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What on Earth has gotten into the Democrat Party?



What on Earth has gotten into the Democrat Party

PT-109 was a U.S. Navy Patrol Torpedo Boat commanded by Lieutenant, Junior Grade John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the Solomon Islands in 1943. His heroics in the Pacific during World War II against the Empire of Japan are well-documented.

15 years after the end of that global conflict in which the United States and our allies decisively prevailed against the Axis Powers, after serving in the U.S. House of Representatives (1947-1953) and in the U.S. Senate (1953-1960), the 43 year-old scion of a wealthy Massachusetts family became our 35th president.

While JFK’s relationship with Marilyn Monroe has made headlines over the years, his patriotism has really never been impugned. I was in my early teens and in junior high school during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We won’t go into Bay of Pigs and other events here, but President Kennedy decisively stared down Russian Dictator Nikita Khrushchev.

There are many memorable quotes from perhaps our most eloquent speaker who ever sat at that big desk in the Oval Office. You can Google those if you’re interested.

I have spent a fair amount of time on President Kennedy as the first Democrat President that I personally remember. No one alive back then can ever forget the dark days following November 22, 1963. Perhaps another time we’ll look back more closely at JFK in retrospect.

My point here is that John Kennedy loved the United States of America and gave his life ~ quite literally ~ in the service of our country. Now we must turn to subsequent Democrat presidents to look at and contrast these leaders of the past to those who vie be POTUS 46.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was a corrupt politician from the Lone Star State. The Democrat Party had made him JFK’s running mate to balance the ticket between New England and Texas. To everybody’s shock, he was sworn in as president aboard Air Force One at Love Field.

LBJ went on and defeated Barry Goldwater of Arizona in a sensationalized election in 1964 to begin his own term in the Oval Office. Goldwater was successfully portrayed by the Democrat Party as a warmonger. The political ad of a little girl picking flowers as a nuke hit had a large role in the outcome of that election. Some such images stick with you for a lifetime.

President Lyndon Johnson is remembered for a number of things including Civil Rights Act and the Vietnam War. Both good issues for another time. But whatever else we may think about him more than a half century later, however wrongheaded his actions in Southeast Asia, he was trying to do his best for this country.

After the Watergate cover-up took down Republican President Richard Nixon during his second term in office, Gerald Ford was elevated into the presidency. Which brings us to James Earl Carter, Jr., peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia, U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former governor of his home state.

He is the last Democrat I will ever vote for. I won’t make that mistake again. Not ever.

Feeling disenchanted about the disingenuity and mendaciousness of Nixon and his minions and disappointed with the amiable but inept leadership of Ford, I was a veteran enrolled in college who was ready to give the soft-spoken gentleman from Georgia a chance.

From my perspective, he started well with the Camp David Accords between Egyptian Anwar Sadat and Israeli Menachem Begin. But it all went straight downhill after that.

I was actually in Georgia attending a professional class in November 1979 when Iran took our American diplomats hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. When the rescue attempt failed miserably, I kept waiting for Carter’s Plan B. It never came. He didn’t have one.

My first vote for president was by absentee ballot from Clark Air Base, Philippines for Richard Nixon in 1972. I was back in the Philippines on vacation during the presidential election in 1980. I listened on American Forces Radio as the results came in and Ronald Reagan was declared the winner.

Jimmy Carter’s travels to the Middle East decades after his presidency have greatly disillusioned one who had ever trusted him. His heart has never been with Israel but rather with our best ally’s enemies. So Carter showed a nick in the Democrat armor.

Let’s fast-forward through the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton. I remember hearing Democrat Senator Joe Biden in 1991 shortly after the first Persian Gulf War saying that he saw no way that President Bush would lose the next election. Really, Joe?

New 18-year-old first-time voters in the 2020 election were born while George W. Bush was president and after the terror attack of 9/11/2001. But many of us today still recall Monica and when her boyfriend said that it depends on what the definition of “is” is.

For the scope of this current look at former Democrat presidents, let it suffice to say that however ineffective the man from Hope, Arkansas was in dealing with Osama bin Laden and precluding events of 9/11, at least national security was taken seriously.

Bosnia and North Korea were not handled in an optimal manner. But nobody has really questioned that the incumbent president was doing what he considered the right course of action in each instance.

