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Jason Lisle: The basics of presuppositional apologetics



At first glance, Dr Jason Lisle looks like a youth pastor. Hearing his voice for the first time, one might believe that this soft-spoken scientist would not have the persuasive powers to be a strong presuppositional apologist.

The reality is that there may be nobody you would want by your side if you were trying to bring someone into a Biblical worldview and help them to open up to receiving the Holy Spirit. His arguments are sound and very powerful.

As we’ve discussed in the past, we believe that presuppositional apologetics is the closing step that we can do as humans to help others open up to seeing the truth. Evidential apologetics might be the way to get your foot in the door, but strong presuppositional is the best method to get it fully opened.

There is nothing we can do to “save” people or to even fully open their eyes, but we can point them in the right direction. In the video above, Lisle goes over the basics and makes a strong case for exploring the art and science behind presuppositional apologetics more fully.


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