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The border is exploding and it’s only going to get worse from here



The border is exploding and its only going to get worse from here

The new surge at the border is here with a 97% increase in apprehensions year over year. Five months into fiscal year 2019, we’ve already exceeded the total number from 2018. Border patrol agents are disheartened. Illegal immigrants from Central America are emboldened. And it’s only going to get worse from here.

WATCH: U.S. Border Patrol Offers Staggering Numbers Regarding Illegal Immigrants Hastings, chief of operations at Border Control headquarters, stated that in February, U.S. Border Patrol executed over 66,000 apprehensions; since October there have been over 268,000 apprehensions, a 97% increase over the previous fiscal year to that point. Hastings noted that some people said there were comparable numbers in the past, but Hastings pointed out that the demographics are different now, as in the past the immigrants were primarily from Mexico, and thus returning them was not as difficult, while presently the bulk of immigrants are coming from what he called the “northern triangle” of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

I’ll admit I’ve been back and forth in regards to using a national emergency to fund the border wall. I found it disingenuous that the President would sign eleven spending bills without border wall funding, only getting “tough” on it after Democrats won control of the House. But the problem is still there and if this is the path to make the wall happen, so be it. I’m not alone among Republicans for feeling this way, but I also know the perspectives of people like our EIC are just as correct.

Fine, the GOP messed up. But the problem is still there and it’s not going to get any better until we have a wall. In fact, border patrol believes it’s going to get worse in the coming months as weather makes it easier for illegal immigrant families to cross once the bitter cold subsides.

This is not the time to assign blame. Yes, the GOP is at fault for not using their power, but the Democrats have done everything they can to obstruct before and after they held the House. The Senate in particular was always going to be a roadblock for the President to overcome if he wanted wall funding without giving away too much in exchange.

In retrospect, he probably should have negotiated a deal back then or done the national emergency if a deal couldn’t be reached. Waiting until now is one of the reason we’re seeing this surge in the first place.

Democrats are getting their wish. The borders are wide open. We can argue all day about whether or not the national emergency declaration is good. Meanwhile, the border are still wide open. Debate is fine, but in the meantime, let’s build the wall. Now.


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