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The top 5 headlines of leftist media deception this week



The top 5 headlines of leftist media deception this week

A sampling of how the national socialist media deceives the public with one line editorials.

One unfortunate result of many getting their news via social media headlines or cable news show chyron is that this ends up being the critical part of the story. Its wording and structure is of paramount importance for those who only view the world through one line of text. Even those who read just the headline and the first few words can be misleading, hence the term ‘burying the lede’. Colleague Scarlett Madison made this important point in her article on how the NY Times shows how to be biased even when technically telling the truth.

This is just a sampling of the past few days with some of the more absurd examples. No doubt, the socialist media will conjure up even more in their quest to propagandise the public.

Daring United flight attendant takes a walk on a plane’s wing midair

While not political per se, this example from a few weeks ago merits special attention. The future museum of clickbait will most likely feature this one as the pinnacle of the art. Given the structure of the headline, the impression is that a ‘Daring’ flight attendant took a walk on the wing of an airliner at flight level 320 and 460 knots without any safety gear. When it was really on a Stearman at low altitude and 44 kts harnessed to the plane at all times, a daring stunt to be sure but not the one implied by the headline. Although one had to click-through the headline to find that out, which is exactly the point.

Raising a question without raising a question

Some headlines are a lesson of subliminal propaganda, with a one-line editorial meant to convey a certain idea that is never alluded to in the piece. In the case of an Associated Press story on the Aurora mass murder, at one point the headline read as follows:

Aurora shooting raises questions over gun permit checks

With the usual trope that existing restrictions on Liberty are never good enough, holding out the impossibility of one more tweak solving all problems, in this case throwing in the idea of so-called ‘Red Flags’ as being some sort of solution. The propaganda being that ‘questions’ really mean faults in the law necessitating even more limitations on Liberty – for our own good, of course.

On the same topic, we have a headline on the same story that puts the subliminal advertising industry to shame

Vigil set for victims of gun rampage at Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois

Most people having a modicum of logic will ignore the overt implications of the phrase ‘gun rampage’, but it does plant the subliminal seed that it wasn’t the person who caused this mass murder to take place, but instead it was a gun that when on a ‘rampage’.

This is part of the mistake we make in using terms such as gun control or anti-gun. It focuses attention on an inanimate object [An object many fear] instead of the truth of the loss of Liberty.

Two headlines deflecting attention and attempting damage control of the Left’s ‘Green New Deal’

GOP Green New Deal stunt is a great deal for Democrats

Here the close proximity of the GOP with the Green New Deal conveys the subtle implication that it belongs to them with the bonus that it will redound positively for the nation’s socialist Left. Following in the fine tradition of nation’s Left projecting their maladies on the Pro-Liberty Right.

Welfare for those ‘unwilling to work?’ It’s not as crazy as you might think.

“Unwilling”? The now-retracted FAQ made other eyebrow-raising claims, but conservatives pounced on that word in particular. Of a piece with the usual complaints about welfare as a reward for laziness, it was called extreme, absurd and, in one florid instance, a “Communist Manifesto, 21st Century.”

[Our emphasis]

Once again, we see the use of one of the Left’s favourite words whenever the Right points out the facts of a situation.

Finally, there is this little gem from the Birdcage liner of record

Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats as Socialists and Baby Killers

Leftist media sources must have a lexicon of selected words designed to elicit a certain reaction. The term ‘Pounce’ is one of their favourites. Commonly used whenever the Socialist-Left makes colossal mistake and we of the Pro-Liberty Media merely reports on what happened. No doubt this will be seen in the stories on the Jussie Smollett situation.

Demonise is another Leftist favourite that roughly translates to having them dead to rights in describing them. Like the over-used ‘pounce’ they tend to keep those little gems in describing those of us trying to conserve Liberty. The underlying pretense with the ‘D’ word is that it’s not precisely true. In this case with the subtle implication that even though the Left has embraced socialism as tightly as Al Gore hugging a polar bear they aren’t truly socialist. Never mind that most of the mob of presidential candidates signed on to the ‘Green New Deal’ before reading the fine print penned by Mao Zedong. Or that they’ve kept their distance from bills that would preserve the life of a baby after it’s born. Curiously enough, they also like to keep the Left’s obsession with gun confiscation out of the mix.

The Takeaway

The purpose of these  one line editorials in the guise of a headline is not to inform, but imply certain ideas without being overt about it. These were just a few from a couple of days, consider the effect of a constant stream of them for year upon year.

This is why we have to be careful in how we counteract these deceptions in a single line, and why Conservative media sources are vital to the survival of Liberty.


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