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Guns and Crime

GOP fear mongers about socialism while ignoring real threat to liberty: anti-gun laws



GOP fear mongers about socialism while ignoring real threat to liberty anti-gun laws

Last week, members of the Democratic Socialists of America serving in Congress officially introduced the Green New Deal, a liberty-killing plan that promises to end global warming and poverty while simultaneously curing every “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based” injustice.

Donald Trump, members of the GOP, and so-called conservative media types like Sean Hannity have been busy fear mongering about the Green New Deal, trying to turn it into an issue ahead of 2020 — vote Republican because #notSocialist — but they’re ignoring a much more serious threat to liberty.

I’m talking about the end of the Second Amendment.

On second thought, maybe they’re not ignoring it. Based on two anti-gun stories in the news last week, Republicans at every level of government and their minions are working with the Far-Left to disarm America, turning the “land of the free” into a full-blown police state.

First, in a article we learn about how the states are continuing to expand their power to seize the guns of law-abiding citizens without due process via the use of Extreme Risk Protection Orders — aka ERPOs or Red Flag laws. These laws allow police or household members to petition a judge to issue a court order requiring people deemed to be a “threat” to surrender their weapons to the authorities. No charges. No warrant.

Since the shooting at a high school in Parkland, FL one year ago, this Constitutionally questionable approach to public safety has been spreading like wildfire. The total number of states with ERPO laws has grown nearly 200 percent, from five to fourteen, since the Florida shooting and has resulted in record numbers of gun seizures. Sadly, more states are lining up to join in on the anti-gun fun.

The enthusiasm over anti-gun laws is growing in Washington thanks to some of the so-called conservatives in Congress.

Based on a host of anti-Second Amendment bills signed into state law (including ERPOs) by Sen. Rick Scott when he was still governor of Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio re-introduced the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act last month. Rubio’s measure that would offer federal funds as a type of bribe to force every state into passing ERPO laws.

Just a few weeks after the Florida shooting last year, Sen. Lindsey Graham leveraged the tragedy to co-sponsor a bill federalizing ERPOS. Graham’s bill would give federal courts full jurisdiction over the states to seize guns without due process.

But hey, why go through the hassle of taking guns from law-abiding citizens after the fact? Why not prevent gun ownership on the front end? That’s the idea behind a bill introduced in Illinois last week, as we see in our second headline.

A Democrat lawmaker in Chicago has presented a bill that would give police in Illinois access to the social media activity of anyone applying to own a handgun. If it becomes law, the religious, political, and other beliefs of the applicant could be used to deny the application. In other words, the government decides who may or may not own a gun based on how an individual chooses to exercise his/her First Amendment rights.

The Illinois law is loosely based on a similar proposal made in December 2018 in New York. That bill requires gun-permit applicants to provide police with their user names and passwords so the state can access the social media accounts and internet search activity to look for “hate speech,” specifically: “commonly known profane slurs or biased language to describe race, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.”

The threat we face from the rise of socialism is real, but we must be wise enough to see through the politics of distraction. Instead, we need to remember that nearly every dictatorship in history began by disarming the citizenry, and that Trump and the GOP are working with Democrats to disarm America.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Guns and Crime

Possible hate crime draws yawns from media as Oghaleoghene Atuno allegedly targets white children with vehicle



Alleged hate crime draws yawns from media as Oghaleoghene Atuno allegedly targets white children wit

Have you heard the news report about a 21-year-old African-American male, Oghaleoghene Atuno, who targeted two white children with his vehicle? Unless you’re watching brief clips on local Denver news, you probably haven’t.

Atuno has been charged with attempted murder and child abuse while his alleged victims have been hospitalized after the brutal attack. Surveillance video shows him circling a cul-de-sac several times near Falcon Middle School in Aurora, Colorado, before driving his vehicle onto the sidewalk to strike the two children, age 11 and 12. One of the young boys, Josh Piazza, is still in the hospital with a fractured skull.

The circumstantial evidence seems to point to this being a textbook example of a hate crime. Atuno appeared to be circling the cul-de-sac near a school searching for a victim. When he spotted two Caucasian children, he drove his vehicle towards them onto the sidewalk. After hitting them, he drove off immediately. He claims he didn’t know the victims and his reason for fleeing the scene immediately was because he was scared, according to police.

