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Taking Hawaii seriously



Taking Hawaii seriously

Honolulu is 2,393 miles offshore from San Francisco. But that doesn’t stop Hawaii Democrats from trying to up the ante on every perverse policy coming out of the Bay Area. Geographically at 21° North Latitude and 158° West Longitude, in the tropical Pacific Basin, yet politically drifting ever farther away from the American heartland.

When I worked in our nation’s capital three decades ago, I once suggested that a subject matter expert well versed in a crucial and essential program be brought in from Hawaii. The reaction was that Virginia and Maryland are right next door, New York is just a short distance and even Miami is still on the eastern seaboard. No matter how good he or she might be, we ain’t never gonna bring somebody in from Hawaii for this.

Every four years on presidential election day, results are usually pretty much determined by the time Hawaii polls close at 6 p.m. local time which is 11 p.m. back east. Major news outlets usually call  national and local races in Hawaii  for the Democrat before waiting for the actual results. It’s a given supposition that a Democrat always wins here. No suspense. By the time a third printout comes out by 11 p.m. or so Hawaii time, the early bird media on the East Coast has already written their stories.

So, what’s it like living in a Democrat-controlled one-party state? How could the people of Hawaii elect a hateful person like Mazie Hirono to the U.S. Senate? What is the Republican Party doing and why don’t conservatives stand up and be counted?

These are all excellent questions and very pertinent. During the election campaign, Hawaii’s Junior Senator was running for re-election at the same time she was creating a national spectacle by insulting a respected jurist in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mazie looks with contempt on conservatives, Christians and males. Her condescension is obvious and her conduct in U.S. Senate hearings and on the floor of that august body reveals her litmus test that anyone who believes in the sanctity of preborn babies in the womb will never receive her vote for confirmation to any judgeship. That is her way of predetermining the outcome of future cases to transform America into her own distorted version which is far afield from that established by this nation’s Founders.

Many of us got questions in social media asking how could the 50th state possibly keep sending this misanthropic person to Congress. All we could do is say honestly that in a state with seven to eight times as many registered Democrats as Republicans, conservatives are severely limited in getting their message to the voters.

While this caught the attention of the public during the confirmation hearing, it’s a situation that we here in Hawaii have faced for many years in a state that is totally ensconced on the Democrat Plantation. One conservative candidate was told quite sincerely by a potential supporter that she had read his platform and very much agreed with it, and that she wished she could vote for him, but that she simply could not because he was a Republican. True story.

This is not a unique scenario. She was just more candid and forthright than most people who always vote a straight Democrat ticket regardless of whose name appears with a [D] after it.

Let’s continue to use Mazie as our negative example because her name is better known nationwide ~ or more correctly her televised antics are more notorious nationwide  ~ and also because there are so many easy to remember instances of her hyper-partisanship and lack of objectivity.

In her first campaign for U.S. Senate against Republican Linda Lingle who had somehow previously defeated her to become Hawaii’s only Republican Governor of this century, during the Senatorial debate, Mazie consistently looked right at Linda and referred to her as “my REPUBLICAN opponent”. The word “Republican” was enunciated with a disdain in Mazie’s voice that made it sound like a real pejorative.

Unfortunately, Mazie is not the only one who uses this tactic. She’s just more crude and more blatant and more skilled in doing so. Hawaii has an all-Democrat DC delegation and a Democrat Governor. In varying degrees, their partisanship is apparent to one and all, both their supporters and those who dare speak out in opposition. Each of those running for reelection in 2018 won easily in the general election.

I’ll save more about the other Hawaii Democrat officials for a later time. The real problem here in the islands is a very anemic minority party. The political death knell of Hawaii GOP has been proclaimed many times in many places in many ways by many liberal entities. Unfortunately, conservatives have to concur that we have been disenfranchised.

After the national Republican Party stabbed us in the back at the Convention in Cleveland in 2016, nobody in the local party stood up for us either. They are too busy infighting and vying among themselves for power and prestige and kissing up to the guy in the Oval Office who bears the stamp of their organization ~ at least at the moment, he does.

There are few if any prominent names that come to mind as potential rising stars in the Republican Party which barely exists in Hawaii or the conservative movement which does in name only. The truth is that there are many people in the State of Hawaii on all islands who maintain traditional family values, conservative fiscal practices, high morals and patriotism towards both State and Nation.

Somehow the Democrat Party has successfully branded the Republican Party as a throwback to the days of businessmen and missionaries from the U.S. mainland who sailed here during the Hawaiian Monarchy and exploited the indigenous people of Hawaii. The territorial days which ended upon statehood in 1959 have come to be relegated to the prehistoric past. Since then Democrats have controlled virtually all facets of life in Hawaii.

