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PragerU: Harvard suppresses Asian-American applicants



Harvard is considered by many to be the most prestigious university in the United States. It’s known for academic excellence, social justice, and a body of alumni who are among the most successful people in America. It can now be known for its blatant and indisputable discrimination against Asian-American applicants.

There are three criteria that Harvard uses in admissions: academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, and personal qualities. The first two are tangible. The last one is arbitrary. When graded on things such as “likability” and “effervescence,” Asian-American students rate much lower than applicants of other races. The saddest part about this factor is that it’s usually assigned by admissions officers who have never met or interviewed the applicant.

In other words, it’s clearly an arbitrary factor used to discriminate against Asian-Americans.

Why would this be the case? Because if the first two criteria were used, then Asian-Americans would account for 43% of Harvard students. By inserting the arbitrary disqualification method, Harvard is able to bring the Asian-American portion of their student body down below 20%.

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We know this is done intentionally and not an indicator of Asian-American “likability” because alumnus admissions personnel, who actually meet or interview their applicants, rate Asian-Americans as high or higher than other races. It’s only when admissions officers have the luxury of rating them low based solely on their race without the benefit of an interview that they can keep the numbers down.

It’s likely not just Harvard, either, according to Lee Cheng, a Harvard graduate and part of the Asian American Legal Foundation. Considering all other Ivy League schools have similar percentages of Asian-American students, it’s almost certain they have similar practices in their admission guidelines as well,

Why is this being generally ignored? Because two races – Asian-Americans and Caucasians – are not generally considered “oppressed” races like the other protected groups. Imagine if it were revealed Harvard required higher academic and extra-curricular standards for African-American applicants simply because of the color of their skin. Would there be outrage? Would Harvard be symbolically burned to the ground in the court of public opinion? Absolutely.

Harvard, the paragon of social justice and leftist indoctrination of students, practices a heinous form of discrimination. Unfortunately, this discrimination is being perpetrated against Asian-Americans, which means progressives give it a collective yawn.


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