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From Barry to Barack: A Hawaii perspective



From Barry to Barack A Hawaii perspective

Our 44th President of these United States of America was born here in Hawaii. As far as I’m concerned, there really is little if any doubt about that. But, that leaves us with the issue of why he went to such time and expense to cover up his certificate of live birth.

On August 4, 1961, Stanley Ann Dunham gave birth to a male child at Kapi`olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, now known as Kapi`olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was given the name Barack Hussein Obama II after her husband, a foreign student from Kenya.

But, only the actual birth certificate would reveal whose name appears as the father of the child. Few have seen that birth certificate tightly held by the Hawaii Department of Health. The Hawaii Health Department official who verified the authenticity of certified copies of the birth certificate died in a small plane crash a couple years after doing so off the Island of Moloka`i.

I may actually have been one of the first people to call the Hawaii Department of Health back in 2007 when I first learned that U.S. Senator from Illinois Barack Obama who was running for President had been born here in Hawaii, a fact I had not previously heard about. The Hawaii Health Department official with whom I spoke on the phone politely told me that information could be released only to members of his family.

This is most definitely not a so-called “birther” article. As we move on to other circumstances in the early life of of our 44th President, just keep this birth certificate issue in the back of your mind and we will revisit it later.

After breaking up with Barack Hussein Obama, Stanley Ann Dunham wed her second husband Lolo Soetoro of Indonesia in 1965. Two years later, she took young Barry as he was called then to live with them in Jakarta.

Digressing just a bit, let’s just note that Ann Dunham stopped using her given first name which she apparently had imposed upon her by her father Stanley Dunham who hoped she would be a boy. Young Barry later began using his legal name Barack, but more about that later.

While living in Jakarta, elementary school-age Barry Soetoro was considered Muslim as Islam was the religion of his stepfather and children were considered to be the same religion as their male parent. While there, he was attended to by his transgender nanny. This disparity of value systems stayed with young Barry after he left Indonesia.

His Jakarta experience obviously is also the source of his later-in-life assertion that the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth. His affinities for the Islamic world were always readily apparent.

In 1971, Ann Dunham brought young Barry back to Hawaii where he lived with his grandparents Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, with most of his youth spent at the 12-story Punahou Circle Apartments at 1617 S. Beretania St. in the Makiki District of Honolulu. This is about a mile south of the square building that is the Hawaii State Capitol.

I’ve been by that area many times and it is not a quiet residential neighborhood. Directly across the busy, well-trafficked street is the historic Central Union Church, which I have personally been to twice, the first for a wedding and the last for a funeral. The latter occasion was more than a decade before our 44th President took office and nobody here back then really had heard of the Honolulu native who later attained that pinnacle of American politics.

From the apartment where Barry stayed with his white grandparents, he was only a couple blocks from the hospital where he was born and another short walking distance beyond that to the prestigious and extremely expensive Punahou School where he was enrolled.

Meanwhile his mother Ann Dunham continued to pursue her career in cultural anthropology in far-flung locales such as Indonesia and Pakistan. Ann Dunham died at the young age of 52 in 1995.

So, Barry’s adult guardianship during his years in Hawaii was provided by his grandparents Stanley and Madelyn. Stanley was close friends with an African-American man named Frank Marshall Davis. Young Barry spent a lot of time in the presence of Davis.

This is important on several levels. Frank Marshall Davis, who died in 1987, was the most essential ingredient in the formation of the man who was to leave Hawaii and pursue his ambitions far beyond these islands. Without delving too much into the background of our 44th President’s mentor, the influences included a Communist view of society, pornographic inclinations and drug usage. Obama has been open about his involvement in the Punahou choom gang. But he has not been as candid about the other things he learned at Frank Marshall Davis’s knee.

Apart from his political and social proclivities, Frank Marshall Davis’s influence over the young man was instrumental as well in his choice of leaving Hawaii for Chicago, where Davis himself had spent some of his younger years. It is also apparent that Davis was the main determinant of young Obama’s self-identity.

Living in the household of his white grandparents and being sent by them to a prestigious and expensive private school, Punahou, he realized that in multi-ethnic, multi-racial Hawaii, he was seen as an African American, not as a haole. When he went to Chicago, he became a community organizer. He sought to insert himself into identity politics.

At this point, remember how we began this discussion today with why such effort was made to prevent the release of the actual birth certificate from 1961. It very well may have to do with the name of the father. It was socially acceptable for Ann Dunham to marry Barack Hussein Obama and name her son after him.

When Neil Abercrombie, who had known both of our 44th President’s parents at University of Hawaii, was elected Governor of Hawaii in 2010, he soon thereafter indicated that he was amenable to releasing the birth certificate publicly. It didn’t take long before he withdrew that suggestion.

