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How Christians can handle the loss of privacy and freedoms



How Christians can handle the loss of privacy and freedoms

If you listen to leftist media or follow the hateful propaganda on many forums and social networks, you won’t hear much about the war on Christianity or the persecution of Christians around the world. You’ll hear of the end of freedoms and privacy as it relates to everyone, but all three Abrahamic religions are under deeper scrutiny. What can we do?

One of the biggest challenges that we all face is the hypocrisy of tolerance that fills the rhetoric of the most vocal groups. Those who stand against the Word of God and promote agendas that are anti-Biblical demand that their freedoms are expanded, but at the same time they label anyone in their way as bigots. I don’t want to generalize by saying anyone who is pro-abortion, supportive of gay marriage, or in favor of expansion of the separation of church and state are all anti-Biblical, but the lines are being drawn and the majority are falling clearly on one side or the other.

To know how to combat it, how to fight back appropriately, we must take a look at history, acknowledge where things went wrong, look to the Bible for guidance, and establish a gameplan that focuses on our Father and His only begotten Son.

The rise of a payback stance against Evangelical Christians

Throughout history, those claiming to be Christians have found themselves on the wrong side of many debates. We don’t have to go back to the early days of the church, the Crusades, or ancient persecutions perpetrated in the name of Christianity to find these. Our recent history in America is enough to gain an understanding of this fact.

During the civil rights movement, the most vocal people in America who were against equal rights were often self-proclaimed Evangelicals. Many, particularly southern Democrats, often banded together to fight the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. They were wrong. A Biblical worldview did not establish this. The only separations from a Biblical worldview between people was the separation between Jews and Gentiles. There were God’s people and there was everyone else. Yeshua’s resurrection and the inspired teachings of Peter and Paul opened the door for salvation given to the Gentiles, but the separation has been and always will be in place.

Amongst Gentiles, we are all given the same potential for salvation. Political or civil rights were never meant to be separated the way they were, but many alleged Christians failed to see it like that. I’m not going to say that there weren’t atheists who were against the civil rights movement, but the presence of those who opposed equal rights while claiming to believe in the Bible was noteworthy.

In nearly every battle fought politically in our country, there have been those who act on our behalf who represented us wrongly. As a group, we can be against abortion, but that doesn’t mean that we condone bombing abortion clinics. Still, those representatives are there. As a group, we can be against gay marriage, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to go out there and harm homosexuals. Still, there are many who have done just that while claiming an Evangelical Christian mindset as justification.

What’s the point? If we can understand the mindset that attacks like these can impose on people, we can get a better grasp of why they’re so passionate and often militant with their views. It wasn’t too long ago when the concept of gay marriage was very unpopular in our country. When he was first running in 2008, President Obama did not support it. The tide has turned. However, the scars are still there from the times when the movement was not as popular and when proclaiming one’s homosexuality put their health or even their lives at risk.

The point is this: we aren’t fighting against beliefs that allow room for compromise. Battles over gay rights, abortion, the country’s Christian roots, separation of church and state, freedom of speech, or any of the other religiously charged topics of our day are not being fought so that everyone is equal. The left is fighting for supremacy. Whether they admit it or not, this is a payback stance that they’re putting together. For nearly two centuries, the Christian worldview pushed our country’s agenda. There was plenty of good in that worldview, but there were also things done in the name of being a Christian nation that led to us being on the wrong side of various debates.

In short, our fight isn’t just against the rise in popularity of a non-Biblical agenda for the country. We’re also fighting against errors made by those who falsely claimed their faith as an excuse for their perspectives. It’s these events from the recent past that have generated an extremely tenacious and unmerciful opposition.

Regarding privacy and security

A universal threat in modern society is the depreciation of privacy and personal security around the world. It comes in degrees with the largest atrocities perpetrated in places like North Korea, Iran, or Africa where privacy and security are practically non-existent. It is expanding in Europe, Australia, and South America. In the United States, the long-held fight against the concept of a police state is starting to lose its bite.

