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Piers Morgan: Media ‘were prepared to suspend all journalistic integrity and credibility’ for Jussie Smollett



It’s no secret to readers of this site that mainstream media is bent on driving a leftist narrative whenever possible. That comes in two forms: highlighting and/or manipulating stories that are against a conservative ideology and burying and/or manipulating stories that are against a leftist ideology. It translates to the way they handle stories about individuals who are seen on either side of the political aisle.

Case-in-point: how they’ve handled the three stages of the Jussie Smollett story. Our EIC pointed it all out in a Tweet:

Piers Morgan went on with Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the situation. During the interview, he made some very important points about the way two versions of media – social and mainstream – are handling revelations that Smollett likely created this hoax in order to get attention and drive up his value to the Empire studio. First, he noted that he’s already seeing people on social media say Smollett should be pitied because he’s clearly mentally ill.

“He’s not mentally ill,” Morgan said of Smollett. “He’s greedy and he’s someone who was craving attention.”

Morgan, who is to the right or left of center politically depending on the issue, let his right-wing colors fly when addressing the way mainstream media has handled this and other topics, especially if they pertain to the President they hate.

“A lot of the mainstream media in America have gone so full-on anti-Trump that they were prepared to suspend all journalistic integrity and credibility in the way they reported this story by just believing every word this guy said. And they did it, Tucker, because we’re now in a culture where my truth is perceived to be THE truth, and it’s not.”

My Take

It’s very easy for conservatives to just accept that the media hates us. We have Fox News, after all, and while that’s one piece of a bigger puzzle, most major players on the board are very much to the left of center. It should be constantly reminded that independent conservative media, such as or news outlet which is 100% crowdfunded, must be embraced if there’s ever a hope for truly fair and balanced reporting in America’s future.

There are few things more infuriating about the press than their incessant Trump Derangement Syndrome. Even those of us who aren’t Trump disciples get sick of the way the media treats him and his supporters.


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