Moving ahead and saving Dubya for another topic, our 44th president Barack Obama, about whom I have already authored a recent article for NOQ Report, fundamentally transformed America as he had promised, i.e., threatened, to do. Which brings us to the crux of the issue today.

What on Earth has gotten into the Democrat Party? That is more than just a folksy way of posing the interrogative. There is more at play today than mere human politics, more than political corruption, more than unbridled ambitions, more than the quest for mortal power.

Before delving into the real source of the problem with the Democrat party today, let’s consider a few noteworthy examples of the prevailing political attitudes. Both incumbents and hopefuls have subscribed to these perverted objectives.

Our United States Constitution is no longer universally revered and unassailable. Interpretations of the original intent have always differed since the foundation of this nation. That’s where the U.S. Supreme Court plays a vital and indisputable role.

By design and in theory, the Judicial branch of government is apolitical. Yes, in my mind’s eye I can see your reaction to those words. But, that’s the way the Framers of the Constitution intended it and we will save that analytical excursion for another day. Anyway, Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. They do not campaign and face the voters for election to their lifetime tenure.

So what we are looking at here are members of the U.S. Congress, both Senate and House, and the man or woman who will serve as both President and Commander-in-Chief.

He or she will be elected on November 3, 2020 and inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

It’s not the time or place to analyze the myriad of Democrat hopefuls at this juncture. Rather, let’s look at the mindset that pervades the field.

Three decades after the demise of the Soviet Union with an old-style Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin striving to re-establish its international stature, Democrats in our own country appear not to have learned the lessons that brought down the Berlin Wall when we had a Republican president. From 77-year-old Bernie Sanders to 29-yo AOC, socialism has re-emerged as the agenda of the day. The young Congresswoman is too young to run today, but will be eligible in 2024 if her political party doesn’t cannibalize itself and implode before then.

Perhaps the best hot button issue that epitomizes the Democrats of our current day is border security. Virtually all those leading their party on Capitol Hill today have done a 180° turn, as a simple review of old YouTube videos will quickly reveal.

Those who try to penetrate our borders between official Ports of Entry are now described with faux passion, not as illegal aliens, but as undocumented immigrants. While feigning concern about foreign children at the border, all the while advocating infanticide of babies in the womb, Democrat demagogues are requisitioning new voters. If they thought any of these queue jumpers and hostiles would vote Republican, their tone would change tout de suite. National sovereignty is a concept they are totally unable to fathom.

I will give you just one prime example. Corporal Ronil Singh of the Newman, California Police Department immigrated legally to the United States. He was a Pacific Islander from Fiji in the South Pacific who had watched the TV show Cops from an early age and fulfilled his desire to come to his adopted country and serve in law enforcement.

A few hours after spending Christmas with his wife and young child, Corporal Singh was slain during a late night car stop by an illegal alien. This was impossible for the Democrat open border advocates to deal with. They simply didn’t know what to say. Despite being repeatedly asked for comment, they said nothing.

Their silence shows that their heart is not with those who love America and come here the right way. Their heart really isn’t even with those who try to come here the wrong way. The evil in their heart simply promotes their own selfish ambitions and doesn’t care what happens to anybody else.

This brings us to the point where we answer our original question: What on Earth has gotten into the Democrat Party? The answer is that it isn’t just something here on Earth that has polluted their heart.

Ephesians 6

11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The very soul of America is at stake. Unrepentant socialists and Sharia advocates now “serve” in the U.S. Congress. The moral fabric of our society is in shreds. We are ill-prepared to stand united against all enemies both domestic and foreign.

Those who would turn our shining city set on a hill into a banana republic are already gaining ascendancy to seats of power. Today they reign on Capitol Hill and in many State Capitols.

Tomorrow they may sit where our 40th President Ronald Reagan once sat. Then these words will come back to haunt us:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

That includes women. That includes children. That includes each and every one of us ~ both those who conserve our American traditions and those who do not. Whether we like it or not, our national destiny as Republicans and as Democrats is intertwined and inseparable.

Are we still the United States of America?

Is the nation ready to revive the American Conservative Movement?


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It’s official: Sen. Mike Lee has come out of the closet



Its official Sen Mike Lee has come out of the closet

In the Age of Trump, where Trumpservatism has replaced conservatism within the Republican party, many of those once heralded for their “strident” defense of conservative values have come out of the closet — politically speaking — to publicly admit their same-politics attraction to the Far-Left.