When conspiracy theories start popping up as reality in mainstream media, it’s already too late.

We are all watching our freedoms erode. We’re seeing a government that is growing more obtrusive. We are seeing conspiracy theories of FEMA detainment camps, militarized law enforcement, “Big Brother” surveillance, and indefinite detention all heading away from being crazy tinfoil hat ideas and entering into the realm of reality.

If you are on a phone, sending an email, or surfing the web, you can and should assume that government agencies and private companies are watching. There are drones flying over America. There are law enforcement agencies that can see through walls into your home. We’ve even seen the concept of being patriotic turned on its head to make people willfully release their freedoms for the sake of security.

Some say that our liberties are eroding. Unfortunately, the concept of erosion is one that takes time to fulfill. We’re not seeing erosion. We’re seeing our liberties demolished as quickly, purposefully, and violently as World Trade Center building 7. It’s happening and the majority of Americans are sticking their heads in the sand, falling to the sin of idolatry and allowing ourselves to be distracted by the world.

The willingness to fight

We are faced with two imperative but conflicting truths in all of this. On one side,we have a duty to our country, the world, and ourselves to fight the rise of tyranny. Things are bad in many countries with radical terrorists and oppressive governments continuing to expand across the world. Domestically, we’re witnessing the dismantling of the Constitution and the degradation of the American way of life.

On the other side, we have our commitment to God our Father and our Lord and Savior Yeshua to be diligent with our faith and to spread His Word. Some would say that this is not a conflicting truth, but it is at its purest form since the problems of the world are not the problems of a true Christian.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Colossians 3:2 (KJV)

Our love for freedoms and the American way of life run contrary to the idea that our love must be focused on worship and service to our God. However, there is a life strategy that we’ve found can be used to achieve both.

Focus on doing what the Lord has laid out for you. That starts inside with the giving of complete belief and servitude towards loving our Creator and living the life that Yeshua charged us to live. We are to reach the nations. We are to spread the Word. These are both concepts that begin by wearing the Armor of God and believing through our minds and actions that tasks put forth for us to accomplish.

Once we are established in a purely Biblical mindset and promoting the true Christian worldview, we are able to expand our influence to those we can reach. It is hard when the world is against us, but it was against Him as well and he overcame the world. We will not be able to overcome the world, but if we are secure in our hearts to live the way that Yeshua has given us, then certain fears can be easily overcome.

Prepare yourself for any situation. Think about it. Know what you would do if given the choice between watching horrendous atrocities performed on you or your family. Would you denounce Christ if faced with beheading? Would you put aside your faith to save yourself in this life? Would you be willing to face any persecution, torture, or even death in order to stay true to the Word of God?

If you go in knowing that they can take nothing from you of importance, nothing that can deny you of the salvation our Lord has offered us, then you will find the fights we want to wage offer a clear path.

We are at war. For this, we should rejoice! It was seen by the prophets. It was foretold by our Savior. Make certain that servitude and love towards our Lord and Savior guide all of your actions and none of these problems can be too hard to handle.


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Conspiracy Theory

US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real



US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real

The truth is out there. We’re just not being told what that truth is.

The United States Navy confirmed yesterday that footage published two years ago by the NY Times allegedly leaked by naval aviators is, indeed, real footage. They also said that these “unidentified aerial phenomena” are inexplicable at this time.

Whether that’s the truth or not, we won’t be told. Some stick to the usual theory that they’re alien spacecrafts. More recently, there are suggestions they aren’t from another world but from a different dimension, allowing for the way they’re able to seemingly break the laws of physics. Some have pointed fingers at China or Russia as possessing the technology to operate such vehicles, and many assume that the United States has this technology or better as well.

Personally, I see the way these events are handled by the media and military and assume that these are actually some sort of demonic creations, perhaps with higher beings guiding men to create them. The purposes could be many, but one important one is to drive men’s imaginations wild in a way that brings us further from the truth of the Bible.

