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Infanticide: Democratic voters need to recognize how evil many politicians in their party have become



Infanticide Democratic voters need to recognize how evil many politicians in their party have become

Is evil inherent? Is it learned? Are those who support evil actions, such as infanticide, doing it because it’s politically expedient today or because they’ve always wanted to do it but had to hold their tongues in the past?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. Frankly, I’ve never been more confused about the Democratic Party and what seems to be a growing number of its members in DC than I am now. I can’t imagine how something like this could have possibly happened:

It’s a strange position to debate. When defending abortions in general, Democrats generally argue that women’s healthcare should be between a woman and her doctor. When an abortion fails and a living infant is born, how can the mother’s healthcare still be the issue?

Honest examination of this question yields an obvious contradiction, but that’s not stopping many Democrats, including those running for president, from continue to talk about this as healthcare for the mother.

I’ve always said the abortion debate must be fought as a cultural and moral issue rather than purely political. Now more than ever, this is clearly the case. But there are still political ramifications that must be addressed. One of the biggest ramifications falls on Democratic voters. Is this really what they want as the legacy of their votes?

Many on the left have grown so accustomed to echoing anti-Trump rhetoric that they’re unwilling to recognize when he does things that are clearly good for the country. This is not going to change. But one thing that (hopefully) CAN change is the blind allegiance to his opposition. Are there Democrats who can embrace a position on abortion that does not allow for infanticide? Is it possible for Democrats to be pro-life, or is that no longer possible within a party that is willing to sacrifice children on the altar of political advancement?

Can Democratic voters support a message like this:

I’ve always been skeptical of the President’s stance on abortion because of his past approval of all abortions, including partial-birth abortions. But regardless of whether his heart has changed or if he’s molding to the beliefs of the party he leads, his actions and words on this issue have remained consistent since he announced his candidacy. Nobody can know his heart, but we can judge his actions. On the issue of abortion, he has done the right things.

His future opponent, whoever that may be, almost certainly does not do the right thing when it comes to abortion.

Let’s call it what it is. The stance on abortion of the Democratic Party is evil. Letting babies die after birth should be unacceptable to every American, even pro-choice Democrats.


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