Perhaps some may consider it a moot point now that the 22nd Amendment has limited the person on that birth certificate to two terms as President of the United States. But, it does appear most likely that he was a natural born citizen of the United States, born in this country to a U.S. citizen mother.

Perhaps more important and something that has never really been examined closely is whether young Barry Soetoro ever relinquished his U.S. citizenship while living in Jakarta with an Indonesian stepfather. Has anyone ever really reviewed college records to determine whether he ever received tuition assistance as a foreign student?

After moving from Occidental College in Los Angeles to Columbia University in New York, in 1981 young Obama made a 3-week trip with his college roommate to his friend’s home country ~ Pakistan. This is important to look at [though it has not been truly explored to date], for several reasons, one of which is whether he may have used an Indonesian passport when it was precarious for a U.S. citizen to travel to that area in Southwest Asia.

After visiting his mother in Indonesia, he traveled on to Pakistan and stayed in places such as Karachi & Hyderabad. Remember that the Russians had invaded neighboring Afghanistan two years earlier and the whole area was in turmoil then as it is now but for somewhat different reasons.

Vying for the Democrat nomination in 2008, he sought to boost his foreign policy credentials vis-á-vis both Hillary Clinton and John McCain by boasting that having visited Pakistan, he knew the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam even before becoming a member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Pakistan at the time of Obama’s visit in 1981 was under martial law. It was a base of the Islamic Jihad against the Russian invaders of Afghanistan. Many young African-Americans who were fascinated with the Jihad found their way to Pakistan.

Consideration will be left for some other time regarding Obama’s order to kill Osama bin Laden, his lack of response in Benghazi and his fascination for mosques in such far-flung locales as his childhood Indonesia, in Malaysia and in Turkey.

Very few analyses these days present information that has not previously been considered. Now we shall look at one rather intriguing situation that may be coincidence ~ or not. If coincidence, the odds of its occurrence would be absolutely astronomical.

The Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the holiest spot in Islam. Muslims all over the world bow in that direction when they pray to Allah.

Nearly two years ago, I read somewhere that Mecca is located at 21° North Latitude. My first thought was that so is Honolulu, Hawaii. So I did a little research using a GPS program.

I found that the Kaaba is precisely at 21.4225° N Lat, so I looked at O`ahu to see where that exact line would run across this island, thinking particularly of my own residence which I won’t specify the location of here. But as I looked across the island of O`ahu from east to west, I saw that precise latitude runs through the community of Kailua on the windward side.

I was actually stunned as I zoomed in and saw that 21.4225° N Lat is right at the vacation rental ~ 53 Kailuana Place in Kailua ~ in which Barack Obama stayed during his visits home to Hawaii. The exact spot is at the corner of the beach right by the rental property. He has also stayed nearby with access to the same beach. This data has been verified and reverified numerous times, including today.

Wrapping it up then, we see that the young man who went by the name Barry Soetoro and then Barry Obama, when he went on to a political future in Chicago and married Michelle, reverted to his birth name of Barack Obama. The metamorphosis from adolescent to adult is epitomized in this choice.

The man who vowed to ~ and in fact did ~ fundamentally change the United States of America owes much of his worldview and his consequent agenda to his early years in Hawaii and Indonesia. Both the family members and the mentor that he spent his formative years with greatly influenced the President and Commander-in-Chief that he would become.

I often wonder whether he is even aware that his Hawaii vacation home is at the precise latitude of the Kaaba in Mecca. He probably is not. There’s no indication, certainly no proof, that this was a conscious decision on his part.

But what are the chances of such a coincidence? Hawaii folks love to visit Las Vegas where gambling is legal as it is not here. I’m not really a betting man, but what would be the odds against the President of the United States who had early Islamic influences staying in a house in a direct line to Mecca?

The natural-born requirement which the Framers of the United States Constitution applied to all who will serve as President was to ensure his or her sole allegiance to this country and none other. Complying with that criterion but considering oneself a citizen of the world who does not believe in American exceptionalism was an anomaly to be avoided in the future. That’s why these issues are still important even though we now have a new incumbent with totally separate issues.

The young man known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and Barry Obama in Hawaii became 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. He was influenced by a myriad of factors during his formative years which we have  briefly considered here. A much deeper exploration of his Hawaii nexus needs to be undertaken for the sake of history as well as to serve as a lesson that we must better vet our future leaders.


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If only one Democrat, mainstream media shill, or Hollywood snowflake admitted they were wrong about Mueller…



If only one Democrat mainstream media shill or Hollywood snowflake admitted they were wrong about Mu

My nasty, terrible, awful secret is that deep down, I thought Donald Trump Jr. colluded with the Russians. I know what you’re thinking. “How did you fall for the media’s fake news?” As ashamed as I am of this revelation, I figured based on the information being circulated, it made sense that Don Jr. got a tip that could help his father and he likely acted on it.

