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Foreign policy and the 2020 election in a polarized nation



Foreign policy and the 2020 election in a polarized nation

Sometimes Hawaii feels like 1959. Statehood and the rift for the soul of the people between Democrats and Republicans began. It was a very short conflict and the Democrats won convincingly. Republicans are still trying to regain footing.

Sometimes the United States of America feels like 1859. Few today remember President James Buchanan whose actions and inactions were conducive to the polarization of the nation. He was inaugurated 162 years ago yesterday on March 4, 1857. On this date in 1861, Abraham Lincoln who is now hailed by most as one of our greatest Presidents inherited a country that was coming apart at the seams.

In 2019, the two American major political parties don’t just seem to be on different wavelengths. It’s more like they’re on different planets. It’s not my purpose here to go into the causes or the solutions, but rather the impact on foreign policy.

On the domestic scene, GOP and Dems have a totally different vision of what this country is all about. At this point in time, people at both ends of the political spectrum are using the battle cry, “Let’s take our country back.”

I will admit to using that phrase myself during the term of our previous President. But I definitely just meant do it legally at the polls with one person one vote. Those who are out of power today including the losing candidate for President last time just don’t seem to be able to accept the fact that she lost.

Never mind electoral votes vs. popular votes. That’s a distraction. In 1876, President Rutherford B. Hayes won the electoral vote 185-184 while losing the popular vote to Samuel J. Tilden. Remember him?  Of course not.

19 years on, even the year 2000 Election from Hell between Bush and Gore is now before the birth date of next year’s new 18-year-old voters. In our current short-attention-span, historically-illiterate political culture, all the stuff from bygone eras is not in the public consciousness today.

There is no common vision on anything. Is the sky blue or is it red? In the past, the United States Constitution was the reference that settled arguments albeit it depending upon the interpretation thereof with the U.S. Supreme Court as the final arbiter.

This is not the place to go into each of the issues that divide us. Right to life. The sanctity of marriages capable of procreating. Social re-engineering of society. Much, much more.

The point in this current discussion of U.S. foreign policy is that we are ill-prepared to deal with the rest of the world when we are so internally incohesive. Do we need to present a peace plan to Israel and Palestinians? Do we have the foggiest notion how to bring people together who have diametrically opposed definitions of reality?

Right now, a lot of senior people inside the DC beltway are beating the war drums towards Venezuela. With just a little short of 200 countries in the world, how many of them have horrible dictatorships and oppression of the people?

In how many that have a long-honored tradition of free speech, are people being prosecuted and persecuted for criticizing Islam? Are we in this country on a moral pedestal to dictate or even lecture to the world about how they ought to live when two American Midwestern states just elected Sharia-advocate women to Congress, not to mention utterly unrepentant socialists both young and old?

My concern is not that the world needs to be a better place globally. Rather I’m perplexed that we have very serious issues that we need to sort out amongst ourselves before we start setting ourselves up as an example for others.

Getting back to Venezuela, if there are foreign missiles aimed at Miami or other parts of the United States, then we have no choice but to act decisively. But as long as it is an internal issue, no matter how reprehensible, of the Venezuelan people, we have no dog in that fight. I am old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis in which JFK stared down Nikita Khrushchev.

So Venezuela is a case where we can kibitz all we want from a proper distance, but we absolutely must not intervene militarily unless responding to a direct threat against our own country. But there are countries as well as non-state actors in the world who do threaten our own security.

On those, all our elected leaders, both Republican and Democrat, need to present a united front. I don’t anticipate this to magically happen anytime soon, but the consequences of our internal divisiveness may soon become apparent to one and all due to ineffectiveness on the world scene.

Let’s briefly look at five of the major countries that we need to keep a wary eye on, both short-term and in the long run, in ascending order of urgency:


In 2018, former President George W. Bush told Fox Business News, “When I looked into his eyes and saw his soul, Russia was broke. I mean, short-term broke. And ah, the price of oil goes up and Putin changed.” Vladimir Putin is the result of his many years with the notorious KGB. He was never a friend of the USA. But absolute power has totally gone to his head and turned him into an old Soviet-style tyrant.

