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Manipulative adults use indoctrinated children to ambush Dianne Feinstein on Green New Deal



Manipulative adults use indoctrinated children to ambush Dianne Feinstein on Green New Deal

If there’s a news outlet that has the least political love possible for Senator Dianne Feinstein, it’s NOQ Report. Out of over a dozen articles about her over the years, two were mostly neutral towards her acceptance of pro-conservative ideas. The others were all negative.

That’s why it feels a bit odd to give her kudos for something, but that’s where we’re at today following a strange confrontation between far-left “Sunshine Movement,” the kids they brought with them to act as cover, and the Democratic Senator from California.

They gained notoriety last month when Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined them on Capitol Hill for a rally. From that moment on, they’ve been Green New Deal disciples.

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The state of the Democratic Party today has those who used to be considered far-leftists such as Senator Feinstein confronted by hyper-leftists at the Sunshine Movement who used children as indoctrinated props to make their confrontation with the Senator go viral. They then scolded her for having a modicum of fiscal responsibility in accepting the untenable nature of the Green New Deal. Feinstein, who has pushed pro-environmental legislation throughout her career, is suddenly part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to the radical progressives of the modern Democratic Party. She might as well be David Duke in their eyes.

Responses from the right and left are just as one would expect. Most conservatives are laughing at the spectacle. Others are actually defending Feinstein, probably for the first time in their active Twitter lives.

The left’s reaction was very much against Feinstein. That’s a bad sign. It means that not only is one of the most popular and powerful Democratic Senators vulnerable to attacks from the hyper-left, but that the people paying attention are actually believing the Green New Deal isn’t a civilization-destroying event.

Sadly, I didn’t even need to compile the Tweets from the left. Most of them are already compiled by Twitted in their “Moment” regarding the incident.

The hyper-leftist radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party is going from annoying to dangerous to downright evil. Their tactics are despicable. Their ideology is horrid. We need to prepare ourselves with the truth in hand.


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