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Glenn Beck explains his change of heart about President Trump



Time will tell if conservative commentator Glenn Beck will ever be able to reconcile with the die hard Trump supporters who claim he hurt the President before he was elected, but it’s unlikely he’ll ever reconcile with the #NeverTrump crowd after giving the President heaps of praise on Sean Hannity’s show last night. The former #CruzCrew leader returned to his old Fox News friend’s show to explain why he feared the Democrats so much.

As a former #NeverTrumper myself, I’ve had my fair share of criticism for showing an increasing amount of support for the President over the last year or so. But unlike Beck, I still see Trump as the lesser of two evils. He has been ineffective when it counted the most: Obamacare and the border fence. Those who blame Congress for these failures are quick to claim the tax cuts as firmly belonging to the President. This is inconsistent.

But where I agree wholeheartedly with Beck is in regards to the Democrats. They’ve gone from annoying to scary to terrifying over the last decade and their current iteration is worse than my wildest nightmares under President Obama.

Whether you love Trump, fear the Democrats, or both, you must come to the conclusion that we all need to do what we can to keep them out of office.

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