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A controversial perspective on false teachers claiming a Biblical worldview



A controversial perspective on false teachers claiming a Biblical worldview

There is so much content regarding false teachers, televangelists seeking fortune, prosperity “gospel” megachurch pastors, and spiritual gurus that anyone who’s unaware of them should start doing some research, pronto. I’m not going to get into exposing this pastor or that celebrity.

Instead, I want to focus on their flocks. There are millions of people who are following false teachers. We tend to blame the teachers themselves for misleading their flocks into believing false doctrine or a watered-down Gospel. Perhaps it’s time to stop. Perhaps we should be looking at the people who fall into the clutches of these false teachers and figuring out how to get them heading down the right path.

There are certain truths that hold people to these teachings. The biggest one is fear. As humans, we are naturally given over to fear of suffering. We don’t want to suffer ourselves. We hate seeing our loved ones suffer. This is part of the reality of our existence. We naturally fear pain, whether physical or psychological. Especially in America, it is frowned upon to struggle through financial hardships, which is one of the reasons people often turn to false teachings that promise to enlarge our bank accounts if we’re willing to believe enough (and send checks to the megachurch pastor of our choosing).

The only truths we need to know in order to recognize whether or not the teachings we’re hearing are real or false are these:

  • No, the Bible doesn’t promise prosperity for those who spread the Gospel or live a Bible-driven life.
  • Yes, Bible-believing Christians can suffer. They can be persecuted, humiliated, and even killed. If anyone doubts this, a quick look at the lives of literally every Apostle should be a clear indicator that embracing the next life is not a way to live carefree in this life.
  • If you or your loved one gets sick, it wasn’t because of a lack of faith. If you or a loved one isn’t healed despite prayers, it wasn’t because you didn’t pray hard enough. God’s plan is perfect, and sometimes that includes the most faithful suffering horribly. Blessed are the meek.
  • Before anyone should ask how a loving God can allow so much suffering, one should first answer the question of how a just God doesn’t strike us down where we stand based upon the evil thoughts in our heads.

Where does that leave us? If the truth is hard to swallow and the false teachers take advantage of this by offering a kinder, gentler interpretation that supposedly promises better lives now rather than later, what should we be doing to combat this? The voice of the few has not been able to make a dent in the megachurch pastors’ growing flocks. For every false teacher who is exposed to the point that they no longer impact the lives of others, ten more false teachers rise in popularity to spread lies.

This is where the story gets controversial. It’s time to stop putting all of our efforts into attacking the false teachers and start addressing some or even most of our efforts towards educating their flocks. To believe that the misguided have no fault of their own gives way too much credit to the salesmanship of the false teachers. What’s more likely the case is that the people in these flocks heard something that appealed to them in this life and decided that was preferable to the reality of hardships and selflessness that the Bible actually teachers.

All too many people, particularly in prosperous America, are willing to symbolically do anything, but the fear of poverty or even diminished prosperity prevents them from embracing the whole truth. As Jesus said in Matthew 19:21 in response to the rich man wanting to know what he needed to do to be righteous:

Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

Does that mean we should sell all of our possessions and live on the streets? No. Jesus has paid the price for our sins and no longer walks the Earth for us to follow physically. When He returns, we may need to do so if that is His command, but no such commands exist today. With that said, doing so wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, either. It seems part of human nature that the more we have, the more we want. It’s important in this life that we meet our obligations to our family and community, but we shouldn’t let the pursuit of fulfilling our obligations lead us into the falling away from the Biblical worldview that we’re seeing happening around us today.

There’s a difference between being responsible and being greedy.

But many who fall for false teachers aren’t driving to church in a Mercedes. They come to these churches because they feel destitute. Sometimes they truly are, but my experience with followers of these false teachers is that their flocks are mostly comprised of people who aren’t truly destitute but who do not feel like they’re getting their fair share in this life. Truly being destitute means having literally nothing. It means starvation, homelessness, and a true loneliness that comes only when there’s nobody around who can help. These people aren’t following megachurch pastors, generally, nor are they the target audience of these pastors. The people who are going out and helping the truly destitute are rarely teaching a prosperity gospel.