In many ways, the Cold War has already returned. Russian planes are getting as close to the coast of Alaska as we will permit. Lately the Middle East Media Research Institute [MEMRI] has translated and posted to YouTube numerous videos of warmongering by Russian officials and even a choir singing about bombing America. Nobody in their right mind thinks that would be happening without Vlad’s express permission and oversight.

But the Cold War deterrent of Mutually Assured Destruction [MAD] still applies to Moscow and all its political satellites. For all their bellicose talk and belligerent actions, their own survival is tantamount in their strategic path forward as they seek world preeminence.


Turkey is a member of NATO and has long been considered an ally of the United States. During the first Cold War, the U.S. Air Force had security installations in Turkey that monitored activity across the border in the Soviet Union.

But Recep Tayyip Erdogan who previously was Turkish Prime Minister and is now Turkish President has plans to re-establish the Ottoman Empire with himself as Caliph. He only opposed ISIS because they were a competitor for this objective.

Pictures of embraces between former U.S. President Barack Obama and this Turkish tyrant are extremely troubling. However, President Donald Trump’s willingness to accept assurances during a personal phone call with Erdogan that Turkey would look out for our interests in Syria also set off alarm bells in those most knowledgeable about national security issues.

Turkey seeks domination over the Sunni Dar ul-Islam which is bringing it into direct conflict with the majority of the Arab world. Syria is caught in a real conundrum right now where the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

This deserves closer scrutiny in a future analysis.


Beijing now has a Communist dictator in the mold of Mao Tse Tung. Xi Jinping is rapidly building up his country’s military hardware and preparing for a potential confrontation.

While some Americans focus on trade and tariff issues, Chinese-deployed lasers are being used against American military pilots around Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

China’s presence at the Gwadar Sea Port in Pakistan is significant especially considering the volatility of Pakistan itself along with neighboring Iran and Afghanistan.

Beijing’s direct threat to Philippine-claimed islands and coral reefs in the Spratly Islands and South China Sea / West Philippine Sea were recently addressed when U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and assured Manila that the USA has their back in dealing with China.

China is also extending its hegemony into the independent nations and former U.S. territories in the Pacific Basin. The United States Indo-Pacific Command takes this very seriously and has enhanced American military presence in this vital part of the world in proximity to Hawaii. This will be looked at much more closely in a future article for NOQ Report.

North Korea

Actually, China and North Korea could possibly switch places in this ascending threat hierarchy. But, Kim Jong-Un, perhaps even more so than his father and grandfather before him, is really an unpredictable and unknown quantity.

I won’t go into the recent Trump-Kim Summits in Singapore and Hanoi. Enough is already being said about these two recent spectacles.

North Korea is ranked as the #1 persecutor of Christians in the entire world. Most of the worst countries are Muslim. But the dictator in Pyongyang imposes a cult of personality worship of himself.

Without going into all the heart-wrenching details how Christians are imprisoned and killed in the Hermit Kingdom, let’s just say it is not reasonable to trust the word of a man who presides over all this death and misery. Kim has had his own relatives blown to smithereens in spectacular gory executions.

His finger on the nuclear trigger is always an incredibly serious threat no matter what he promises to Western leaders in televised public events that just promote his own image of himself.


The reason for putting Iran as the #1 threat is that Mutually Assured Destruction absolutely does not apply to the Tehran regime. Au contraire, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, plus the titular officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps under General Qasem Soleimani, all actively seek and plan to bring about Earth’s final battle.

The apocalyptic Shia Islamic theocracy is working to summon back the 12th or Hidden Imam so the Mahdi will defeat and destroy all Iran’s enemies. The threats against Israel have moved beyond rhetoric and are already becoming kinetic. The United States is seen as an impediment to Iran’s world domination.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action initiated by Barack Obama just allowed Iran to accelerate their nuclear weapons capabilities. Once Iran has a nuke that is deliverable, it is totally warranted to believe they will use it against Israel.