One such “conservative” is Gutless On Principles Hall of Shame enshrinee, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).

Over the past two years, Lee has developed a political infatuation with Ivanka Trump’s socialist feminist agenda and has worked to advance many of the same policies promoted by Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign.

Lee, along with Marco Rubio, were same-politics partners with Daddy’s precious to “help” working families by using so-called tax reform to increase their dependency on the federal government via the tax code.

A few months ago (Nov 2018), Lee was same-politics partners with Ivanka and Van Jones — yes, THAT Van Jones — to promote and eventually pass the First-Step Act, a law that Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz said gave drug traffickers and gun felons early release from prison, emasculated police and prosecutors, and made America less safe.

This brings us to Lee’s most recent out-of-the-closet moment.

In his 2018 State of the Union, Trump pushed a big-government agenda even Barack Obama would love, and his wish-list of progressive priorities included Hillary’s and Ivanka’s paid family leave. Following the SOTU, Lee, Rubio and Ivanka engaged in another political affaire de coeur to create a so-called “budget neutral” scheme that would allow individuals to borrow from their future Social Security benefits in order to take several paid weeks off work for the birth or adoption of a child.

Though temporarily put on the back burner until after the 2018 mid-terms, Trump again promoted paid family leave in his recent SOTU. And just as before, Mike Lee got to work to make it happen, this time with a new same-politics partner, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Known as the CRADLE Act (Child Rearing and Development Leave Empowerment Act), Lee and Ernst have proposed a plan that will allow America to “catch up with other countries” by creating a cradle-to-grave welfare state sure to bring a smile to Ivanka’s face.

Conservatives know that creating a new entitlement is a bad idea for a host of reasons. But when you add the U.S. debt crisis, the unfunded liabilities of $123 trillion dollars and growing already on the books for entitlements, and the fact that Social Security is projected to be bankrupt in 15 years, Lee’s socialist-friendly proposal is epitome of out-of-control big government.

Mike Lee has officially come out of the closet to declare his same-politics attraction to the Far-Left. Meanwhile, the search for a “straight” conservative in Washington continues.

Originally posted on


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook.

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Why free speech is so hated by college students



Why free speech is so hated by college students

You’ve heard the stories. Free speech isn’t actually a thing on college campuses around the country. There seems to be certain types of protected speech, such as anything that embraces the leftist narrative of these progressive indoctrination centers, but any views that are considered to be too conservative for the delicate eyes or ears of college students are quickly stifled.

But it’s not just the administrators, professors, and other far-left employees of the colleges. The students themselves are opting out of free speech willingly. Sure, they’d probably complain if anyone intruded on their rights to espouse hyper-leftist ideologies or spew out progressive talking points, but that won’t happen. Why? Because those who may be opposed to their ideas are the same people who embrace limited government, free speech, and our rights as Americans. Therefore, the people who have an incentive to quash leftist notions are the very people who are against quashing anyone’s notions at all.

It’s a conundrum for conservatives because the same courtesy is not paid to them. Free speech (or any of our rights, for that matter) is neither appreciated nor sacred to leftists. So we’re stuck trying to protect our own rights to free speech while defending the left’s rights to the same. Meanwhile, they don’t have to defend their right to free speech because nobody’s trying to deny them of this right, but they’re busy trying to prevent any conservative ideas from seeping through to the collective conscious of their precious university environment.

This video by Campus Reform shows leftist students doing everything they can to prevent conservative ideas from being seen, let alone appreciated. This is important to them to stop ideas from being observed and potentially discussed, but they believe the reason they do it is to stop “hate speech.” The definition of “hate speech” on college campuses throughout America has become anything that’s contrary to their own progressive philosophy. Therein lies the real reason free speech is so hated.

We appreciate everything Campus Reform and their parent organization does. We strive to deliver strong conservative perspectives for college students as well, which is why we remain a crowdfunded publication powered by donations of our readers. The only way to stop the censorship of conservative ideas on college campuses is to continue to spread the word. We have reality on our side, so the more we push the message, the easier it will be to break through their indoctrinated defense shields.

