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Twitter bans top account management developer, ManageFlitter



Twitter bans top account management developer ManageFlitter

The Australian based company enabled twitter accounts to manage followers, growth and other analytic metrics. Before Twitter revoked their developer agreement, ManageFlitter boasted their corporate customer base which included large companies like General Electric on their homepage. ManageFlitter stood out to be the legitimate follower management tool amongst the spam competitors like Unfollowspy or any other tool that tweets a user’s latest report. In compliance with Twitter terms of service, ManageFlitter following and unfollowing was a  manual function for users, at the free level. A free user and capped at 20 unfollows a day, hardly capable of spam mass following. Yet Twitter sent out an email telling a different story.


This is a policy violation notice from Twitter API Policy. An application registered to your Twitter account – ManageFlitter, app ID xxx – has been found in violation of the Developer Agreement and Policy <>, Automation Rules <>, and the Twitter Rules <>. Specifically, your app facilitates bulk and aggressive follow behavior, such as “follow churn.”

Due to the severity of this violation, as well as prior spam violations by your app, this app is permanently suspended and will not be restored. While you are eligible to apply for a developer account and register a new, compliant app, any apps that substantially duplicate the functionality of app ID xxxx will also be suspended.
Twitter API Policy

This deactivation email came last Thursday. Given the detrimental impact on the business model that relies on Twitter, ManageFlitter scrambled to appease Twitter by trying tweak the functionality of their tool.

Unfortunately, ManageFlitter remains unavailable.

On Friday evening Sydney Australia time, we attempted to bring the ManageFlitter application back up using a separate Twitter API key. We removed all follow functionality from ManageFlitter. This was in the hope that Twitter’s apparent concern with ManageFlitter’s follow/unfollow capability would be resolved if our application had no follow functionality. Unfortunately, with no communication at all from Twitter, it is exceptionally difficult to know what the best pathway forward is for the product.

On Saturday morning Sydney time, Twitter again revoked access to the Twitter API linked to this new API key – rendering ManageFlitter unavailable. No detailed information was provided to us over and above a generic deactivation email from Twitter support.

On Saturday morning Twitter also deactivated all API keys relating to our test and staging and environments. In addition, Twitter deactivated the API key relating to our new product ManageSocial – a product we have been working on for 2 years that provides Social Media analytics, publishing, and curation tools. ManageSocial was approved by Twitter in September 2018 for Twitter API access.

We again have reached out to Twitter to try to determine a way forward. We obviously have full control of these products and can change any features as required by Twitter.

In a long thread, CEO Kevin Garber expressed frustration with Twitter for their lack of communication and called into question their commitment to improve developer relations who Jack Dorsey, in 2015, claimed he wanted to reset.

With no signs of improving relations with Twitter, on Tuesday, ManageFlitter initiated the process to for customers to cancel their subscriptions.

The link to action ManageFlitter subscription cancellations is now live.

Please visit this link to action subscription cancellations:

All of our customer information remains secure. All credit card information remains secure with the payment providers.

We thank you for your patience and for choosing ManageFlitter.

ManageFlitter did not return requests for comment. The most recent release of ManangeFlitter allows usesers to access their data on the site but the site remains unconnected to Twitter.

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Dear Democrats, bring on the impeachment!



Dear Democrats bring on the impeachment

There is no doubting how accurate a previous column by our own EIC, JD Rucker, was. Its very title captured the reactions before the report was public. But perhaps the Mueller Report enhancing the public’s preconceived biases was low hanging fruit. However, I daresay the intensity of the Democrats’ reactions were underestimated, and I further argue that we should escalate their emotions for the sake of  political expediency. So please Democrats, go fourth with impeachment proceedings. It would be like their Battle of Crécy.

If you are a Trump-hating leftist or NeverTrump former-Republican, the report will give you days, perhaps weeks of ammunition you can hurl at your Trump-supporting friends and across your social media profiles. Your wildest dreams will be confirmed by whatever mainstream media outlets you love the most, and you will feel both vindicated for thinking the President has always been a lawbreaking bad guy who stole the election and deserves to be impeached before checking into jail.

#ImpeachTrump was all the rage on Twitter, with prominent fresh faces in Congress latching on to the movement of their social media base. The brightest minds of the Left at The Atlantic and The Intercept claim to have a roadmap to impeachment. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has begun the impeachment resolution and their brightest star AOC, has signed on.

