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Chris W. Ashcraft: Geology and the Biblical flood



There have always been disagreements between those who believe in the Biblical creation and those who believe in a naturalistic evolution of the universe and world. The more science learns, the more scientists have to shift their perspectives to make it appear to support naturalism because their new discoveries generally acknowledge the truth of the Bible. From verifying a worldwide flood to countering long-term geological explanations, the truth keeps shining brighter and brighter on the truth of Creation.

But it isn’t just naturalists. There are problems with those who try to make a Biblical worldview fit within a secular understanding of the information available. It’s hard enough challenging scientists. It adds to the challenge when even Christians bend the Bible to a naturalistic understanding instead of the other way around.

This video by Northwest Creation Network breaks down the problems and offers solutions to some of the differences in geological understanding, whether through a Biblical or secular worldview. It is presented by Chris W. Ashcraft at the Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Church in Bothell, WA.

We are to live by faith, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t to expand our understanding of the world. Giving a strong witness includes countering the false scientific conclusions that confuse the modern world.