The bottom line for college leftists is deep down, they realize their arguments are wrong. Their only defense against thoughtful conservative perspectives is to prevent as many people as possible from hearing them. Why? Because they have no defense against the truth.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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Liberty Daily: The Conservative, Christian alternative to Drudge Report



Liberty Daily The Conservative Christian alternative to Drudge Report

I’m old enough to remember when the Drudge Report was the place to find some of the most important links on the internet. The site, which started before America Online became AOL, has been credited over the last couple of decades with breaking news so fast as to put mainstream media outlets to shame. But that was then. This is now.

For a while, perhaps three or four years, the conservative stalwart of news aggregators has been showing a bit too much of its left-of-conservative leanings. That’s not to say owner and operator Matt Drudge is a leftist, but he’s more of an anti-Democrat than a true conservative. There’s nothing wrong with that if there were no other issues, but there are three other things that often leave me (and other conservatives, I’m sure) scratching my head.

  • First, the site rails against leftist mainstream media sites like WaPo, NY Times, and CNN, but continues to link to them profusely. I wrote a public letter once asking him to stop linking to fake news media, but it was ignored.
  • Second, readers must sift through offbeat stories to get to the conservative news pieces. We’re just as likely to see a story from TMZ about Paris Jackson as we are to see a link about border security on Breitbart.
  • Lastly, the only Christian news published is bad news. Christian persecution around the world gets widely ignored on Drudge, but if a pastor gets caught in a scandal, it’s plastered on the site with multiple links.

The alternative I strongly recommend is The Liberty Daily. It’s pro-conservative, pro-Christian, and absolutely fearless. I had the pleasure to talk to long-time friend and co-owner of the site, Matthew Burke. He owns and operates the site with his wife, Jennifer.

“My wife Jennifer and I started The Liberty Daily in 2015 as a conservative alternative to Drudge, which I felt needed some competition,” he said. “I was frustrated by the amount of traffic he was driving to left-wing publications like the New York Times and Washington Post. Plus, he wasn’t doing anything to help conservatives in the culture wars which we’ve been getting clobbered on by the Left for decades.”

In case that sounded repetitive, please keep in mind I had written my complaints about Drudge before asking Burke, and he hadn’t seen my own perspectives before replying.

What I’ve found at The Liberty Daily is everything I believe conservatives and Christians need to know on daily basis in order to navigate through the treacherous waters of online media. There’a a dangerous combination of propaganda on the internet today. There’s the left-leaning news outlets who essentially act as the opposition communications board for Democrats. Then, there’s the pseudo-right with news outlets that purport to be right-leaning but invariably distort the conservative message, dumbing it down to being right-light. These are the same sites that love to pretend to be conservative but who justify John Kasich’s existence and who believe Mitt Romney is still the future of the Republican Party.

The Liberty Daily doesn’t mess with any of that. The Burkes understand conservative media because they’ve lived in it for years. My first occasion to learn of them was seeing Jennifer on Fox News representing their previous venture.

“We had another conservative site, Politistick, which was beginning to get tamped down by Facebook censorship and we both saw the writing on the wall,” Burke continued. “We needed to have a site that wasn’t dependent on social media like everybody else. Almost all traffic to The Liberty Daily is direct or from people who are fed up with Drudge, found the site, and tell their friends.”

It isn’t just about the need for more conservative media, as we discuss on a regular basis. NOQ Report is a crowdfunded site that relies on donations, so we enjoy some editorial freedom that other sites might not get. But even ad-supported sites can be bold if they’re willing to follow their conscience instead of focusing on click-bait. The Liberty Daily does it right:

“I don’t get caught up in trying to post links to stories that get the most clicks like most websites. I want to put up stories that are pro-Christian, pro-Constitution, Pro-America, anti-Communism and try to fight the evil forces that are trying to destroy America through the culture.” – Matthew Burke

The site, which started out around 50 views per month and continues to grow beyond its current level of 2 million visitors per month, has no problem calling things the way they should be seen. Unlike “polite” news aggregators and opinion sources, The Liberty Daily is bold with the way they present the news without going down the road of hysteria or hyperbole.

My last question for Burke was, “What does America need the most, in one sentence?” He didn’t need a sentence. He didn’t even need a phrase. He summed it up in one word. “Jesus.” That’s the type of people I want running The Liberty Daily.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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