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John Bolton warns Venezuela about Juan Guaido’s safety



John Bolton warns Venezuela about Juan Guaidos safety

National Security Adviser John Bolton took to Twitter to make a not-so-veiled threat against disputed Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. As the prospects grow that U.S.-backed interim-President Juan Guaido will return soon to Venezuela, the White House virtually threatened Venezuela to insure his safety.

‘Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio, who has been very vocal about the happenings in Venezuela and our support of Guaido, also took to Twitter to threaten others associated with Maduro, including the Venezuelan military:

My Take

I’m not crazy at all about getting involved in any way in Venezuela’s political mess. The people definitely need our help and the contested president is at the heart of keeping his people from receiving the aid they need. But we’re still talking about a sovereign nation that should be allowed to handle their internal strife as they see fit until they request assistance.

We can’t be sure that Guaido didn’t ask for direct help from the United States, nor do we know for sure whether the U.S. government offered him help. But if he did and we did, then this threat from Bolton makes sense.

As long as we don’t get into nation building or sending in American troops to get involved in the internal dispute of this sovereign nation, any actions or even threats are valid and acceptable.


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