Regardless of what they actually are, it’s good to know they’re at least being acknowledged by the military. This is much better than being told they’re weather balloons or high-tech drones the size of school buses.

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Conspiracy Theory

Here’s the smoking gun that Ilhan Omar married her brother



Heres the smoking gun that Ilhan Omar married her brother

For the last three years, various journalists and internet sleuths have searched for the “smoking gun,” a piece of evidence that ties all of the other circumstantial and contested evidence that Representative Ilhan Omar married her brother in an immigration and tax fraud scheme. They apparently didn’t search hard enough on her Twitter account until yesterday when a major piece of evidence was found.

Omar has since deleted the Tweet.

She and her team have been very good at deleting old posts that could implicate her, including posts in which her second husband and alleged brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi referred to himself following the birth of Omar’s second child as a “proud uncle.” They even deleted the Instagram post that led to this discovery, but her Instagram page at the time was connected to her Twitter account, so the Tweet stayed even though the Instagram post was deleted.

Here is is:

In Somalia, the naming structure is given name, followed by father’s name, then grandfather’s name. Her second husband’s name, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, indicates that his father was Nur Said.

Some have said that she was referring to her husband, and that the rest of the post, which was cut off in transfer from Instagram, probably said something like, “…giving me the best father a wife could want for her children,” or something like that. But in the beginning she refers to “my aabo Nur Said.”

In Somali, “aabo” means father. She would not be referring to her husband as “my father.”

Since entering the spotlight, Omar has referred to her father as “Omar Mohammad” but there are no records to match this claim. Based on this Tweet archive, it seems clear that she was referring to a many who conspicuously shares a name with her second husband as being her father.

Glenn Beck attempted to explain this as well in the video above. A representative for Omar made an extremely feeble excuse for the post and why she deleted it.

According to her staff, she allegedly called her father “Happy Light” then later married a man whose father’s name happened to be “Happy Light.” Sorry, folks. This is a lie.

This should be seen as enough evidence for the DoJ to open an investigation into federal immigration and tax fraud. There is no way for her to squirm out of this or excuse it away based on everything else we know. She should be investigated now.

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Conspiracy Theory

Sidney Gottlieb: CIA’s scapegoat and smokescreen



Sidney Gottlieb CIAs scapegoat and smokescreen

If you’ve followed conspiracy theories at all in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the name Sidney Gottlieb. If it doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ve heard of MKUltra. If that still isn’t jarring any memories, the latter was the CIA’s secret efforts to master mind control while the former was the man supposedly behind it all.

But if you get all of your information about this man and the operation he led from mainstream media, a book on the NY Times best-sellers list, or Wikipedia, you’re only getting a small part of the picture. Nevertheless, there’s a concerted effort to make the American public believe that it’s the whole picture… nothing else to see here. This is, of course, far from the truth. Everything we know about Gottlieb and Project: MKUltra is only known because they (the CIA and the U.S. government) allow us to have this information.

It’s in the rest of the story that we would get the real dangers in the program that likely had nothing to do with Gottlieb at all. In fact, the second component of the project is still redacted from documents and classified despite everything regarding the mind control element having been mostly released.

Think about that for a moment. A conspiracy by the Central Intelligence Agency to experiment on unwitting or unwilling people so they could master drug-induced mind control was deemed acceptable to release to the public, but whatever the 2nd component of their efforts were (or are) remains a mystery to this day. Whatever it is, we can assume it’s so heinous, so despicable, that even forced mind control experiments pale in comparison.

Gottlieb was more than a scapegoat. He was trotted out before the Senate to take as much blame as possible for the actions of the CIA. He was turned into a public spectacle and even today there are articles (and books) being written about him that present the narrative as if he’s the end-all to the story. But beyond being their scapegoat, he’s also the smokescreen. His story is outrageous, so much so that few are asking about the still-redacted aspects of the experiments.

The folks at Truthstream Media did a deep dive into this with their award-winning documentary, The Minds of Men. This shorter video about Gottlieb as a scapegoat is worth a watch as well.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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