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Things to consider about the border wall



Things to consider about the border wall

I’m going to resist the temptation to address the concept of immigration in historical perspective. I’m not going to focus on either the financial aspects of building a wall or the political shenanigans going on in Washington, DC.

Rather let’s focus on an issue I haven’t seen being batted around in the mainstream media or in social media. If/when the wall is built, how effective will it be?

Most Americans who have never seen the international boundary first-hand up-close-and-personal lack a realization of what we’re dealing with.

50 years ago in 1969, after a long pleasant drive through the wide-open expanses of West Texas, I arrived a bit too late to visit the Judge Roy Bean Museum in Langtry, Texas just after it closed at 5 p.m. Nobody was around, so out of curiosity I drove right down to the bank of the shallow Rio Grande River. This by all means is not the most desolate location on the U.S.-Mexico border, but it impressed my young mind.

At a later stage of life, I found myself within the Calexico Port of Entry in California at the exact demarcation line between the two countries. I was struck how a matter of inches could mean the difference between first world and third world.

These are just anecdotes to demonstrate that the border is not a political construct. It is a physical location which separates one way of life from all others. Not only the security, but moreover the sovereignty, of any nation is a function of its ability to determine and control access to its homeland.

1,954 miles of varied urban and mostly rural topography extend from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. It runs through the cities of San Diego and Nogales and El Paso and Laredo. It also runs past the beautiful but isolated Big Bend of the Lone Star State. Much of it is desert and a good portion of it is the Rio Grande.

To be truly effective, a wall would need to run the entire distance from west to east. Otherwise, it just diverts the illegal border crossers to areas which are not fortified.

I’ll give you a perfect example of that. Antelope Wells was for many years a one-man Port of Entry in Hidalgo County in the bootheel of New Mexico. The Port Director and his family lived right next to the gate. It’s about 89 miles from Antelope Wells to the bigger Port of Columbus, NM. The first half of that drive is on a deserted road between the border and I-10.

The only thing new about what’s happening now is that the illegal crossings are getting more attention than they did in the past.

For the record, U.S Customs and Border Protection Officers do both Customs and Immigration duties within official Ports of Entry. Between the Ports of Entry is the domain of U.S. Border Patrol which is an arm of CBP that was inherited during the merger of Immigration and Naturalization Service and Customs when Department of Homeland Security was created in 2003. Both the CBPO in the POE and the BP in between are sworn Federal Officers tasked with keeping our country safe at the border and beyond.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement are the plain clothes Special Agents who investigate smuggling of both illegal aliens and contraband as well as other criminal activity having a nexus with the border.

Now that we have a clear picture of the logistics involved, let’s look at the proposed wall itself. I won’t go into the proposed or actual plans for the physical nature of the barrier as that is more a function of politics than of actual effectiveness.

If the wall does not cover the entire border, basically the queue jumpers as well as those of truly hostile intent will simply go where it isn’t. Even if it does extend from San Diego to Brownsville, there is still potential for it to be circumvented.

  • Around ~ by sea.
  • Over ~ by air.
  • Under ~ by tunnels.
  • Through ~ by explosives.

Recall that the Government of Mexico is not a dependable ally to police their side of the border.

One key acronym I hope you will take away with you from this article is OTM.

Other Than Mexican.




Potentially every nationality on earth.

There are both Shia and Sunni Islamic terrorist operatives in Latin America who facilitate the movement of persons from the Middle East, Southwest Asia and elsewhere through Mexico into the United States of America. We are not just talking about Salvadoran, Honduran and Guatemalan families with children fleeing economic conditions in their home countries. The caravans are trained to put those people in the front to soak up the camera coverage. But there are many single young males of Jihadi age and intent who easily mingle into these groups.

I don’t want to digress too much about comparing our situation to that of our ally Israel. The distance from Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba to the Golan Heights is just 274 miles. There are barriers along the borders of Sinai and Gaza and Lebanon and the West Bank.

