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Capitalism vs. Socialism



Two videos compare Economic Liberty to Socialistic Slavery with the logical comparison coming out just as expected.

One of the benefits – aside from sheer entertainment value – of having certain socialists as prominent celebrities is that we are finally having debates over which is the better system: Economic Liberty or Socialistic Slavery. The latest PragerU video conducts a direct comparison between the two systems, destroying a few Leftist mythologies along the way such as that the Scandinavian countries are socialist. The presenter makes that point that the Economic Liberty of the free enterprise system places the people in control. While that control under a system of socialistic slavery is in the hands of the power elite.

Mark Levin also made the point on why centrally controlled economies always control people in a recent radio commentary.

The results of this open debate haven’t been favorable to the national socialist Left with a recent poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal:

And regarding socialism, just 18 percent of all Americans say they view the term positively, versus 50 percent who see it in a negative light.

The numbers for capitalism are almost the exact opposite: 50 percent positive, 19 percent negative.

Note the use of the term Economic Liberty instead of the pejorative Capitalism

Please take note that we on the Pro-Liberty Right will only accept those descriptive words for ourselves that make logical sense. We work to conserve Liberty, thus we are Conservative, and regardless of what the Left would make of the term. We also reject the pejorative ‘Capitalism’ with it’s negative connotations from the Socialist-Left. Instead, we will use the term Economic Liberty or Free Enterprise.

Similarly, it is our belief that we need to push back on the ‘Overton window’ with regard to the words used to label collectivism. As hard it is to believe, there are those who have the mistaken notion that socialism means being ‘social’ or involves ‘social media’ or some other such nonsense in a modern context given that the word is almost 200 years old. The plain fact is that forcible redistributional precepts of socialism or any of its aliases lay claim to the labor of the people, making this fraudulent ideology a form of slavery, thus we use the term Socialistic slavery.

Ben Shapiro eviscerates socialism in the second video

The second video published a few months ago unleashes Pro-Liberty Pit Bull Ben Shapiro on socialism with the predictable results:

The Takeaway

It has been a very curious few years for the parallel issues of gun confiscation and socialistic slavery. They were hidden beneath the surface accompanied by abject denials of their existence, while Influencing Leftist policy initiatives without being referenced openly.

Then the mask dropped almost overnight and leftists everywhere admitted to their obvious existence. Now with these ideological abominations out in the open, they can be debated and decimated as they should have been decades ago. As is the case with these two videos, which was probably why the left kept them under wraps in the first place.


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