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Beware those who say there’s nothing to worry about



Beware those who say theres nothing to worry about

The world is going crazy. It wasn’t the creeping shift we were warned about a decade or so ago. This has been sudden and very difficult to comprehend when we consider where we’ve been versus where we’re going. As I sit at my computer wanting to scream about Ephesians 6:12 or secular conspiracy theories being revealed as true or a populace that seems bent on watching Netflix and playing Fortnite instead of addressing the issues at hand, I find myself concerned that not enough people are paying attention.

But it’s not the threats themselves that are causing complacency. It’s the massive push that’s quietly yet ominously coaxing Americans into a collective yawn when we should be rising to action. There are strange things happening in America and they must be addressed, yet a majority of the thought-leaders seem bent on telling us things are pretty bad, but we’ll be okay.

If we don’t act, we won’t be okay.

There are certain things that absolutely need to worry everyone, particularly those who hold a conservative ideology, a Christian worldview, or both. Here’s a sampling:

News that goes well beyond “fake news”

Yes, fake news is a concern, but we’re now to the point that outright propaganda is not only allowed but expected. I once believed it was all about fighting President Trump. Now I’m seeing the bulk of popular media is trying to convince the people that collectivist ideas are the way to go, that a little socialism here and there isn’t bad, and that it’s righteous to push big government policies as long as the rich individuals and big corporations are the ones who will be paying for it. Sadly, it’s working.

This isn’t just about Trump. It’s not about Republicans. It’s about taking the fundamental ideas that built America like capitalism, freedom, and faith and turning them on their head to somehow be symptoms of an evil elite working against the people. Sadly, there is an evil elite working against the people, but it’s not one the media addresses:

Did Trump cause mainstream media to become overtly leftist? Not exactly. anything, mainstream media owes the President their gratitude. He gave them the cover they needed to shed their false neutrality and walk they way they’ve wanted to walk for a long time. The media hasn’t always been leftist; one can look at the state of media coverage five or six decades ago and see that it was relatively neutral and often leaned a bit to the right. But over the last three or four decades it has shifted away from the populist conservatism of newsmen of old and followed the Washington Post, NY Times, and CNN down the road of pure leftism.

Anti-Biblical worldview normalization

If you’re a Creationist, you’re likely finding it harder to discuss the concept with friends or family. Most have either embraced evolution fully, twisted it to fit in with their theology in some way, or believe in Creation but aren’t willing to discuss it for fear of ridicule. That’s where we are today. If you believe God created the universe, you must be anti-science, some loony Bible-thumper, or both.

It isn’t just Biblical creation that’s under attack. It’s the whole of the Bible, or more specifically, those who espouse a Biblical worldview who are finding it harder and harder to express their opinions without being attacked in some way. Try offering “thoughts and prayers” on social media during any tragedy. Tell someone you’ll pray for them for any reason. Start a sentence with, “the Bible teaches…” and see eyes roll. Unfortunately, it’s not the fringe that will attack you. It’s people you actually know.

This isn’t just about indoctrination. That’s been happening for decades in education, through most Hollywood productions, and even in mainstream media. But Bible-believers were allowed to agree to disagree with naturalists in the recent past. Today, it’s no longer about a difference of opinions. The anti-Biblical worldview has been normalized to the point that any outward expressions of faith are instant triggers for outright attacks.

They’re bold with their accusations and they feel they have the majority on their side. They may be right.

An anti-Biblical worldview is being normalized may have been a solution to stop this trend before, but I’m concerned that it can no longer be stopped today. It’s getting to the point where Bible-believers have to choose between holding their tongues or facing backlash of some sort. As Christians, we need to be cognizant of these changes in American society. How we choose to fight back, or whether we choose to fight back at all, is a personal decision.

Despite these changes, I still believe a majority of Americans are either still embracing the faith or are capable of doing so given the right motivation. These precarious times represent a tipping point in which those who may or may not continue to be open about their faith must decide where they stand. If they’re going to follow the way of the world and embrace secularism over expression of their Biblical beliefs, it will be difficult to come back from that.

The border crisis really is a crisis and has been for a while

The ever-shifting narratives regarding the border have yielded essentially zero action from Washington DC, limited action by states, and have created an atmosphere of contention over the most basic form of border security. President Trump wants a wall, and while I believe his motives are more political and personal than they should be, the end result would be beneficial for Americans. Meanwhile, Democrats are opposed to the wall and they’re definitely driven by a political agenda.

If the wall gets built, it’s good for Trump. If it doesn’t, it’s bad for Trump. Going into the 2020 elections, this seems to be a big concern for Republicans and the only concern for Democrats.

Any other nation in our position would have built a border barrier decades ago. We haven’t for multiple reasons such as cost and an unwillingness to take the issue seriously enough to act, but we’re to the point that even the cost (which I hate) is worth it if we’re going to continue to be a sovereign nation. That’s what’s at stake. Yes, drugs, crime, and terrorism are real threats that need to be addressed. Yes, the unchecked flow of migrants into the nation is a separate but important problem that must also be stopped. But at the end of he day, it’s our sovereignty itself that is most in jeopardy. If we are unwilling as a nation to tell the world, “Come to America legally or not at all,” we’re sending a message that we don’t really care about what happens to our people. That’s the message that has fundamentally changed many European nations. Now, they’re struggling to recover.

A drop in the bucket

This article could be a book if I were to take the time to list all of the concerns that seem to be going way over the head of most Americans, but this sampling of three things should be enough to make my point. There are fearmongers who want Americans to worry about things that don’t really matter, but there are also real threats that more Americans should fear but don’t.

Going forward, we will attempt to highlight more of the threats facing Americans that deserve much more attention from the media than they’re getting. It’s time to ring the alarm bells. It’s time to wake people up to threats on the horizon.

It’s time to alert the people of the threats among us. Sadly, most of these threats are coming from other Americans, and that should both anger and terrify us all.

Take a look around. I mean a long, hard look. Is this the America you expected? Is this the America you grew to love? From fake news to anti-Biblical bias to untenable propositions from DC, there’s clearly plenty that should concern us. Stay aware.


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