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Leftists: Leave us out of the insanity and fraud of socialism



Leftists Leave us out of the insanity and fraud of socialism

The Socialist-Left cannot abide Liberty and the ability of the people to resist their tyrannical issues.

There was an interesting image of a sign in a story from USA Today on the so-called ‘March for our lives’ last year that implored that we ‘Stop blaming the Mentally ill’. While it didn’t make much sense in that context, it does highlight the present issue with the Left and their insane socialist national agenda. In point of fact, the majority of the country has a live and let live outlook, unfortunately, the far-left fringe minority of the cannot abide such a philosophy. Their ideology demands full compliance by everyone to at least pretend they can fund their insane schemes or go along with their plans to combat something that has taken place for eons.

Four great protections for our liberties: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

In 1976 a speaker at the American Independent Party convention Louisiana State Rep. Woody Jenkins who served on the Democratic National Convention platform committee, told delegates:

“There are four great protections for our liberties: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. If you lose the last, the first three won’t mean a thing.”

The Left can only demand such things if they have a monopoly over all the levers of control of society from freedom of speech and the press to the use of force. While they love being called Liberals, they really have no use for Liberty or its precepts. They are perfectly accepting of speech agreeable to their agenda, but would rather shut down dissenting voices as being undefined ‘hate speech’. The same holds true for the press, those sources acceptable to them are sacrosanct, it’s a different case with other voices such as the NOQ report.

The importance of the cartridge box

The second amendment is unique in the pantheon of Constitutional Rights, It deals with physical objects instead of philosophical ideas. It is the manifestation of the people’s ability to resist tyranny. Leftist can talk all they want about ‘voting harder’ or protesting louder, but that isn’t going to last too long in the face of an armed gang of government colectivos or Fuerzas de Acciones Especiales (FAES).

The right of self-defense or 2nd amendment is the force behind the Constitution. That is the reason the Left cannot abide it and Liberty for that matter. The issue of Liberty [Gun] control is one of supremacy of government over the people. This is not about ‘safety’ or ‘the children’, were that the case they would do something about crime in Chicago and other bastions of Leftist Liberty Control. Were it about ‘The children’ they would do something about the deaths of millions of those unborn and lately those who have just passed that arbitrary stage in life.

The sudden change in how the Left is attacking Liberty

The Liberty Grabber Left used to lie in wait for a serious crisis, rail against ‘easy access to guns’ get whatever restrictions on freedom they could and then reset the process. This has all changed. These days they are talking of their moves to gun confiscation with Intergalactic Background Checks as only the ‘first steps’, openly calling for the final solution to the Liberty problem. Instead of taking a break between attacks, they simply reset the narrative for another go at our freedom. In either case, each ‘progression’ along the way is characterized as ‘commonsense’ or ‘sensible’. One could easily presume that if we get to the step of forcible gun confiscation it will be labeled as commonsense’ or ‘sensible’ by the Liberty grabber Left.

Why does the Left obsess over disarming the people?

The issue of armed self-defense has crucial implications for the future of our nation. It is the proverbial canary in a coal mine in the defense of Liberty. It is the last resort in stopping tyranny and the first step taken in the oppression of Liberty. This is the reason many of us on the Pro-Liberty Right are so passionate about the topic. We can see down the road past the incremental measures to the Left’s ultimate goal of gun confiscation. The question has become why has the Left placed so much emphasis on these restrictions on Liberty?

The answer comes from consideration of their parallel track of wanting to impose the fraud of socialism on the nation. This parasitic ideology can only survive by feeding off the results of economic Liberty. Failing to advance society on its own, it has to redistribute that produced in freedom in order to function.

As with any other parasite, the fraud of socialism has to rely on some form of coercion to feed off of its host. Just as a tick will burrow its head in to feed or a leech uses a sucker to do the same, collectivists have to use force to feed off of a healthy society.