Battle of Crécy


The French are famous for executing some of the worst military blunders in history. Among them is their repeated charges during the Battle of Crécy. King Edward III during his campaign across the channel found himself pursued by the French army of King Phillip VI and his auxiliaries. King Edward mounted a defense outside the town of Crécy on high ground. The French first engaged with crossbowmen who were at an inferior position compared to the English longbowmen. The French knights pummeled their own crossbowmen in a show of elitism as they charged to win the battle. But the charge failed. So, they charged again and again and again and again. It is said the French knights charged at least fifteen times, until it became too dark. During the earlier charges the French followed the blind King John of Bohemia.

It’s not enough to be wrong once. They have doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on what was an outlandish conspiracy from the beginning that only had an investigation because people in the FBI abused FISA warrants and the opposition media peddled these lies. No, Trump’s subsequent interview after firing James Comey did not warrant a special counsel. So if the Democrats want to charge yet again, this time believing they have reasonable findings of high crimes or misdemeanors then by all means charge once more. Following AOC is like following King John of Bohemia, if her Green New Deal debacle is any indicator. Meanwhile Don Jr. earned his spurs.

Conservatives are poised to win and each wave of attacks will only create mounting losses. This is a battle Conservatives might as well have. It would not simply be a political victory, it would be demoralizing. If Rachel Maddow cried upon hearing “no collusion,” can’t wait for the leftist tears after this impeachment assault fails. So go ahead Democrats, use King Phillip VI as inspiration for political strategy. Republicans will look like adults, on their high ground outside of Crécy, while the Democrats increasingly become infantile.

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The Mueller report will confirm everyone’s bias regardless of what it says



The Mueller report will confirm everyones bias regardless of what it says

Spoiler alert: I know what you’re going to find in the Mueller report hours before Attorney General has his press conference and long before it gets released to the general public. Do you want to know what it says? It’s easy. Whatever you think it says is exactly what it will say.

That’s not some sort of political newspeak or existential philosophizing. It’s just the truth. If you are a Trump-hating leftist or NeverTrump former-Republican, the report will give you days, perhaps weeks of ammunition you can hurl at your Trump-supporting friends and across your social media profiles. Your wildest dreams will be confirmed by whatever mainstream media outlets you love the most, and you will feel both vindicated for thinking the President has always been a lawbreaking bad guy who stole the election and deserves to be impeached before checking into jail.

If you’re a Trump supporter, the Mueller report will tell you exactly what AG Barr said it was going to tell us a few weeks ago when he released his four-page summary. It said no collusion, His press conference will say no collusion. Fox News hosts will say no collusion. Therefore, all the pain and #FakeNews suffering we’ve had to endure for two years will finally be put to rest as the nothingburger it always way. Your only question will be to wonder when Hillary Clinton’s investigation gets started.

How many of the millions of people waiting for the Mueller report will actually read the 300+ pages? How many journalists and talk show hosts will actually read it? Perhaps the best question will be how many interns will read it and report back to their politician or media bosses with bullet points for them to regurgitate? That’s the right question, and the answer is, “As many as it takes.”

The reality of the situation is we’re not going to get closure on the issue once the report is released. This is going to continue to drag out for days, weeks, or even months. Meanwhile, multiple committees in Congress, the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), and the kitchen sink will all continue to investigate Trump. Members of these teams will be among the few who comb through the full report multiple times looking for information they can use in their own investigations. The Mueller report will be fodder for other investigations to explore similar paths of inquiry. This will go on until President Trump resigns, is voted out of office, or gets impeached. As long as he’s in the Oval Office, he and his staff will be the subject of ongoing investigations in perpetuity.

As plenty of Americans wait for the Mueller report to be interpreted for them by their favorite news personalities (who had it interpreted for them by lawyers and interns), just about every single interested person has already made up their minds.

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Write the Right



Write the Right

Right is the opposite of wrong. Right is the opposite of left. Coincidental? Perhaps! But NOQ Report needs you to write the right in both senses of the word.

Publisher JD Rucker has extended the opportunity to join the small but growing cadre of dedicated contributors to this website which counteracts the best efforts of the spin masters on both sides of the political aisle.


Share your voice: Conservative writers wanted
“We only accept original content. Our mission is to promote a conservative and/or Judeo-Christian message online where the majority of the news is left-leaning.”


NOQ report is gaining due attention ~ but moreover due credibility ~ nationally and I would daresay internationally. Our goal is to reach both decision-makers and the voters who can replace them if they don’t do their jobs right.

There is a need everywhere in the United States of America to get the right message to the right people in the right way at the right time. But I can personally vouch for the fact that nowhere is this more desperately needed at this juncture than here in Hawaii.