What should we tell those who are following false teachers? We must start with the truth of the Gospel. That means understanding all four Gospels inside and out. It means reading and understanding the entirety of the Bible, New and Old Testament. Only then can we know how to fight the twisting of words that false teachers use to convince their flocks they’re teaching the Bible properly. Outside of context, there are plenty of passages in the Bible that can be made to make people believe they deserve better lives today instead of the riches of eternal life we’re actually promised. We need to know these verses in context so we can combat the false teachings.

Moreover, we must be willing to call people out for their false teachings or false beliefs. We’re living in a society that commands us to be nice, especially when talking about faith. This is a poor approach. There’s nothing nice about telling someone they or their teachers are actually as anti-Biblical as the average atheist, but that’s exactly the message we should be delivering. There’s a difference between being nice and being kind. We should have kindness in us as we fight the false teaching, but that doesn’t mean we have to be nice about it.

It is, after all, a false doctrine we’re fighting. Let’s not treat it as a difference in opinions over exegetical teachings. False is false and should be exposed boldly.

It may not be easy to tell someone their Bible teachers are leading them astray, but it’s much more cruel to let them continue to believe falsehoods. There are souls at stake. Let’s not get weak at the knees just because it’s uncomfortable to confront the truth.


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Not even close: Socialism isn’t about social media, being social or ‘sharing’




Not even close Socialism isnt about social media being social or sharing

Leftists would like their label for organised evil to mean something other than subjugation and mass murder.

We tend to avoid making light of America’s favourite socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [aka ‘AOC’] from the rationale that when someone is making a mistake it’s best to just get out of their way. However in this case, this is not about the women whose antics will cause her ideology of organised evil to be laughed from the pantheon of practical governmental forms. This is about an adorable 8-year-old and perfect her impression of Ms. Cortez, specifically the point that socialism isn’t about being ‘social’, ‘social media’ or ‘sharing’.

For those who haven’t seen this viral video, it’s a perfect rendition of ‘AOC’ and her ruminations on climate change and socialism.

In light of this adorable impression, we will take this occasion to eviscerate what seems to be a very odd understanding of some basic words on the part of the National Socialist-Left.

Socialism is not about being ‘social’

No doubt this partially arose from certain elements who like to weaponize words to maximum effect. First principles hold that politics can be considered to be of the two basic forms: Individualism or Collectivism. With priority given to either the Individual or the collective.

Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians favour the rights and freedoms of the Individual. Certain civil Liberties such as the common sense human right of self-defence stems from this first principle.
Even though it may at first blush seem counterintuitive, the individual striving to improve themselves and their lot always tends to do the same for everyone else. As stated in The Wealth of Nations:

‘It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our necessities but of their advantages.’ – Adam Smith

Conversely speaking, Collectivism is the other basic form whereby the group is favoured over the Individual. In point of fact, since a group is merely an arbitrary aggregation of individuals with no true form, the result is that it cannot have any true civil Liberties. This is exemplified by the treatment of the common sense human right of self-defence. Whereby the principle ‘collective’ rights is applied, meaning there is no Liberty in this regard.

Individualism is vastly superior to Collectivism

Collectivists like to phrase their construct of one of the labels of their base ideology as simply adding the suffix ‘ism’ to their idea of ‘social’ or group dynamics to make ‘social+ism’. Even though this word has come to signify the worst excesses in authoritarianism.

The problem is that when the ‘rights’ of group are prioritized, the rights of the individual disappear. Despite the window dressing of supposedly being ‘Liberal’, the Collectivist-Left only sees the group as having importance. Individuals become disposable to the whims of the collective. This is how the Left terms idea of self-defence as unimportant and how they end up will millions of dead individuals.