The Israeli Defense Force is authorized to and does in fact use lethal force against intruders who threaten the lives of Israeli citizens if they were allowed to penetrate the border. You and I know fully well that our own country lacks the resolve to use this level of deterrence and prevention on the border.

The percentage of border crossers who enter illegally from Mexico with such terrorist intent is certainly not like that which Israel faces.

But how many terrorists is too many?

I would say: 1.

The Mexican border is only one conduit of illegal aliens into the USA. It’s beyond our scope here to look at the much, much longer Canadian border which has been very vulnerable to penetration in the past including via the Great Lakes. Not even considering the border between Alaska and Canada.

Finally, it must be stated that illegal aliens in the United States are not just those who have snuck in from Mexico. There are also those who came legally on non-immigrant visas who overstayed their time of admission. There are non-immigrants who are out of status such as a person on a student visa who is not currently enrolled in the authorized academic Institution.

But right now, the hot-button issue is the Mexican border.

The United States does not have the willpower to shut down commerce entirely and stop all movement of persons within the Ports of Entry. We most definitely will never fire lethal rounds at those crossing where they’re not supposed to.

We should also consider the meaning of the term invasion. Dictionary definitions usually indicate that it involves a foreign armed force crossing our borders. But a familiarity with today’s Jihadi concept of asymmetrical warfare suggests that combatants are not always in uniform or officially identified as military of a nation state.

Candidly, we do not know who is crossing our border unless they present themselves with legitimate documents at a Port of Entry to be examined and potentially admitted by a CBP Officer. Those who evade the U.S. Border Patrol along our national frontier could be ideological enemies bent on our destruction from within.

So, our bottom line is that the wall is only part of the solution, that it must be from sea to sea and that we must have the apolitical resolve to deal appropriately with those who attempt to violate it.


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While wall funding jumps through hoops, let’s address Catch and Release immediately



While wall funding jumps through hoops lets address Catch and Release immediately

Last week, the ICE Union sent a scathing letter to the President blaming the administration’s policies for essentially neutering them and turning them into paperwork handlers. Instead of stopping illegal immigrants, their jobs have been relegated to capturing illegal immigrants and giving them paperwork that says they’re free to move about the country.

Catch and Release is in full effect, more now than ever before.

While the debate rages over President Trump’s national emergency to fund the border wall, we’re stuck in limbo. It’s time to get out of limbo and start working on solutions to the problem at hand. Illegal immigration is at its highest level in decades despite GOP control of the House, Senate, and White House for two years. They did nothing, absolutely nothing to address the real issues at the border, including:

  • The wall, of course
  • Legislative loopholes that protect illegal immigrants to the point they often have better rights than American citizens
  • Sanctuary policies that not only enable but encourage criminal illegal aliens to do their thing without fear of deportation
  • The horrible situation border patrol and ICE agents are in where they’re not allowed to do their jobs because they don’t have the resources to keep Americans safe

This last bullet is the one that needs immediate attention. As noted by John Binder over at Breitbart, Catch and Release is in overdrive:

While the Catch and Release program continues, the experts project that illegal border crossings for this calendar year will be more than three times what they were in 2017 and nearly double last year’s total crossings. The projection predicts there to be more than 840,000 illegal border crossings this year, though Nielsen predicts about 900,000 crossings for the year.

This year, there will be more illegal border crossings than the entire population of San Francisco. It’s not just the wall. We need to empower ICE to do their jobs. End Catch and Release now.

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Greyhound changes policy to prevent ICE from dropping off thousands of migrants in their stations



Greyhound changes policy to prevent ICE from dropping off thousands of migrants in their stations

For years, it’s been standard operating procedure for U.S. authorities to drop off illegal immigrants at bus stations when the local charitable organizations are too full to accept more of them. But the recent dramatic increase in the number of migrants crossing the border has forced Greyhound Lines Inc. to change its policies. Now, only those with a ticket are allowed to enter their stations.

