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Candace Owens: ‘If black people can’t figure out how to get an ID, we have a way bigger problem’ than voter suppression



As Blexit continues to ramp up with African-Americans leaving the Democratic Party in droves, conservative activist Candace Owens has been taking the message to the airwaves. After recently joining PragerU, Owens hit the ground running with shows that highlight many of the myths and lies that keep people of color attached to the party that keeps them down the most.

Recently, she had Hawk Newsome, the NYC chair for Black Lives Matter, on to discuss voter suppression and voter IDs. The talk walk contentious but respectful as they argued back and forth about whether or not having valid identification unfairly targeted African-Americans in an attempt to suppress their vote.

My Take

Owens is clearly correct on this issue. She said it was insulting to insinuate that black voters are less capable of getting a valid form of identification than white voters. She also noted that she didn’t know anyone who didn’t have an ID, though Newsome made it seem as if it were a very pressing issue, at least in New York City.

Our sovereignty as a nation is based in part on making certain only living, eligible United States citizens participate in our elections. To encourage others to participate is offensive, as Owens rightly noted. Check out the PragerU video.

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