But this is not 1959. 2019 will be the 60th anniversary of the State of Hawaii. Today, Hawaii’s economy is not doing well. This is a very anti-business climate with over-taxation and over-regulation. Homelessness grew by 12% in 2018 and was already bad before that. Both locals and kamaaina alike are fleeing the high cost of living in Hawaii for a more affordable lifestyle in other states. The rail to nowhere is becoming a national disgrace and enormous financial burden.

It’s time for the good-hearted people of Hawaii to realize that it is a secret ballot they cast at the polling place and that they are accountable to their families, their children, their children’s children and not to the Hawaii Democrat Party! To succeed in Hawaii, we must reach the sensibilities of registered Democrats. There are simply not enough registered Republicans to change the misdirection.

We must simultaneously also work to rebrand the Republican Party as the one which truly cares about and represents ALL the people of Hawaii, not just special interest groups as do the Democrats. It won’t hurt if we will also choose Republican Party officials who will get off their okole and help recruit better candidates, help spread the conservative message and actually put candidates into office for a change. No more also-rans. No more token candidates. The Democrat monopoly must be broken up.

Even if I be a minority of one ~ which I am not ~ but actually am one of a very small minority who publicly stand for conservative principles ~ abandoning ship is simply not an option. Being a constructive critic of both political parties is the most reasonable path to take.

Common Sense Must Prevail Against All Odds!

Hawaii print media, broadcast media and online media are all very much in the pocket of the Democrat one-party machine. That’s why for us here in the 50th state, NOQ Report is an objective source whose time has come!


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Public Citizen

    March 2, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    You could exchange the word Hawaii with the word California and all the political descriptions would still be accurate.
    Until hate driven people like Hirono, Kamila Harris and others are thrown out of our Legislative Bodies For Cause, that being their Anti-Constitutional attitudes, and I would emphasize that their attitudes run completely against the Constitutional Principles that they swore an oath to uphold, our Republic will remain in peril, as will every Constitution Supporting Citizen.

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Culture and Religion

Speculation about ancient human skull in Israel points to unscientific method of modern science



Speculation about ancient human skull in Israel points to unscientific method of modern science

What does an ancient human skull found in a cave in Israel tell us about the past? It all depends on which perspective you take and whether you want to follow sound scientific practices or manipulated conclusions from circular reasoning.

Modern science can give us a tremendous view of the past. With nearly every discovery, we can see God’s work at play in molding the planets and the stars, the oceans and the lands, the people and the other wonderful creatures. Unfortunately, scientists often distort the findings to fit in with their secular worldview. A clear case of this comes to us from a study published four years ago in the scientific journal, Nature, titled Levantine cranium from Manot Cave (Israel) foreshadows the first European modern humans, that is still being erroneously taught today.

First, watch the way that it is being reported. Then, let’s discuss the conclusions.

This is an important discovery, one that clearly points to a Biblical worldview of the roots of man from the garden of Eden working its way from what is now Africa into what is now the Middle East. It jibes with the story of the great flood, stories from the life of Adam through Joshua, and a centralized end point of ancient man in the region along the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa up through modern day Turkey.

Of course, that’s not what the scientists doing the research concluded.

“The is the first evidence that shows that, indeed, there was a large wave of African migrants coming out of East Africa and inhabiting the Eastern Mediterranean region,” said Israel Hershkovitz of Tel Aviv University.

One of the biggest problems with modern science is that our society blindly accepts their conclusions. They know, right?

Proper scientific method that we all learn in high school tells us the conclusions of the research are completely unscientific. We know a few things that are truly observable:

  • Humans very likely started in Africa and Neanderthals were in the Middle East.
  • Humans and Neanderthals interbred to form the basis for Europeans. Today, everyone other than purely African people have at least a little Neanderthal DNA.
  • A human skull fragment was found in Israel.

Given this information, it is obtuse to draw the conclusion that this represents a large wave of African migrants inhabiting the Eastern Mediterranean region. One skull fragment does not tell us that there was a large migration. One skull fragment does not tell us that it was a migration at all. Modern science must establish hypotheses based upon observable facts, but it almost always extrapolates too much.

This wouldn’t be a bad thing if it extrapolated based upon the Bible. We are told the general story of everything that happened from creation through the rise of the Greeks within the Old Testament. Every scientific and archaeological discovery in the region supports this general story, but a culture that utilizes far more distant time frames to explain the discoveries has generated the faulty conclusions that scientists present to us today.

