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Venezuela is in a state of utter chaos



Venezuela is in a state of utter chaos

Socialism is bad enough to bring a nation down, as once-rich Venezuela has learned in recent years. A contested presidency is arguably even worse as two men – Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido – claim to be the current leader of the nation. Throw in a blackout in the capital city and the result is utter chaos.

Now, people are dying.

My Take

This humanitarian crisis has gotten to the point that the United Nations needs to step in. Normally, I’m totally against the United Nations doing anything (including existing) but if there was ever a scenario in which the international governing body needed to exert every ounce of humanitarian juice it can muster, now is the time.

The United States wants to help and Guaido has welcomed it, but troops for Maduro are keeping us out. Meanwhile, Russia allegedly wants to help their pal Maduro, but they’re slow to get more than a military presence in the poverty-torn nation.

This is why it must be the United Nations. As a sovereign nation in turmoil, it is not the place of the United States to enter without a direct call for assistance from the leader. Even though we recognize Guaido as the leader, that status is contested internally and externally, so we cannot render assistance until they work out their internal political mess. The United Nations, on the other hand, has a mandate to do exactly that. Considering the chaos in the nation, now’s one of those very rare occasions when U.N. intervention is appropriate.

It’s unfortunate that the “leader” of Venezuela is more interested in maintaining his grip on power than helping the people he’s supposed to serve. They should be in our prayers and we must render assistance as soon as we’re allowed.

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