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Larry Elder: Accusations of Trump’s racism don’t jibe with results of his policies



Is President Trump racist? If he is, he’s not doing a very good job of acting like one from the White House, according to conservative commentator Larry Elder. His actions from the Oval Office have done more to empower people of color than his predecessor.

As Elder noted, every Republican president is going to be labeled a racist. That’s part of the identity politics played by leftists and the disinformation machine of the Democratic Party. With Trump, it’s arguably easier to make the label stick because he’s careless with his words and actions even if his policies point to better conditions for minorities.

In Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire interview with Elder, both conservatives acknowledge the President has had missteps since the 2016 election that help perpetuate the idea that he’s a racist. But should he be judged for being an idiot at times or should he be judged by the end results?

Our nation hasn’t been this divided by race since the Civil Rights Movement. The gap in ideologies pertaining to race started in the last administration, but President Trump hasn’t made a strong enough effort to bridge the gap with his words. He’s relying on the strong economy and job numbers to make his point. This may be a mistake.

When history judges the President, they may continue to see the racist that the left sees. Or they may look at results and conclude the accusations are incorrect. We’ll see which narrative wins out.


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