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If CURRENT gun laws had been enforced, the Aurora shooter wouldn’t have had a firearm



If CURRENT gun laws had been enforced the Aurora shooter wouldnt have had a firearm

Following the mass shooting at a plant in Aurora, Illinois, many leftists have been doubling down on their cries for stricter gun laws. Their narrative fell apart when it was revealed alleged shooter Gary Martin had his gun permit revoked years earlier. If the law that is currently on the books had been enforced, he would have had his firearm taken away in 2014.

Nevertheless, leftists aren’t backing down based solely on the facts. They’re using this opportunity to push more gun restrictions even if they wouldn’t have changed the outcome of Aurora shooting.

Enforcement has been arguably the biggest problem preventing law and order from working properly in America. Diluted enforcement of immigration laws, voting laws, and even gun laws have helped leftists push their narratives and justify their calls for reforms that in many cases aren’t necessary. Aurora shows we don’t need more gun laws. We simply need current gun laws to be enforced properly. That will go a long way towards preventing as many mass shootings as possible in the future.

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The unfortunate reality is that no additional gun laws are capable of preventing more murders. When we look around the country at areas where there are already plenty of firearm restrictions, invariably we see the lawful gun owners harmed while unlawful gun owners continue along their criminal ways. From Chicago to Baltimore to the entire state of California, obtuse gun laws have only emboldened and empowered illegal firearms owners while preventing “good guys with a gun” from acting as a proper counterbalance.

An armed citizenry isn’t just about hunting. It isn’t even just about self-defense. The concern of an oppressive government was always one of the biggest worries of our founding fathers, which is why they were adamant about making certain the people were able to defend themselves even against their own government. It’s naive to think there would never come a time when the people must defend themselves and the nation from entities in power.

It’s often assumed by leftists that proponents of the 2nd Amendment want the Wild West where everyone is armed and gun battles are commonplace on streets across the nation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most 2nd Amendment proponents are okay with gun restrictions that come about through due process and kept out of the hands of those who have demonstrated a disregard for law and order that makes them dangerous. Someone like Martin who had a violent crime conviction should not have owned a firearm.

Enforcement of current laws will go much further towards the goal of reducing mass shootings than any new laws the left could cook up. These new laws harm lawful gun owners, not those who have or will perpetrate more crimes.


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