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Andy Bannister: Is religion just a psychological crutch?



One of the most common arguments by atheists against Christianity and pretty much any religion is that the supernatural beliefs of religions are simply manifestations of our fears needing answers to questions that are beyond us. We are too simple to understand how the universe works, why we’re here, and how we’re to live our lives so we create a higher power upon which we build our worldview.

This is problematic for many reasons, even if we dismiss the fact that it’s wrong. As Andy Bannister from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries points out, the arguments that can be made against religion in this way can be turned and made against atheists. Just as they say religion is a crutch upon which we walk through life, so too could we say that atheism is a crutch that allows people to live the carefree lives they crave.

If there’s no higher power, the only accountability is in the laws of men.

It’s important for believers and non-believers alike to question whether or not the image of the Creator they have in their minds matches the God of the Bible. For believers, we often tend to give man-like attributes to a Creator who is so far above us, our human considerations are irrelevant. Equally true is that the image of a supernatural creator often held by atheists is one with human attributes. This is one of the biggest reasons people fall away from the faith. They see the world through a secular lens and come to the false conclusion that a Creator wouldn’t do this or that simply because if we were in that position of power, we wouldn’t do it. This is a complete misunderstanding of where we stand within God’s Creation.

Atheists often wonder how a Creator could allow so much suffering. A better question to ask is how impossibly merciful God is to allow us to exist even knowing the evil in all of our hearts. Once we understand this, we can start to appreciate the love He has for us all.


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