The United States recently joined in the Juniper Cobra exercise in Israel. Open source public domain reports have indicated that activities may have occurred in the Jezreel Valley where Megiddo is located. You can look at Revelation 16:16 and the end times Battle of Armageddon in Christian eschatology.

The distinction is that Christians believe all this will be implemented by God in His own time. The Shia Muslim Regime in Tehran is acting upon their belief that they must set the circumstances to initiate their version of that cataclysmic conflict.

In Conclusion

Going back to our initial consideration of polarization in the United States as it determines the way the 2020 Presidential Campaign is being conducted, we see that there is far from consensus in our own country about the nature of the threat and the consequent responses thereto. In each of the five countries surveyed here today, essentially one man in each of them can initiate World War III unilaterally.

  • Putin
  • Erdogan
  • Xi
  • Kim
  • Khamenei

I am not prepared to add the name Trump to that list. First because I don’t believe he would seek it as the others may. Moreover because there are safeguards and checks and balances in the United States that prevent even an inadvertent first strike of World War III.

But being from Hawaii, I look at the Democrat field of candidates and consider the completely far-fetched notion that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, once criticized as too hawkish in the Middle East, is now running on an anti-war campaign. I look at her previous flip flops on family values matters as well as national security issues.

You would rightly be terrified to think that she could someday receive that 3 a.m. call in the White House residence. Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. If anything, she is vying to be somebody’s VP running mate to set herself up for the 2028 election. She’s only 37 years old now.

But the other Democrat contenders, including possibly even she who lost the 2016 election, would be equally dangerous if elected in 2020. The mainstream media will not ask the tough questions and hold these people who aspire to be President accountable to provide substantive answers to the threats we face both now and in the future.

NOQ Report provides a timely forum for fresh formulations of the issues. This is where you can come to receive information that is not readily available from media sources who are beholden to politicians. Here truth is the only criterion.


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1 Comment

  1. Sharon Mercer

    March 5, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    Tulsi Gabbard is exactly the person I want as President receiving that 3 a.m. call in the White House residence. She is calm, cool, and collected. She has a military background and has seen the costs of war firsthand. SHe puts the American people first!

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Culture and Religion

NZ Hate Preachers



NZ Hate Preachers

Having worked with Kiwis for many, many years, and having followed events in En Zed for the last three decades, I was just as shocked and horrified as anyone about the horrific massacre of Muslims at Friday prayers at their mosques in Christchurch on March 15, 2019.

You can see my three contemporaneous articles here:

My immediate reaction was that this was an extreme anomaly. I had followed reports for years about New Zealanders traveling to the Middle East to participate in Islamic jihad. I was also aware that authorities had been concerned that terrorist groups were setting up shop and recruiting from within New Zealand.

At that time, I recollected a very detailed article from some years ago documenting this situation even as I watched Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern don the hijab, join the Islamic call to prayer and declare that her entire country stood in solidarity with the followers of Islam.

Since then the so-called Christchurch Call has been issued seeking world governments to impose censorship of anyone who speaks candidly and objectively about the threat of terrorism in the name of Islam. We here in the United States are fortunate that President Trump has seen through the thinly veiled imposition of censorship and refused to let our country be seduced.

You can read the entire article entitled “Preachers of Hate” by Ian Wishart. The online archive indicates a date of January 1, 1970, but the actual publication date was March 30, 2007. The article can also be read in the Australian Edition here.

After the Christchurch attack two months ago, the point I remembered most distinctly 12 years after first reading this article was that American Imam Siraj Wahhaj was one of the foreign Islamic Preachers of Hate who had visited New Zealand in years past and who had helped influence Muslims living in that South Pacific country.

His son of the same name has been tied to suspected terrorist training compounds in New Mexico and Alabama recently which were allegedly training potential school shooters. Whether the elder Imam Siraj Wahhaj is acknowledged as a mentor or not, his political philosophy most definitely represents that of new U.S. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Following is the excerpt from the NZ Investigate Magazine article of March 30, 2007. FIANZ is the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.


