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How to prevent loved ones from falling for the trap of liking socialism



How to prevent loved ones from falling for the trap of liking socialism

If you’d asked me three years ago whether most Americans would be duped into buying into the tenets of socialism, I would have said it was unlikely. If you’d said they would start embracing socialist principles even without the subterfuge of calling it something else, I would have thought it nearly impossible in our lifetimes.

I was very wrong. It isn’t just a handful of socialist ideas that are gaining in popularity. The entire notion of “leveling the playing field” by dramatically increasing taxes against rich people and large corporation has started spreading like a logic-free intellectual plague that abandons mathematics, history, and common sense. This can all be attributed to one thing: the numbers associated with government programs are too high for people to grasp, and therefore the “unlimited” wealth of the rich which is equally unfathomable to most  has to be an appropriate solution. Otherwise, people like Senator Bernie Sanders or Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wouldn’t be promoting it.

But as I wrote recently, this isn’t without recourse. It’s possible to wake people up to the realities of the ideas they’re starting to support. Asking two questions often does the trick.

  1. Do you trust the government to efficiently run programs and handle money wisely? (the answer is almost always, “no”)
  2. If not, why do you embrace an ideology that calls for more government programs and giving the government much more money to squander?

Keep in mind, this is just a conversation starter. It’s usually not enough to break people from the spell that socialism is casting upon the hearts and minds of otherwise thoughtful Americans. The delusion that clouds their judgment is based on poor math. Therefore, we need to explain the math to them in ways they understand.

For example:

We need to be ready with facts. Most people have a hard time distinguishing between million and billion, then billion and trillion. Perhaps this would help:

If you made a dollar per second, you’d have a million dollars in 11 and a half days. To get to a billion dollars would take nearly 32 years. To make a trillion dollars, you’d need a dollar per second for 31,710 years.

Arguably the best evidence that capitalism is superior to socialism is history. We can argue all we want about which way is right or wrong, but what cannot be denied is that capitalism has proven to be successful while socialism has failed every time. If you take away the incentive for large corporations to exist or for rich people to invest in America, you take away the foundations upon which people can have jobs and make enough money to live their lives fully. Socialism only exists successfully in an ideological vacuum that requires those who can get rich to continue their activities without the hope that they’ll be able to keep the money they make.

With socialism, it becomes more profitable to do less than more. This may seem like an appealing idea, but once the benefactors driving socialistic principles dry up or move on, we’re left with a bunch of people doing nothing but suffering equally.


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