times burns his body for trying to leave gang

Jacson Chicas fled El Salvador to get away from MS-13, according to his mother. But when they came to America, MS-13 was here as well and weren’t happy that he wanted to leave the gang. According to police, five gang members stabbed Chicas over 100 times before setting his body on fire.

The names of those accused of this horrible crime are Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, Jose Hernandez-Garcia, Christian Martinez-Ramirez, and Jose Ordonez-Zometa.

My Take

The President got some heat from the sensitive left last year for calling MS-13 gang members “animals.” It may no longer be acceptable in modern society to place such labels on people, but that doesn’t diminish the reality that this heinous act was inhumane in the extreme.

It’s okay to call them animals. I won’t judge.

The streets are as dangerous as they’ve ever been. There was a time starting in the mid-80s and continuing until a few years after 9/11 that it seemed we were making headway in the fight against gang violence. But over the last five or six years, the numbers are turning again towards a rise in gang violence. It’s not isolated to the “bad parts of town,” either.

There are two major reasons this trend seems to be happening. First, the aforementioned “sensitivity” being leveled on anyone, even those who demonstrate no sensitivity or appreciation for human life, has turned many Americans into weeping willows hoping for the best in people despite clear evidence a stronger hand is needed. Second, the rise of visibility of police shootings has made many in law enforcement gun shy… in some cases literally. Rather than fighting the crime, it seems the new mission is to contain it. This is present in areas like Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, among others.

Democrats have advanced their internal aversion to law and order to the point that potential candidate Joe Biden is being labeled “tough on crime” and somehow that’s being positioned as a negative to Democratic primary voters. NOQ Report will continue to highlight the absurdity of the left’s strange perspectives on crime, as part of our charter as a crowdfunded news outlet.

It’s imperative that we get the word out about these crimes. They don’t get the coverage they deserve from most in mainstream media because it runs contrary to their narrative that compassion is better than strength. It’s a joke.

Now more than ever, we need law enforcement to crack down on the crime that is rampant on the streets. As the left tries to neuter law enforcement, conservatives must stand behind them.

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