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Syracuse University: ‘Requiring students to agree in the superiority of the U.S. Constitution is exclusionary’



Just when you thought the leftist mentality cultivated in America’s universities had reached peak lunacy, Syracuse decided to up the ante. Now, belief that the United States Constitution is the supreme governing document of the land, which it is, makes an organization like YAF unacceptable as an official campus group.

My Take

I wish I could keep this short and sweet, but apparently many on the left in general and in our education system in particular need a more direct explanation of how things work in America (at least how they SHOULD work).

There are many privileges given to and exceptions made for foreign students studying in the United States. It’s understandable that these exceptions could be extended to groups, but the way Syracuse is handling the situation is completely illogical for three very basic reasons.

First, this is a group, not a requirement. If it’s Syracuse’s intention that every group on campus must be inclusive to every student on campus, then there’s no reason to have groups in the first place. Students who want to join YAF, whether they’re Americans or not, should be able to do so just as other groups that are even more “exclusionary” can be joined by pretty much anyone who wants to.

Second, the Constitution is factually the supreme document of the land. It’s ridiculous to say otherwise, especially when the entity saying it happens to offer courses in government, history, and political science.

Lastly, this is a farce. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with a university bent on maintaining the progressive utopia they feel they’ve established. When students are forced to keep their conservative views to themselves and prevented from gathering as a group simply because of their beliefs, it’s no longer the type of educational environment that fosters actual thoughts.

Debate is good. Censorship is not. Syracuse apparently lost track of these facts.

As we’ve posted before, they aren’t worried necessarily about freedom of speech. They’re worried about freedom of thought. If students are allowed to think for themselves, some of them invariably will come to conclusions that run contrary to the groupthink American universities attempt to foster.

The left will continue to pull whatever stunts they think they can get away with in an effort to stifle conservative voices on campus. It’s time to call them out for their hypocrisy. Thank you Campus Reform and Emma Meshell for exposing Syracuse.


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