Following the summary of Robert Mueller’s investigation report that claimed there was no collusion by the Trump campaign, I’m pleased to acknowledge that I was wrong. Of course, I’m not a Democrat, a mainstream media shill, or a Hollywood snowflake. I’m just an innocent conservative who fell for onslaught of “bombshell” reports.

I was wrong and I’m happy about that.

Now, try to find anyone in the opposition party in newsrooms, Hollywood, or the DNC who is willing to admit they were wrong this whole time. Anyone? ANYONE?

Here’s the thing. If there’s one thing that would help heal this nation’s divide, it would be the Democrats coming out and acknowledging they made a huge mistake following faulty reports and wishful thinking that led them to believe in something that simply wasn’t there. Aren’t the Democrats about uniting the nation? Aren’t they the ones always saying the nation’s divided and it needs to be fixed?

I’m one of those people who likes many of the things the President is doing while not liking the way he’s doing it. But I’m also the type of person who can acknowledge when I was misled, and after falling for the witch hunt hoax of the century, I have no problem doing so now.

Therefore, I call on those who helped spread the Russian-Trump collusion narrative to publicly admit they were spreading the rumors from their own echo chamber and turning it into what they would consider to be news. If they can do that, I’ll actually regain a smidgen of respect for them.

It’s hard to admit when you’re wrong. I get it. But the nation is truly divided and the Russian-collusion fake news witch hunt hoax is the primary culprit of the last two years. Grow some integrity and acknowledge your errors, Democrats.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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Releasing the full Mueller report would destroy the Democratic Party for 2020 if it’s clean



Releasing the full Mueller report would destroy the Democratic Party for 2020 if its clean

Let’s play the hypothetical game. Now that Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Robert Mueller’s Russian election hacking report has indicated the President and his campaign did not collude with the Russians, the only thing the left can do is hope for a release of the full report. In it, they hope to find evidence that there really was collusion and possibly obstruction of justice, but not enough evidence to indict anyone on it. In the court of public opinion, it may be enough to win the 2020 election.

But what if there’s nothing? What if the Mueller report makes it even more clear than AG Barr’s conclusion that collusion didn’t occur? In that scenario, releasing the report would give the GOP every ounce of ammunition they need to sink the Democratic Party for the foreseeable future.

Imagine all the soundbites and Tweets of Democrats, media shills, and Hollywood activists over the last 22 months declaring with a certainty that the investigation was necessary, that it would yield fruit, and that it wasn’t a witch hunt. Now, imagine a Republican Party that was actually savvy when it comes to winning elections. I know it’s difficult to picture based on RNC’s campaign illiteracy, but try your hardest to picture effectiveness in campaign messaging by the GOP. Such a scenario would put dozens of Democrats across the nation in jeopardy based solely on the gigantic waste of time, energy, and personal investment.

They promised us they were going to take down the President and prove he stole the 2016 election. They banked on the notion that the only reason Hillary Clinton lost is because Donald Trump cheated. They screamed through tears of desperation in trying to protect Mueller because they assumed the President would fire him. When none of those things panned out, they revealed their attempts to rally the people for a righteous cause were actually manifestations of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Can you imagine all that? Good. Now, let’s look at the reality of the situation.

If the report is not released soon, it’s very likely there are things in there that the President doesn’t want made public. There would be no other reason to keep it sealed, especially after declaring that it should be released. The shadow of the report is going to grow much bigger than the meat of the report itself. The left is already playing like the Barr summary was just a smokescreen so the administration could keep the report sealed without getting backlash.

On the other hand, holding the report back for a little while could be the 4D chess we always hear about in regards to the President’s campaign strategies. If he can get the left banking even more on the report as their smoking gun before releasing it to reveal a giant nothingburger, it may not just be a few dozen Democrats across the nation in sudden election jeopardy. It could be the end for literally hundreds of them.

Don’t assume if the report gets held from the public for a while that it has something bad in it. If it gets released in a month or two after every Democratic candidate screams for it, then the nothinburger will be a poison pill for their whole party.

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Culture and Religion

First they came for the gun owners….




First they came for the gun owners

…but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t own a gun.

One of the more infuriating aspects of the Left’s game of denying reality with their little ‘That wasn’t really socialism’ is that there are distinct parallels between their agenda and that of other socialist nations, past and present. They all have a similar process of imposing socialistic slavery with a specific national agenda. A key part being the deprivation of the means of self-defense to their citizens and those who posses these means.

Denying the right of self-defense is a fundamental aspect of socialism

It is a fact of history that gun confiscation is an integral part of implementing of a socialist national agenda. The USSR required the people to turn in their guns, as did the German national socialist worker’s party. As was Fidel Castro’s response in the question of whether the people should have guns as or the United Socialist Party of Venezuela confiscating guns from the people for their own safety, of course.

