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Jim Jordan’s condemnation of Democrats and Michael Cohen rings true



The debate over Michael Cohen’s first day of testimony will rage for days to come, but the underlying themes from both sides will not change. Republicans will say it’s hypocritical and silly to have a man convicted of lying to Congress to be the star witness testifying before Congress. Democrats will counter that his lies were the result of his loyalty to the President, and now that his loyalty is dissolved, he’s free to tell the truth.

How America perceives these points will be widely determined by which news channel they watch, which Twitter feeds they follow, and their general disposition towards the President.

One important speech delivered before Cohen officially started spilling the beans came from Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH). He delivered a scathing rebuke against both Democrats and Cohen himself, painting the proceedings as a farce and the star witness as an opportunist.

It’s an important watch.


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