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Mr. President, use 10 U.S.C. 284 to start building the wall now



Mr President use 10 USC 284 to start building the wall now

It’s crunch time. The next government shutdown will happen after Friday if a deal isn’t made now and it looks like that’s not going to happen. With the rules in the House stating bills need to have 72 hours for reading before a vote, that means tomorrow is the deadline to reach a deal.

The chances of the wall being in that deal are slim to none. The chances of President Trump signing it without the wall are low unless he’s able to act outside of Congress to get wall construction going. That likely means declaring a national emergency, but there’s another option that would work better.

Some in Washington DC, including Trump-allies Mark Meadows and Mo Brooks, are lightly pushing the President to have his Secretary of Defense invoke 10 U.S.C. 284. It would not require Congressional approval, nor would it require the President to declare a national emergency. Instead, it would involve the Pentagon working with law enforcement at the border to begin construction of a border wall in the areas that are most susceptible to drug smuggling and/or transnational organized crime.

Invoking it would allow the military to begin wall construction almost immediately.

The ideal situation would be for Congress to stop obstructing and fund the wall in whole or in part. This would make the most sense. It would eliminate the limits involved in utilizing the United States Code and would draw the money from appropriate sources instead of forcing the use of funds set aside for other purposes.

That ideal situation seems nearly impossible considering the Democrats’ unhinged desire to stop the President from getting a political victory even if doing so means putting more Americans in harm’s way. Their focus is on 2020, not the here and now. Their focus is on power, not the safety of American citizens.

Declaring a national emergency would have its own pitfalls. First and most prominently, it would be very difficult to get wall construction started in the first place. Legal challenges and bureaucratic red tape would engulf his declaration to the point that construction may no even begin before the 2020 election. In fact, it may never begin.

With 10 U.S.C. 284, most of the legal challenges and nearly all the bureaucratic red tape is relieved. The military is given wide legal berth to accomplish their missions of defending the nation. That includes defending our sovereign borders from all incursions.

The pitfall of going down this road, and perhaps the only reason the President isn’t openly considering it, is that it would be limited in scope. This would get the wall started, but some experts believe this would only get the President around a billion dollars worth of wall before funds could no longer be justified easily.

We’ve written about this move eight times now. The concept is gaining support, but it may be too late. We need to continue to remind Republicans on Capitol Hill that this is the right way to go. They know it, but there’s some pushback from the White House. Where it’s coming from, we don’t know, but it’s time to stop pretending to want the wall and actually do something to start building it.

It’s better to address our immediate needs as quickly as possible rather than waiting for Congress to do their jobs or hoping a national emergency declaration can work its way through the process in time. We need the wall now. 10 U.S.C. 284 is the way.


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How exploding diaper costs demonstrate the crisis at the border



How exploding diaper costs demonstrate the crisis at the border

Democrats have been caught in a feedback loop for months over border security. They can’t reconcile their narrative with the reality at the border, yet they continue to repeat the same talking points for leftist media to regurgitate to the masses. But one look at the cost of diapers and other baby supplies should be enough to alert people that the border crisis is real and getting worse every day.

According to a Yuma Sector report, CBP is on track to pay over $1.2 million for diapers, formula, and other baby supplies due to the rising number of illegal immigrant and asylum-seeking migrant families crossing in the region. Last year, baby expenses totaled around $300,000, marking a cost increase that has quadrupled year-over-year.

That doesn’t take into account the multitude of families who are released to the interior where the baby expenses are paid for using other means.

The left may be able to play “hammer the narrative” by spinning the media in their favor based solely on their collective hatred for President Trump, but numbers don’t lie and neither do the CBP reports. They’ve done everything they can to ring the alarm bells, but DC continues to stick its head in the sand. There’s always a more important topic to cover. Horror stories at the border have become so commonplace that many have been desensitized to them.

Slowly but surely, the left is winning the narrative battle by making people yawn every time the border crisis is brought to their attention.

America needs to address this problem immediately. There should be nothing higher on the agenda of lawmakers on Capitol Hill than to get more agents to the border, better technology, more beds, better supplies, a wall, and better laws with fewer loopholes through which illegal aliens and asylum-seeking migrants can wiggle their way into staying in the country indefinitely without going through the proper legal channels.