These have all taken place at the onset of socialistic slavery, but somehow the new version isn’t the same because reasons. Leftists aren’t really trying to set up a governmental monopoly on the use of force, they are just trying to protect the children* [ *unborn and under 9 months old excluded ]. Even though it has been proven time and again that their repression of Liberty does not work as advertised.

The liberty grabber left is now celebrating the destruction of basic civil liberties

Where this subject not so deadly serious, it would be comical to still witness leftists parroting the ‘No one is talking about gun confiscation’ or a variant thereof. Meanwhile they can scarcely contain themselves in the glee over New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seizing on their ‘serious crisis’ to confiscate guns with tweets looking to replicate the destruction of a basic human right in the states.

It is more than a coincidence that the tempo of the drum beat for liberty control has increased while the ideological fraud of socialism is being forced on the people. After a long winded piece gloating about leftist victories over liberty, an opinion piece in Bloomberg has even suggested that Chief Justice John Roberts seize on the serious crisis in New Zealand, using it to destroy this basic civil liberty.

Citizens turned into subjects with a change in the relationship between the people and the government

The genius of the founding fathers is that they recognized that down through history, people have had varying relationships with government. In most cases it was one of the government having a monopoly on the use of force. On occasion the people would challenge this monopoly and change the government, but only after an ensuing orgy of carnage and death.

The founders set forth a new paradigm, that of government by the consent of the people with a semblance of parity via a distributed ability to use force. The nation’s Socialist-Left would like to change or ‘reform’ that paradigm back to the old-fashioned version of the government being the sole purveyor of force. Please note that we are dispensing with the tired old line of the left that this is not what they want. They have made this quite clear over the past few years to the point that anyone that is informed of the issue recognizes that this is just another lie on their part.

“He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression.” – Thomas Paine

Relegating gun owners to 2nd class citizenship

Those of us who haven’t traded, sold or lost all of our guns in a boating accident are a persecuted class these days. The situation is much akin to a baseball pitching machine throwing fastballs over and over again without let-up. With all kinds of new laws being proposed at state and federal levels that range from invasive Intergalactic Background Checks, liability insurance requirements, gun registration and of course, gun confiscation SWATing legislation.

The destruction of basic civil liberties will only begin with gun owners

Every citizen of the nation is protected with basic Constitutional principles and civil rights including due process, the presumption of innocence and the right to face one’s accuser.

The gun owner has been excluded from these basic civil liberties in some states, and if the liberty grabbers had their way, such would be the case nationwide. With just the flimsiest insinuation of being ‘dangerous’ a gun owner [or those who are merely accused of being a gun owner] will be subjected to gun confiscation raid from the authorities.

This will be just the beginning of the ordeal – if they survive the SWAT team coming at 5:00 AM without warning. Our 2nd class citizen will have to prove they aren’t ‘dangerous’ after they have effectively found guilty in a star chamber. It will only be after spending thousands of dollars in legal fees that they may get their property back in less than stellar condition. The trend is to set gun owners below the legal status of accused criminals in the eyes of the justice system.

We’re just starting on the slippery slope

Fresh from their moves against the basic human right of self-preservation, the chief censor of the government of New Zealand has arbitrarily decided that certain ideas are beyond the pale, sparking a debate over free speech as reported by the Associated Press. This of course is another ongoing controversy in the states over the issue of political correctness and ‘Hate speech’. This shows that isn’t just about ‘military style assault weapons’ or whatever is the phrase at the moment, this is a question of liberty, something the people who use a similar sounding label used to pretend to support.

Make no mistake, the legislative mechanisms and regulations used to deprive gun owners of their commonsense human and civil rights will be used on others if they are allowed to stand. A civil liberties group in California made the point that one doesn’t have to be a gun owner to be subjected to gun confiscation SWATing. If they can go after the property of a gun owner in one instance, because they don’t like their attitude, what’s to stop them from going after a journalist or other type of activist? These orders only have to allege someone is dangerous with little evidence, much less proof that they own a gun. What’s to stop them from deciding free-speech is dangerous or ‘offensive’ necessitating that their computers or cell phones should be seized – at gunpoint no less?

The Takeaway

The whole point of the ‘first they came for’ series is that authoritarians rarely go after everyone at once. They are very careful in picking their targets for their oppression with the tactic of divide and conquer. Today it’s the people who own guns, tomorrow it will be those who don’t conform to the precepts of ‘political correctness’.

This is why President John F. Kennedy stated that: “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”

This is why everyone should be concerned at the headlong rush to denigrate the right of self-defense. And why everyone should be horrified that the government could even consider jettisoning the basic civil liberty of due process and the presumption of innocence. The loss of basic civil rights for some will mean the loss for everyone.

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