Attempted murder against children he didn’t know after circling a cul-de-sac several times near a middle school – the math seems to add up to only a few possible conclusions and hate crime would be the most obvious. Yet this isn’t getting any attention from the media and prosecutors have thus far declined to use the “hate crime” tag for enhanced sentencing should he be found guilty.

Hate crimes of all types are hideous. When a person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation are used as determining factors prompting a crime against them, it’s a hate crime. Whether or not Atuno was motivated by racial hatred is currently unknown, but we may never know because it is not being treated as a potential hate crime by prosecutors or law enforcement. Imagine if a Caucasian man had circled around an African-American neighborhood searching for targets before running over two African-American children. The press would be clamoring all over itself about it being a hate crime.

As our nation becomes increasingly divided, it’s necessary that we put an end to bigotry from every side. Caucasians are not immune from being victims of hate crimes by law, but media narratives refuse to accept it as a possibility.

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Sign the petition demanding an investigation of the investigators



Sign the petition demanding an investigation of the investigators

Now that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian hacking of the 2016 election has been completed and the investigation’s report has been released, we have more questions than we have answers.

Why was it started in the first place? It seems circular reasoning and opposition research were the only pieces of “evidence” used to justify extensive spying on the Trump campaign and the subsequent investigation. This does not clear the threshold of viable suspicion necessary for FISA warrants and clearly was not an appropriate starting point upon which to launch an investigation.

Why was it allowed to continue for so long? The report indicates early on, the investigation saw it was extremely unlikely they would find evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. Moreover, the report demonstrates the Russians were acting of their own accord to “hack” the elections, but were unsuccessful in generating enough manipulative propaganda to sway a significant chunk of voters.

Were political motivations at play? At this point, the answer seems obvious. From President Obama’s administration to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to left-leaning elements within the FBI itself, it’s conspicuous that attempts to not only manufacture wrongdoing by candidate Trump but also to hide wrongdoing by candidate Clinton were in full effect.

Two years and $30 million in taxpayer dollars should have yielded answers. It did not. The reason isn’t that there were no answers to be found. It’s that they were looking in the wrong places. It’s time to look in the right places. Sign this petition.

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Culture and Religion

Murder of sexually harassed Bangladeshi student Nusrat Jahan Rafi goes unnoticed by the left



Murder of sexually harassed Bangladeshi student Nusrat Jahan Rafi goes unnoticed by the left

Nusrat Jahan Rafi died because she spoke out against a crime. She was murdered by her fellow Muslim adherents, some of whom were students who were possibly put through the same sexual attacks she was experiencing at the hands of her teacher. Despite this clear representation of the backwards nature of her situation, we have heard nothing from leftist politicians or alleged women’s advocates.


She allegedly being touched inappropriately by the head teacher at her Islamic school and reported it to the authorities. Following the arrest of the teacher, she was lured to the top of a building and told by a large group of burqa-clad individuals who demanded she retract her police report. When she said she wouldn’t, they dowsed her in kerosene and lit her on fire, then tried to make it appear as if she committed suicide in shame.

She survived, recorded a video naming some who attacked her, then died 10 days after the attack.


Honor is very much embedded into the teachings of Quran. It’s quite sad that interpretations of what is entailed in honor rarely mean a woman’s right to protect herself or bring justice to those who harm her, particularly in areas where fundamental Islam is practiced and preached.

But what’s really disappointing is the lack of a response by the very people who claim to defend Islam in America. The profess to be opposed to hate crimes, then are silent when crimes like this are committed. Is this not a hate crime? Was this young lady not victimized because of her faith? By those who profess her faith?

The hypocrisy from the left when real victims are harmed is disgusting.


“Incredibly sad and difficult to share. In my experience, most people don’t want this knowledge, but not talking about these crimes only helps perpetrators.” – Soraya Chemaly

Final Thoughts

Nusrat Jahan Rafi bravery and tragedy are both being ignored by American activists and politicians who claim to be advocates for Muslim women. If this isn’t the type of persecution that should be heard, what is?

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