It isn’t just about the exploding diaper costs, though. There’s a negative trickle down effect that’s at play here helping dangerous people cross the border unnoticed. Every agent that’s made to act like a daycare employee for migrant children is an agent who’s not stopping drug smugglers and gang members from crossing illegally in the dead of night. Every agent who’s forced to be a paperwork clerk to the masses of migrants signing up for their pass to the interior – aka waiting for an asylum hearing – is an agent who could be stopping terrorists from coming into the country to wage war against American citizens.

The border situation is so far beyond a disaster it’s impressive how neglectful the media and Democrats have been able to be. This level of denial is unprecedented in American politics. Meanwhile, our sovereignty is slipping away.

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If you don’t want militia patrolling the border, then secure the border without them



If you dont want militia patrolling the border then secure the border without them

If the southern border of the United States was properly secured by the government, there would be no need for armed militia to patrol it. If you have any argument you perceive as valid that contradicts this claim, please feel free to express it. I’d love to hear it.

But there won’t be valid arguments against this claim because the claim is purely logical. It’s easy for politicians on both sides of the aisle to scream about armed militia detaining illegal immigrants and asylum-seeking migrants crossing the border, but their screams are irrelevant as long as the borders are so porous, the laws are so restrictive in addressing illegal immigrants, and the border patrol is forced to be stretched so thin by the sheer numbers of people crossing over.

Following the arrest of Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, also known as Johnny Horton Jr, a spotlight has finally been placed on United Constitutional Patriots and similar militia groups. His arrest may be on the record as happening because he is a felon who was found in possession of a firearm and ammunition, but the actual reason he was arrested is because his organization was noted for their apprehension and holding of illegal immigrants. They and others have been patrolling the border in search of those who have crossed over illegally, knowing he CBP is overwhelmed.

I would love to have a situation in which border patrol had plenty of men, the border wall was build, technology was improved, resources were properly allocated, and laws were changed to plug the loopholes currently being abused by illegal immigrants and asylum-seeking migrants. But we don’t have that situation, and while I’m not crazy about an armed militia patrolling the border, I also can’t blame them. This is their country. It’s our country. This nation is supposed to be sovereign, but if the government is unwilling to take the proper actions necessary to defend our sovereignty, where does that leave us?

If the border were properly secured, armed militia like the United Constitutional Patriots would have no reason to patrol it. But the border isn’t secure and many feel the only recourse is to do it themselves. Can you blame them?

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Illegal alien continued assaulting border patrol agent even as they tumbled down a hill



Illegal alien continued assaulting border patrol agent even as they tumbled down a hill

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a 37-year-old Ecuadorian national after he assaulted an agent atop a mountain south of Tucson Wednesday evening. The man continued punching and kicking the agent even as they slid down the hillside.

He was subdued only after additional agents came to restrain him.

Two Mexican nationals traveling with him were also arrested during the incident.


We’ve all seen the sad images and videos on mainstream media of helpless mothers with three children trying desperately to get to the United States where they will certainly become productive and patriotic members of society. That’s the image the left wants embedded in our brains, but it’s not the reality at the border.

Yes, there are large groups of migrants coming over nonstop with hopes of taking their piece of the taxpayer-funded pie. But there are also criminals coming over who will do anything, including harm or kill border patrol agents, if that’s what it takes for them to stake their claim to what they want from America and Americans.

There are dangers at the border that rarely get reported. These brave border patrol agents need a wall, more men, better technology, and more facilities to house those coming over. They need these things now, but Democrats continue to demand they try to secure our borders with both hands tied behind their backs. If one were conspiracy-minded, one might think the Democrats are doing it on purpose so more illegal immigrants will come into our country.



“Assaults highlight safety concerns for agents who often encounter and arrest multiple subjects in remote and isolated locations in rugged terrain.” – CBP Statement

Final Thoughts

The image of helpless migrants carrying little babies and peacefully surrendering to border patrol is only part of the picture. Border patrol agents are put in harms way daily, yet Democrats will not give them the resources they need.

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