Socialism is not about ‘sharing’

Despite being extremely late to the party of collectivist ideological thought, Karl Marx did imbue one of the lines that epitomises it’s base principles with the saying: ‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’

Sharing has to be a voluntary process. Such is not the case with socialism where that ‘From each according to his abilities’ is done at the point of a gun. This is why the Collectivist-Left obsesses over the disarming of individuals with Liberty control aka ‘Gun Reform’.

The Takeaway

Leftists love to exploit the language to hide their true base ideological intent. This is why they use words like ‘socialism’ or ‘Liberal’. They cannot be honest about what they truly want: control over everyone.

Thus, they have to pretend that ‘socialism’ means being social or sharing instead of an ideology that is truly organised evil at its core.

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John 16:33 – ‘ye shall have tribulation’



John 16:33 ye shall have tribulation

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. – John 16:33 (KJV)

One of the most confused and misunderstood verses in the Bible is John 16:33. In it, Yeshua comforts His disciples as well as those in all all generations of the upcoming tribulation. He tells than that they will have tribulation. They will be tested. The will be persecuted. The good news is that they will not have to overcome the tribulations as those in the past have had to overcome.

Yeshua has already overcome the world. Regardless of what tribulations come, we are protected through faith. As long as we stay true to Yeshua as Lord and Savior and do the Will of the Father through until death, we will be saved. In the past, the Will of the Father was based upon our responses and how we handled persecution. Once Christ was resurrected, we no longer had the same burden. We need only to look to Yeshua and believe on Him as our salvation through the tribulations and we can be saved.

Incidentally, this is one of the verses commonly used to fight the concept of a pre-tribulation rapture. While it is clear He is talking to His disciples, it’s a message that transcends time and acts as a reminder that we don’t need to worry about the problems in the world. We simply need to walk through the narrow gate.

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CNN does 67 updates for Sri Lanka story with ZERO mentions blaming Islamic terrorists



CNN does 67 updates for Sri Lanka story with ZERO mentions blaming Islamic terrorists

The narrative has already been set by American mainstream media on how they’re supposed to handle the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday. There are certain things that can be said and others that must be avoided at all costs. With reporting that has spanned nearly 24 hours and included 67 updates to the story, guess how many times CNN blamed Islamic terrorists for the attack.

If you guessed anything higher than zero, you gave CNN way too much credit.

I scanned the entire series of live updates they’ve been doing since the news broke. It’s all within one long story, making it easy to search for individual words, so I did. The results were depressing but expected. Even at this late hour, they still have not acknowledged the possibility that the act was committed by Islamic terrorists.

The closest they came to blaming radical Islamic terrorists in their primary coverage story was a mention in a quote by Diplomatic editor Nic Robertson in which he notes the obvious – that it has the “hallmarks” of Islamic terrorism – but then quickly notes that there are no known radical Islamic terrorist groups in the area.

“It is a very confused picture in terms of who may or may not be responsible. The Sri Lankan civil war ended 10 years ago, a 25 year long civil war, and the Tamil separatists there were a secular group. It would be very, very unlike them and their tactics ever to attack churches and particularly on such a holy day.”

“It has the hallmarks — or is intended to have the hallmarks — of Islamic extremists. But, again, these kinds of groups are unknown in Sri Lanka.”

This last notion is absolutely untrue, of course, as we now know the Chief of Police in Sri Lanka issued a warning about the Nations Thawahid Jaman (NTJ), an Islamist group led by Mohomad Saharan.

The CNN report mentioned the word “Muslim” four times: twice to note the percentage of the population of Sri Lanka that is Muslim, once to warn against reprisals against Muslims, and another to note there have been attacks against Muslims by Buddhist groups. Not once was it even speculated the attacks were carried out by Muslims.

The leftist narrative must be maintained and CNN will not break their allegiances. This was just some people that did something. It may look like an apple, but CNN will scream “banana, banana, banana” for as long as they can.

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