Another Muslim scholar brought out to New Zealand in 2001 – just months before 9/11, was American convert Siraj Wahhaj, invited here by FIANZ. Wahhaj was once hailed as a “moderate” in the US, and became the first American Muslim to deliver the daily prayer in the US Congress, in 1991, as a recognition of his “moderate” views. But like Bilal Philips before him, Siraj Wahhaj was leading a double life: teacher’s pet moderate Muslim on the outside for the benefit of politicians and the media, die-hard radical extremist on the inside. Wikipedia records that Wahhaj was named by the US Department of Justice as another of several “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators in the attempt to blow up New York City monuments” including the World Trade Centre in 1993.

As Salon magazine reported on September 26, 2001, Wahhaj had a close relationship with an Islamic terrorist, the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman, inviting him to speak at Wahhaj’s Brooklyn mosque and even testifying as a character witness for Rahman in court.

Wahhaj, who like Philips slipped into New Zealand without opposition by the SIS, police or border security, is also quoted in Salon as calling the original Gulf War 1 – against Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait – “one of the most diabolical plots ever in the annals of history”, and “part of a larger plan, to destroy the greatest challenge to the Western world, and that’s Islam.”

Comparing the fall of Soviet Russia to the current crisis in the West, Wahhaj warned America too will be crushed unless it “accepts the Islamic agenda”.

Journalist Daniel Pipes, in The Danger Within, details a 1992 address Wahhaj gave to an audience of New Jersey Muslims.

“If only Muslims were more clever politically, he told his New Jersey listeners, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. ‘If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own Emir [leader] and give allegiance to him…Take my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us’.”

So that was Siraj Wahhaj’s agenda just a year after reading the opening prayer in the same US parliament he was hoping to overthrow, and he is welcomed as an esteemed speaker by moderate Muslims in New Zealand.

The website has compiled its own research on Wahhaj.

“There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend”

“Wahhaj extolled the joys of martyrdom in this Jihad website entry, ‘No one who dies and goes to Paradise is going to want to come back to this world, except a Martyr, a person who gave their life for Islam, for Allah, they will want to come back to the earth and die ten more times in the way of Allah, because of the great gifts Allah has given them in Paradise’

“Wahhaj often writes and speaks on the subject of martyrdom in Islam. Some of his works are entitled: ‘Are you ready to die?’ ‘The blessing of Death’ ‘The easy way to Paradise – how to get there’.

“In addition to martyrdom Wahhaj is a proponent of polygamy and has produced many tapes on the subject.”

While the latter topic might fit Labour Party policy in New Zealand, it is doubtful Wahhaj’s commitment to military jihad would.

For his part, Wahhaj has told American media they’ve misunderstood him, that “Islam is a religion of peace”, and that he really is a moderate.

We here at NOQ Report highly recommend that authorities both in the United States and in New Zealand revisit these allegations that were documented a dozen years ago. Right now our friends in Aotearoa are understandably still in shock.

But we need to prevent anyone, particularly Wellington and other national capitals, from taking what happened in Christchurch out of context. It is also our urgent mission to ensure that warnings of a potential counterattack by a geographically-dispersed ISIS or other Islamic terrorist group in retribution are not censored.

To PM Ardern, I would say, take a deep breath and step back from the erroneous presumptions you have made in the aftermath of Christchurch. The seeds of discontent have already been sewn and the roots of an Islamic Insurgency already exist in your country’s soil.

Call in your intelligence community and consult with your counterparts in the United States and other allied countries. Back off from the Christchurch Call and all attempts to impose censorship.

If you were paying attention to what happened in Sri Lanka, if you are watching what is happening in Nigeria, if you focus your gaze beyond your own island nation, you will realize that Muslims are not always victims as they were at Christchurch.

Don’t let one horrific and unforgivable atrocity distort your view of reality and warp your perspective on what you must do in the future to keep Kiwis of every religion and ethnicity safe from harm.

I would enjoin our American government to move beyond some of our own political squabbles and consider how those who pose a threat to our own domestic security may also have their tentacles around our good friends in New Zealand and other close allies.

Agencies investigating the terror compounds in New Mexico and Alabama might want to put somebody on a plane or at least have a video conference with your counterparts in New Zealand. What were Siraj Wahhaj and other Islamic Preachers of Hate doing and with whom were they doing it as documented in the article from 2007?