The evidence tells two different stories depending on the observer’s worldview. It’s unfortunate that most have pushed aside the obvious and verifiable conclusions in order to perpetuate the paradigm of secularism.

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With fall of the Islamic State’s last stronghold, the real war against them begins



With fall of the Islamic States last stronghold the real war against them begins

The Islamic State was always destined to fall in the way that it has. If they ever got big enough to demand a more direct response from the military forces of the world, that would have happened. Instead, they were only able to become a regional power that caused widespread chaos and despair before the various forces pitted against them were able to back them into the final corner.

That corner just fell.

Now the real war against them begins.

What most Americans don’t know is that the Islamic State was never really about military conquest for land. That was the focus for most, including many within the ranks of the failed militant organization, but those in the know have realized for years the real threat they pose is on the ideological front. While it’s a great thing that they’ve been eliminated militarily according to most reports, there’s an unfortunate effect this will have. The final stronghold falling will inspire the expansion of their other fronts, most notably the terrorist activities of the various groups loosely affiliated with the Islamic State around the world.

Cyberterrorism, physical terrorism, and persecution against non-Muslims in Islamic majority regions will increase. This has been anticipated for over a year now by members of law enforcement in the United States and possibly in other nations. Now that the end is finally here for their direct military wing, the other factions, groups, and lone wolves are suddenly much more dangerous.

I’m keeping this short to get to the point before losing too many people. Now is not the time for much celebration. Let’s pat each other on the back and then move on to the next phase of the battle, one that has been raging for some time but has been overshadowed by the military successes and recent failures. Now, they’ll become top priority. Lest we forget, most of the top leaders of the Islamic State are still out there and active.

Don’t let your guard down for a moment. Remain diligent. Look for signs, such as those that preceded the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Be mindful that with the ISIS military gone, other threats are only going to be elevated.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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Culture and Religion

Seriously, ‘eat mor chikin’ at Chick-fil-A



Seriously eat mor chikin at Chick-fil-A

A month doesn’t pass without some organization protesting Chick-fil-A to exclude them from participating in some program or even open restaurants in certain locations. This month’s version of Chick-fil-A hate was the last straw for Senator Ted Cruz (and me) as San Antonio’s city council has voted to prevent the fast food chain from operating at the airport.

Let’s call this what it is. Any individual, organization, or company that supports a Biblical worldview or donates to Judeo-Christian causes are considered to be anti-LGBTQ. The only ones who are not labeled as such are those who go out of their way to embrace the LGBTQ community and who promote such things as gay marriage. Faith-based institutions that prioritize modern day’s version of “tolerance” over the Bible’s teachings are often considered to be A-OK to the leaders of the LGBTQ community (as compared to the actual members of the community, most of whom are not involved in pushing the leadership’s agenda beyond believing marriage is not only between a man and a woman).

Chick-fil-A has done nothing to attack the LGBTQ community. They’ve always been stalwart defenders of equal rights and do not deserve the type of treatment they get from people like the six who voted against them in San Antonio’s city council. Yes, they donate to Christian causes. Yes, they let their employees off on Sunday except in those rare circumstances when they’re presence on Sunday is a blessing. Yes, ownership expresses a Biblical worldview. But such things shouldn’t earn them a place on the blacklist.

Nevertheless, they are, and it’s time for patriotic Americans to commit to a sustained campaign in support of this company which has become a symbol as a primary victim of the left’s contempt and discrimination.

Starting tomorrow (can’t start today since it’s Sunday), it’s time to eat out at Chick-fil-A whenever it makes sense. But don’t just do it once. Make it a regular thing. Thinking of other fast food joints for lunch? Whenever possible, don’t. We need to let them and everyone else know that if the left is going to continue to denigrate and block Chick-fil-A, that we’re going to counter their maneuvers by supporting them with our business.

It can’t stop there. We also need to let those who act against Chick-fil-A know, such as those discriminating against religious freedom at the San Antonio city council, that it’s unacceptable. Notice that I’m referring specifically to those who act against Chick-fil-A and not average citizens who protest Chick-fil-A. Protests are protected by the 1st Amendment, so anything beyond respectful discourse should be avoided with the people who have a conscientious difference of opinion. But those who act against Chick-fil-A, especially if they’re part of the government, must be dealt with at the ballot box. A strongly worded letter wouldn’t hurt, either.

Chick-fil-A doesn’t need our help. They’re doing just fine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t expand our support for them anyway. The best way to show or deny support is with our business. Give it to them. Withhold it from those who oppose American freedom.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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