The sheer insanity of the Left’s socialist national agenda

The Left’s move ever further Left has it verging ever further into the realm of madness. Exhibit A being the ‘Green New Deal’ proposing insane ideas such as getting rid of all internal combustion engines, aircraft, cattle and rebuilding every structure in the country. Not to mention providing free healthcare, free housing, free college, free food, free day-care, free money, etc. to the tune of over $90 Trillion. Anyone other than a prominent Leftist politician making such a proposal would be taken in for a psychological evaluation and perhaps locked away in a padded room.

They now have openly endorsed infanticide while at the same time made more moves towards gun confiscation. Then of course, there is the herd of candidates for the Democratic National Committee nomination who are busily out doing each other in coming up with farcical wealth redistribution schemes, each one verging further and further off the deep end.

How is the Left going to fund all their promised benefits?

The country is already $22 Trillion in debt, not to mention the Trillions in unfunded liabilities. Where are they going to get the Trillions of other people’s money they will need to fund all of their vote-buying schemes? The last time we checked, the country is fresh out of unicorns belching pixie dust or pots of gold at the end of a billion rainbows. Where is the Left going to find the Trillions in wealth they need? Taxing the rich will only go so far, and then it will all roll downhill.

Their dreams all have to depend on the seizing property at gunpoint. That won’t go over too well if the people are still armed, hence their obsession with Liberty control and gun confiscation.

The Takeaway

History is replete with collectivists trying to impose their impossible vision on the world, Mao with his great leap forward, Pol Pot with the killing fields and now we have the Left and their ‘Green New Deal’ along with infanticide, open borders and gun confiscation.

There is a reason socialists of the past and present have confiscated guns. It is the same reason the nation’s Socialist-Left is now obsessing over the prospect. They cannot afford to let the people have the last word on their tyranny. They cannot afford to let us bow out of their grand experiment no matter it’s obvious insanity.

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Speculation about ancient human skull in Israel points to unscientific method of modern science



Speculation about ancient human skull in Israel points to unscientific method of modern science

What does an ancient human skull found in a cave in Israel tell us about the past? It all depends on which perspective you take and whether you want to follow sound scientific practices or manipulated conclusions from circular reasoning.

Modern science can give us a tremendous view of the past. With nearly every discovery, we can see God’s work at play in molding the planets and the stars, the oceans and the lands, the people and the other wonderful creatures. Unfortunately, scientists often distort the findings to fit in with their secular worldview. A clear case of this comes to us from a study published four years ago in the scientific journal, Nature, titled Levantine cranium from Manot Cave (Israel) foreshadows the first European modern humans, that is still being erroneously taught today.

First, watch the way that it is being reported. Then, let’s discuss the conclusions.

This is an important discovery, one that clearly points to a Biblical worldview of the roots of man from the garden of Eden working its way from what is now Africa into what is now the Middle East. It jibes with the story of the great flood, stories from the life of Adam through Joshua, and a centralized end point of ancient man in the region along the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa up through modern day Turkey.

Of course, that’s not what the scientists doing the research concluded.

“The is the first evidence that shows that, indeed, there was a large wave of African migrants coming out of East Africa and inhabiting the Eastern Mediterranean region,” said Israel Hershkovitz of Tel Aviv University.

One of the biggest problems with modern science is that our society blindly accepts their conclusions. They know, right?

Proper scientific method that we all learn in high school tells us the conclusions of the research are completely unscientific. We know a few things that are truly observable:

  • Humans very likely started in Africa and Neanderthals were in the Middle East.
  • Humans and Neanderthals interbred to form the basis for Europeans. Today, everyone other than purely African people have at least a little Neanderthal DNA.
  • A human skull fragment was found in Israel.

Given this information, it is obtuse to draw the conclusion that this represents a large wave of African migrants inhabiting the Eastern Mediterranean region. One skull fragment does not tell us that there was a large migration. One skull fragment does not tell us that it was a migration at all. Modern science must establish hypotheses based upon observable facts, but it almost always extrapolates too much.

This wouldn’t be a bad thing if it extrapolated based upon the Bible. We are told the general story of everything that happened from creation through the rise of the Greeks within the Old Testament. Every scientific and archaeological discovery in the region supports this general story, but a culture that utilizes far more distant time frames to explain the discoveries has generated the faulty conclusions that scientists present to us today.