We at NOQ Report will continue to do our utmost to put together pieces of the puzzle as they become available from open sources. Stay tuned for further developments.


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Foreign Affairs

Thanks to Trump, Americans still have free speech



Thanks to Trump Americans still have free speech

In spite of what mainstream media says, Trump’s rejection of the “Christchurch Call” may spare Americans from the Orwellian censorship other Western countries have pledged their allegiance to

Using tragedies to push political agendas is nothing new.

While people are still reeling from some disaster, before they are thinking rationally again is the best time for the shrewd-minded to take advantage of the situation. These cunning individuals cite prevention of another catastrophe in order to pressure those soft hearts – yet to come down from the shock of recent horrific events – into taking rash, impulsive, immediate action.

This is exactly what happened on May 15, when several nations and big tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft, signed a pledge written up in response to the Christchurch mosque massacre which was live-streamed by the shooter on Facebook.

The “Christchurch Call To Action,” which can be read in its entirety here, outlined efforts to be taken in order “to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online,” including “strengthening the resilience and inclusiveness of our societies” and encouraging media to “apply ethical standards when depicting terrorist events online.”

Among the countries who signed the call were Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the European Commission, Japan, Senegal, Jordan, India, and Indonesia.

But not America.

President Trump saw through the guise of humanitarianism that the Christchurch Call hid behind and refused to get on board.

In a statement regarding the president’s decision not to sign the Call, the White House claimed,

”We continue to be proactive in our efforts to counter terrorist content online while also continuing to respect freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Further, we maintain that the best tool to defeat terrorist speech is productive speech, and thus we emphasize the importance of promoting credible, alternative narratives as the primary means by which we can defeat terrorist messaging.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump has received a lot of backlash from mainstream media accusing him of being a “white supremacist bigot” contributing to “hate” for not signing the Call, but in reality, Trump was wise to stand against the crowd on this one.

The Christchurch Call is framed as a means for combating terrorism, but the vague terms sprinkled throughout the reactionary document like “inclusiveness” and “ethical standards” leave too much open to interpretation. Such loosely defined words make plenty of room for government censorship of any dissenting opinions on the Internet.

Other western countries are already sliding down the slippery slope towards an Orwellian future.

Just after the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand criminalized the video of the assailant’s livestream and his manifesto. Now, several citizens of New Zealand have been arrested and are facing up to 14 years of imprisonment just for sharing the video.

Some New Zealanders have also reported receiving visits from local police, who asked questions regarding their political views, such as if they liked Trump or not.

In Scotland, a man was fined £800 for making this video in the spirit of comedy:

Several U.K. citizens have been arrested, fined, or had the police visit them for criticizing Islam on social media.

While Americans like Alex Jones have questionably been banned from platforms like Facebook and Youtube, this is the worst it gets in the United States.

In America, government involvement in silencing online political dissidents through arrests and fines is unheard of. In declining to sign the Christchurch Call, Trump made a statement displaying his commitment to preserving his people’s right to voice their opinions, no matter how controversial.

While the Trump administration still stands, America will remain the land of freedom of speech.


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Trump hits Biden on China connections



Trump hits Biden on China connections

One thing has been made clear by recent events as they pertain to China: They are dying for someone to beat President Trump next November. In many ways, they’re banking on it.

This should make every American, including Democrats, concerned because even more than Russia, China has the capabilities to get in and change the hearts and minds of Americans, hack the 2020 election, and set in motion events that will benefit them. We’re talking about a country with nearly unlimited resources when it comes to cyberwarfare and social engineering. If Russia was ever a real concern to Washington DC, China is the true 800-lb gorilla in the political influence room.

The President called out former Vice President Joe Biden for his and his family’s involvement in China. Speaking to Steve Hilton on the Fox News show, The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, the President pointed to alarming facts about the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

The threat from China is far greater than that from Russia, both economically as well as geopolitically. They have been a stirring giant for years. For the 2020 election, their stirring may turn into game-changing action if we’re not watchful.

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