“Our priority is to safely and efficiently get customers to their destinations,” Greyhound spokeswoman Crystal Booker said in a statement. She cited an “unprecedented increase in individuals” without tickets entering their stations as a reason for the new policy.

My Take

There are plenty of people to blame for this. First and foremost, the migrants themselves, driven by leftist propaganda and encouragement by open borders progressives, must take the bulk of the blame. They were told they would get taken care of if they could bypass the legal immigration and asylum request systems, and they believed it. Second, the President’s administration has been woefully inept at handling the border security crisis. Some will point to the lack of a wall and blame Democrats for the problem, but the government shutdown and subsequent battle over the President’s national emergency declaration didn’t happen until after the midterm elections.

Where was the outrage over the Democrats bullying the GOP when the GOP had control of the House, Senate, and White House for two years?

I understand that most conservative sites are scared to say anything bad about the President, but he promised us a wall and he has failed to deliver. If you say, “that’s on Congress,” then I’m assuming you’re giving Congress all the credit for the tax cuts the President signed. No, despite the selective memory of most, you can’t credit the President with everything Congress does that he signs then blame Congress for everything the President wasn’t able to push them to do.

The President has done many positive things, which I have written about here in the past, but let’s be intellectually honest with ourselves. On this issue, someone gave him bad advice to wait for the wall and he decided to take that advice instead of pressing the issue. We are a crowdfunded conservative news site that relies on the generosity of our readers, but if you’re hoping to support a GOP-loving, Trump-can-do-no-wrong news outlet, we’re not it. We call it how we see it with conservatism and America’s well-being in mind. Neither the President nor GOP has acted on behalf of Americans in stopping the crisis at the border. This is why despite having full control, illegal immigration has increased dramatically since Republicans took over.

The only ones not to blame for any of this is Greyhound. They’re doing what’s best for their customers. As a private company, their rights must be protected. Anyone who tries to force them to allow illegal immigrants into their stations without a ticket is being unAmerican.

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Guns and Crime

Illegal alien Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza released nine times from sanctuary jails before allegedly murdering woman



Illegal alien Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza released nine times from sanctuary jails before allege

The alleged murderer of a 59-year-old woman was in jail nine times in California before the murder occurred. All six times, ICE had a detainer placed on him which would have allowed the illegal immigrant to be taken into custody before being released. All six times, the detainers were ignored due to sanctuary laws.

Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, allegedly stabbed Bambi Larson to death in her San Jose home late last month. He was captured on Monday, which marked the tenth time he had been captured in the state. Unfortunately, sanctuary laws that took effect in January, 2018 allowed him to be released back into the population despite the ICE requests.

But according to county officials, his release was ICE’s fault.

“ICE should’ve gotten a warrant here. They could’ve gotten a warrant here,” said County Counsel James R. Williams, at a press conference late Wednesday afternoon. “And the county’s practice has always been to honor warrants that are issued.”

My Take

Williams should be ashamed of himself. All who support the sanctuary city policy in California and other areas of the country should be ashamed. They are willfully putting American citizens at risk in order to protect criminal illegal immigrants.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of this, it’s because most in the media are willfully ignoring it. We are an independent, crowdfunded news outlet. We rely on our readers to support us with donations so we can continue to bring stories like this to light. With the problem of sanctuary protections spreading across America and affecting those who aren’t even in sanctuary cities or states, it’s important these stories get told.

Let’s be crystal clear about this. Bambi Larson would almost certainly be alive today if California cared as much about its legal residents as it cared about protecting criminal illegal immigrants. One can argue all they want about the benefits of the “undocumented,” but defense of criminals is heinous. Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza was not simply undocumented. He had behaved in a violent criminal manner in the past but his status as an illegal immigrant gave him more protections than legal immigrants. He was saved by the state of California and allegedly committed a horrible crime as a result.

It’s unlikely California or any other far-left areas of the country will acknowledge the damage they do to America and its citizens. They’ll just continue to make excuses for their obtuse policies and anti-American ideologies.

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