The evidence tells two different stories depending on the observer’s worldview. It’s unfortunate that most have pushed aside the obvious and verifiable conclusions in order to perpetuate the paradigm of secularism.

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Seriously, ‘eat mor chikin’ at Chick-fil-A



Seriously eat mor chikin at Chick-fil-A

A month doesn’t pass without some organization protesting Chick-fil-A to exclude them from participating in some program or even open restaurants in certain locations. This month’s version of Chick-fil-A hate was the last straw for Senator Ted Cruz (and me) as San Antonio’s city council has voted to prevent the fast food chain from operating at the airport.

Let’s call this what it is. Any individual, organization, or company that supports a Biblical worldview or donates to Judeo-Christian causes are considered to be anti-LGBTQ. The only ones who are not labeled as such are those who go out of their way to embrace the LGBTQ community and who promote such things as gay marriage. Faith-based institutions that prioritize modern day’s version of “tolerance” over the Bible’s teachings are often considered to be A-OK to the leaders of the LGBTQ community (as compared to the actual members of the community, most of whom are not involved in pushing the leadership’s agenda beyond believing marriage is not only between a man and a woman).

Chick-fil-A has done nothing to attack the LGBTQ community. They’ve always been stalwart defenders of equal rights and do not deserve the type of treatment they get from people like the six who voted against them in San Antonio’s city council. Yes, they donate to Christian causes. Yes, they let their employees off on Sunday except in those rare circumstances when they’re presence on Sunday is a blessing. Yes, ownership expresses a Biblical worldview. But such things shouldn’t earn them a place on the blacklist.

Nevertheless, they are, and it’s time for patriotic Americans to commit to a sustained campaign in support of this company which has become a symbol as a primary victim of the left’s contempt and discrimination.

Starting tomorrow (can’t start today since it’s Sunday), it’s time to eat out at Chick-fil-A whenever it makes sense. But don’t just do it once. Make it a regular thing. Thinking of other fast food joints for lunch? Whenever possible, don’t. We need to let them and everyone else know that if the left is going to continue to denigrate and block Chick-fil-A, that we’re going to counter their maneuvers by supporting them with our business.

It can’t stop there. We also need to let those who act against Chick-fil-A know, such as those discriminating against religious freedom at the San Antonio city council, that it’s unacceptable. Notice that I’m referring specifically to those who act against Chick-fil-A and not average citizens who protest Chick-fil-A. Protests are protected by the 1st Amendment, so anything beyond respectful discourse should be avoided with the people who have a conscientious difference of opinion. But those who act against Chick-fil-A, especially if they’re part of the government, must be dealt with at the ballot box. A strongly worded letter wouldn’t hurt, either.

Chick-fil-A doesn’t need our help. They’re doing just fine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t expand our support for them anyway. The best way to show or deny support is with our business. Give it to them. Withhold it from those who oppose American freedom.

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Did Jesus die exactly 1000 years after King David died?



Did Jesus die exactly 1000 years after King David died

History doesn’t tell us exactly when Yeshua was born. Luke tells us that He was about 30 years old when He began His ministry and we know it lasted approximately three and a half years.

And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli, – Luke 3:23 (KJV)

We know that King David died in 970 AD. The math might start sounding pretty cool at this point, but I’ll elaborate.

Scholars put Yeshua’s birth to likely fall in the 6-4 BC range. Experts place the range of His death (and resurrection) between 30-33 AD as a result of the data that they’ve worked out.

If He did die in 30 AD, that would mean that he died exactly 1000 years after his human ancestor King David.

Some will point out that the calendars were changed, going from 364 to 360 up to 365 at different points within this time range across the various regions, but using the accepted calendars, we can claim that it’s possible for it to be a 1000 year gap. Knowing the amazing order and precision with which our Father has established His creation, it wouldn’t shock me to find out some day that it was precisely 1000 years all the way down to the second.

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