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Kent Hovind: Where did God come from?



Say what you will about Kent Hovind. Many call him a criminal after he was jailed for years following tax charges. Others say he leads people in the wrong direction, including other Young Earth Creationists who have gone in different directions than he has in arguing for the premise of their faith in literal Biblical understanding.

Personally, I’m neutral on him. Some of the things he teaches are great. Others are questionable. But one of the best things he taught was during a debate with Reinhold Schlieter in which he answered the question, “Where did God come from?”

“The God of the Bible is not affected by time, space, or matter,” Hovind began. “If He’s affected by time, space, or matter, He’s not God.”

He then proceeded to say some things that may in and of themselves not be “proof” of God but that do pose questions that should make people think. In the whole scheme of things, we’re not able to understand God. His wisdom is so far beyond ours that any attempts to comprehend even His existence beyond the clear teachings of the Bible are exercises in futility. Still, people try to do it all the time. That’s part of the nature of His creation.

Hovind is a flawed man as we all are. He is wrong at times, as we all are. But in this particular three minutes, he does a fine job at planting a tiny seed in the minds of those who may be open to learn more about the Gospel. In that regard, he did very well.


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