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Brainwashed: 49.6% of Millennials and Gen Z want to live in a socialist country



Brainwashed 496 of Millennials and Gen Z want to live in a socialist country

It’s game over. All hope for the future has been lost. At least, that may be the knee-jerk reaction for some who learn that the youthful minds of America, those known as Millennials and Generation Z, are practically at 50% in their belief they want to live in a socialist country.

I call it a “belief” because those of us who’ve done our research and/or who have lived past the age of 40 clearly understand that embracing socialism and wanting to live in a socialist nation is pure lunacy. It’s hard to imagine a society so blessed as ours that has people wanting to remove those blessings by embracing the most failure-ridden type of government and economic policy the world has ever known. It’s as if they don’t see China, North Korea, or Venezuela at all.

Perhaps their thinking is that America is so great and so abundant in our riches that we can redistribute it all and everyone comes out on top other than the rich. That may be fine for them on the surface, but once you extend out the results and see the end after all the socialist dominoes fall, it’s clear to anyone with a living brain cell that such a notion is national suicide. You can’t operate in a way that generates prosperity for nearly anyone who wants it and then switch to a system that literally steals prosperity in an effort to make us all equally miserable.

But, apparently that’s the plan.

The usual suspects are all in play here as we search for who to blame for such absolutely backward thinking. The education system, particularly American universities, are leftist indoctrination centers. Most of mainstream media is pure progressive propaganda. Democrats are pushing their favorite vote-acquisition apparatus, the “everything’s free” button. Meanwhile, conservatives continue to fight for sanity in the midst of it all.

Those who support socialism willfully or unwittingly forgo their basic rights of choice. They hand over their will to the authoritarian powers of government and they expect the rest of us to do it with them. We must not. We will not. This is still America.

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