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Bret Baier goes after DNC for not allowing Fox News to host a debate



Fox News anchor Bret Baier joined Howard Kurtz on Sunday to discuss the DNC’s decision to exclude Fox News from their upcoming debate schedule for the primary election season. Their decision was based on the favorable leaning the network has towards President Trump as well as accusations that he influences their decisions.

“There is a point here at which you have to look at fairness. And I understand what the DNC is saying, but it’s really disappointing that they came to this conclusion considering the fact that after three years, three cycles rather, of really trying to get back Democratic debate – we’ve done them before – I thought this was the year,” Baier said.

My Take

There are plenty of people who are upset by this, claiming it as proof the Democrats have certain networks under their control and Fox News isn’t one of them. But to be fair, they have a point that Fox News has been favorable to the President since the last general election. That being the case, the other major networks have all been against the President in the same time period, so all’s fair in biased mainstream media I suppose.

Let them have their debates. Fox News doesn’t need them and could even position this as further evidence their bias is necessary based on the opposite bias so prominently stacked against Republicans at all other news channels.

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