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How a yearbook and a smirk stole coverage of the abortion issue



How a yearbook and a smirk stole coverage of the abortion issue

Two weeks ago was the biggest March for Life event in history. Last week we saw one law passed and another proposed that would extend the right to have an abortion all the way to the point of birth. Neither events are getting the coverage they deserve thanks to a yearbook picture and a kid in a MAGA hat smirking.

Even in disgrace, the media and the Democrats would rather highlight their foibles than have discussions about abortion.

For those who have been living under a rock for the last two weeks, the two stories that superseded the abortion issues they surrounded were the Covington Catholic School kids who were confronted by two left-wing groups at the March for Life and the revelation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s racist images on his yearbook page.

Most would assume these events weren’t intentionally brought to light because of the abortion issues they covered up, and I tend to agree that it’s unlikely. However, it’s not impossible. I don’t want to get too deep into conspiracy theories because that’s not the point. What’s important here is that even conservatives changed their narrative to follow the “shocking” revelations rather than stay focused on the important issue of human rights being taken from preborn babies.

As a nation, there is a clear majority of people who oppose late-term abortions. Now would be the perfect time to discuss the issue following New York’s law and Virginia’s proposed law. Instead, we’re talking about an idiotic governor many leftists are calling on to resign. Last week would have been the time to highlight peaceful solidarity within the pro-life movement, but the media’s instant and false response to kids in MAGA hats stole that thunder.

As long as we continuously take our eyes off the rights of preborn babies and focus instead on demonizing others for their unhinged or past actions, we’re not going to win this battle. Sadly, many will look at the exposure of the media in the MAGA kids incident and the revelation of racism by a Democratic governor as wins for the pro-life movement. They were not. They were distractions from the conversations, whether intended that way or not.

Instead of looking at the abortion issue, we get to watch virtue signalling from the left and misplaced outrage from the right. This has been a disastrous two weeks for the pro-life movement and most pro-lifers don’t even realize it.


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