When I retired from a 42-year career in public service on January 3, 2015, after taking some personal time including a long-overdue holiday in Australia, I turned my attention toward helping end the Democrat one-party monopoly here at America’s mid-Pacific Frontier.

Because good national conservative leadership is a prerequisite to establishing good local conservative leadership, I first volunteered in the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz. Then in the midterm elections, I volunteered first in the primary campaign of John Carroll for Hawaii Governor. Then I offered my services as a volunteer in the general election for the senatorial campaign of Ron Curtis.

Everybody in the country obviously knows that Ted Cruz fell short. But for those of you outside Hawaii, I will mention that neither of the candidates that I supported in 2018 prevailed.

But each successive campaign was a learning experience for me. The most difficult aspect was trying to get the message to the voters while all the local Hawaii media were doing their best to squelch the conservative agenda while running defense for their Democrat puppet masters.

I will offer you one prime example of that fact. After interviewing John Carroll and working closely with him to ensure that his recollections were accurately conveyed, I wrote an article entitled “John Carroll Rates Every Hawaii Governor Since Statehood”. This was submitted on June 24, 2018 by Mr. Carroll himself to a local online media outlet whom I won’t do any favors by naming here. They refused to publish it and would not even give the courtesy of an explanation though they claim to provide coverage of all political candidates.

With a brief introduction, that article was reproduced verbatim here on NOQ Report on March 7, 2019 under the title “A case study in getting the conservative message to the voters“. Because its historical value persists despite its political value now being moot, we believed the people of Hawaii deserved to be able to read it for themselves.

I bring up that anecdote to confirm that NOQ Report is truly a godsend to the conservative voters of Hawaii. JD Rucker has published 28 articles from yours truly within the last two months, including the one you’re reading right now.

Research, analysis, synthesis, formulation, articulation and dissemination to appropriate parties of pertinent timely data comprise much of what I did for most of the last half-century. That’s why I greatly appreciate the opportunity to reach relevant persons in this objective online forum.

I encourage other conservatives to take Mr. Rucker up on his offer. This is your opportunity to overcome the Democrat media blackout of all things conservative here in these islands.

I particularly encourage Ron Curtis as he deliberates whether to make another run for office, to put his well-thought-out and admirably-prepared platform for his conservative agenda going forward, into original articles for NOQ Report. I’m sure not only myself but others will help to ensure that they are shared far and wide with our families, friends and neighbors in Hawaii.

This isn’t so much a “Vote for Me” thing as it is a conduit for conveying conservative analyses to others, which includes any fair-minded Democrats still living, along with Republicans. That’s why I’d like to see others apply your writing talents to a worthwhile objective.

Unfortunately, the term “Prominent Republicans” is virtually an oxymoron here in Hawaii. It’s going to take a lot of people whose names are not well-known to get involved.

Along with Ron Curtis and John Carroll with whom I have worked closely in the past, I would like Sam Slom who lost his longtime seat in the Hawaii State Senate, as he tries to regain it again next year, to consider NOQ Report as a conduit for his immense knowledge of the Hawaii political landscape.

We have had some talented people who previously carried an [R] after their name find that the grass is greener on the Democrat side of the fence. Identity politics is a major problem which we must all acknowledge and avoid. It’s hard to get elected in Hawaii when you’re under the GOP brand which Democrats have so successfully discredited over the years. But we need people with stick-to-itiveness.

The emphasis of what I personally have written thus far for NOQ Report has revolved around national security / border security and/or politics. But we need Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] in many other fields of knowledge. Academia. Economics. Social science. Meteorology. Military matters. Managing political campaigns. Indigenous affairs. Environmental issues. That’s a suggestive rather than exhaustive list. So much more.

This article has admittedly been directed at trying to recruit qualified people here in Hawaii to avail yourselves of this unique opportunity which JD Rucker has put before you today. But if anybody outside Hawaii is still reading at this point, I also hope you will consider the urgency of the needs in your own home state and join us at NOQ Report also.

Please contact JD and tell him who you are, where you are and something about the conservative vision which you would like to share. As he says, this is strictly volunteer. I almost said it’s an unpaid gig. But it’s not really unpaid. You just won’t get any funds in your bank account. But you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have expressed your sincere thoughts to decision-makers and those who will determine whether to replace them with other decision-makers.

For those who use Twitter, for daily insights about news, events and issues, you may wish to follow:


Every one of us is unique. No one else has the exact same life experience. We can all benefit from respectfully listening to and learning from one another. Here‘s your chance to write the right as a contributor to NOQ Report.

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