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Why do we even listen to Leftists?



Why do we even listen to Leftists

The Green New Deal is just the latest reason why those who bespeak nonsense should be ignored.

There are times when it’s truly mind-boggling that we even listen to the self-righteous pontifications of the Left. After all, these are based on a bizarre concept that somehow there is a fixed amount of wealth and that it is under the collective authority of society. That people incapable of running something other than a campaign for political office somehow know how to begin and grow a complex business or develop new technologies. Perhaps it’s a secret part of the swearing in of every politician whereby the knowledge of the universe is bestowed upon them, making them an instant expert in every field imaginable.

That would be the only explanation of how those people think that they can call into existence that which is physically impossible with the wave of a pen or a phone. Or believe that a concept that has failed for 400 years will somehow suddenly work under their auspices. Thomas Sowell once stated that “People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.” The addendum to this would be that anyone who thinks of doing something beyond naming a new post office with a supercilious resolution shouldn’t be in control of anything.

The Green New Deal is just the latest expression of the Left’s absurd ideas

Many have had a lot of fun ripping apart the extreme aspects of the Green New Deal, and rightfully so. From the trenchant analysis from our own Ted Noel, MD  to the pointing out of it’s inherent magical thinking and inane references to ‘cow farts’ as well as the scrapping of our modern transportation system. It’s to the point that going after this resolution from everyone’s favourite socialist is akin to firing conical projectiles at aquatic creatures within the confines of a substantially cylindrical container of water.

However, in a larger sense all of that should surprise no one. All of these, including the more mundane aspects are predicated on the absurd concept of socialism. That somehow the forcible taking of property from the productive and handing it out to the unproductive will somehow redound positively to society. This flies in the face of basic psychology, punishing some for being productive while rewarding those who produce nothing with destroy the economy, no matter how many invocations to unicorn emanations or pixie dust power that are made. The proof being 400 years of failure of the very same ideas with an accompanying butcher’s bill ranging over the 100 million mark.

Socialism has to parasitically feed off the far superior systems of Economic Liberty

Since it needs a healthy host born of the Economic Liberty of free enterprise, the advocates of this system of organised theft have to make it seem like it will turn out better than the status quo based on freedom. Thus they have to sell it with a raft of farcical promises of free health care, free housing, free college, even to the point of promising a free-living. They sort of gloss over the fact that all of this largess will be at the cost of everyone’s Liberty. Perpetuating the fraud with their self-labeling as ‘Liberals’.

The essential indicator that this is all a swindle of epic proportions is that they can never seem to specify the source of other people’s money to fund all of their wonderful projects. They make used car salesmen seem honest by comparison, given that at least they have something tangible to sell. Socialists at best only have a few slogans and empty promises in selling their snake oil. Never mind how they are going to pay for all the goodies.

A long line of failed promises of perfection that have never come to fruition

The absurd and fraudulent concept of socialism is always sold as a wondrous ideal, just out of reach. It’s the false promise of an ‘Ideal state’ or perfect Utopia that can be attained if only a certain set of Leftists are put in charge of everyone else. A perfect ‘heaven on earth’ or ‘worker’s paradise’ because the purveyors of these ideas know exactly how to run things so everything is ‘fair’ and ‘equal’. It will be ‘The wonderful world of next Tuesday’ as it is called on ‘The People’s Cube’.

Never mind that this is all based on ideas that don’t make sense in the real world. Or that it soon takes a version of the Cheka, Gestapo or in the latest incarnation the Fuerzas de Acciones Especiales (FAES) in the wondrous paradise of Venezuela to arrest, torture and kill people when they notice the promises aren’t coming forth.

The Takeaway

The Green New Deal is just the latest emanation from the Left that demonstrates that their absurd and failed ideas should be rejected. It shows that they shouldn’t even sell used cars much less be in a place to control society.

Granted, there is the sheer entertained value in looking at their ideas of a society based on unicorn farts and pixie dust power. Unfortunately there are those who can be taken in by this colossal fraud. Those who may actually think that it’s perfectly reasonable to rebuild every structure or no longer have air travel. Not to mention that this something for nothing scam that has no visible means of support.

The Green New Deal should be an object lesson as to why the National Socialist-Left should be ignored and their absurd ideology relegated to the ash heap of history.


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